APRIL FOOLS 2016 - Guest comic by Ky-Nim
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This fight was N-ICE.  :thumbsup:


Haha, so if you haven't figured it out yet, this is obviously an april fool's day update.
What you MIGHT not know is that this update was ACTUALLY drawn.... by ky-nim!!! 

I asked her a couple months back if she wanted to do a crossover on our annual prank this year by drawing each other's updates and she was down for it!

If you wanna see the update I drew for her, click the link below!

Happy April Fools!~ <3

Part 16
Part 17

(special shoutout to Zeronos12 at the end!)
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This guy has a Kyurem? I have a Swampert...
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DavidSupreme's avatar
that doesn't help, because swampert is weak to ice types, Swampert is water/ground
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ice is neutral to swampert
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matt-flameboymallon's avatar
Water cancels the grounds ice weakness
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metalshadowinsanity's avatar
I'm severely tempted to create a modded Black 2/White 2 run on the premise of that Kynim Jojoke. It's just that good of a premise. 
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Evellefox|Student Digital Artist
When are you making more?
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siennathegreat123|Hobbyist Digital Artist
If you wanna know what they said
Nina"oh? Sister.... So you've finally arrived"
girl"Nina...this myths of unova"
i tried my damn hardest to translate this! If there is a mistake or two, feel free to tell me.
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dinoking969|Student Artist
WHY the Frozen Reference?!
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*is still smiling like crazy after having binge read this comic*
Aww man, it's amazing so far! I love your artstyle and the personalities for all the Pokemon and characters! Can't wait to read more!~
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Damn Frozen and jojo's references both in the same comic
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Zassa2|Hobbyist General Artist
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Swonic's avatar
I wonder what they're saying
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Zassa2|Hobbyist General Artist
Ky-Nim's got a translator somewhere in her gallery. I'm sure if you're patient enough you could translate it.
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TheDratiniArtist's avatar
Need. Part. 17. :D hype is real
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Parousia45's avatar
Cool, I think I will start reading your nuzlocke when I have time. Seeing how funny it is and you killed me with the Prycelsa singing. I'm a bit annoyed with the speed of the internet that I can't read good nuzlocke comics with long strips. I like your artstyle of your comics, cute and huggable characters.
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Kisunera|Student Artist
"...This myths of Unova"
Also nice job mimicking each other's styles ^^
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cattykitten's avatar
In my pokemon black2, my avatar is female and serperior is my beginner pokemon:lawe: 
So coolLuffy - Love sparklesparklesparkle 
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TheTalkingRooster's avatar
How menacing... Meow :3 
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ehsan619Edited |Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice ... I like how he sings 
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What the hell's going on can someone tell me please? it's black then it's white something isn't right
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tilwon|Hobbyist Artist
No, it's actually Heart Gold then it's White.
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ehsan619's avatar
ehsan619|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That rhyme tho ....
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Great-White-Snake's avatar
The only two Nuzlocke artists I'm subscribed to, and they have a crossover? I'll happily take this April Fools.
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