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A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge- LG

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Published: November 12, 2010
© 2010 - 2019 pettyartist
Wanted an updated title page for my Nuzlocke Challenge. :)

Start reading the challenge!
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soupcanstudiosHobbyist General Artist
I can't believe I havent found this comic until today
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oi i gotta say you got some nifty looking stuff here i love your comics and started playing zullockes myself i even got a shiny pigey on first encounter and it was all caus i stared playing nuzlockes 

tbh i do not know why i am sharing this info 
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chocoleyStudent General Artist
Uhu! Bulbasbulbaaur!
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CaptainMorwenHobbyist General Artist
I randomly found this comic and I just loved it! This was the best pokemon story and Nuzlocke challenge I have ever seen. Great work! You definitely MORE than earned a watch from me. I have to check out your HG one too ^^
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i saw your nidoqueen on a youtube vid on your channel and i wonder what her name is?
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chocoleyStudent General Artist
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Animaltamer7Hobbyist General Artist
I jut saw your 5th anniversary for this locke, (via nyap's tumblr) and although I did spoil myself with the deaths but I will enjoy this and then catch up to your HG run.
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Co-lord44Hobbyist Artist
Looks great. 
confusedkangaroo's avatar
I loved reading this nuzlocke, and your current HG run. I especially liked a certain Electrode, but all of your characters are wonderful. It's a comic that makes me smile. Oh, and your artwork is awesome too!
PikachunoTM's avatar
PikachunoTMHobbyist General Artist
I love your work pettyartist .....................(ermygerz yersh! I seryushly liek it) Cant' wait to see the finished product of your (well, other one because this one's complete) comic!
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julian0123Hobbyist Writer
Nice :)
Foxy-Knight's avatar
Foxy-KnightStudent Writer
you and spuds = brilliance
Yukito-Sano's avatar
your character reminds me of Tuk from My Life as a Teenage Robot
Froodals's avatar
FroodalsHobbyist Digital Artist
everytime i see this pic i just feel so happy!!!! :D
i love your drawings! i am very jealous!
T34mC0rrup710n's avatar
T34mC0rrup710nHobbyist Digital Artist
DX I keep finding you everywhere DX
Froodals's avatar
FroodalsHobbyist Digital Artist
:icondeyedplz: is....that a bad thing?
T34mC0rrup710n's avatar
T34mC0rrup710nHobbyist Digital Artist
:iconderrrpplz: Not at all XD
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Ok so like...I've been wanting to take on this Nuzlocke challenge since I started reading yours. In comic and game form.
I don't think I really need to ask because it's not quite something you can copyright but...if I did do the comic, you wouldn't mind if I also had the Pokemon able to talk, would you? :I
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pettyartistProfessional Digital Artist
Nope! THe original creator of Nuzlocke does it himself in his own runs at

As do about 90% of the other artists doing runs. ;)

After all, I didn't create the idea, Nuzlocke did.
Fuwaraido's avatar
Rofl, I figured but I mean...I had only read one other Nuzlocke comic prior to yours so...xD
I didn't even know there were other Nuzlocke comics until I looked at your journal. xC
T34mC0rrup710n's avatar
T34mC0rrup710nHobbyist Digital Artist
usually the Pokemon talk in a Nuzlocke.
Acrid-Daughter's avatar
My friend showed me the videos and the comics and they've made me actually CRY.
Just... Great job, my friend.
Friend: *Thumbs up~*
CharlesTheAfro's avatar
My GOD! I love this style!
On Nuzlocke I'm Chuck Greene Ace Detective, look me up.
Totally keeping my eye on your stuff, it's fantastic.
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SilverIdeaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Link this to the first page 0=
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