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We are brony/pegasister-like fans of the 2012 edition/version of the "Littlest Pet Shop" known as "Petshoppers" (the full name couldn't fit, so we made Petters the shorten term for it)

& I only have 3 rules on this blog:

-No inappropriate images (like sexual or gore)
-No Trolling
-No Intense Hating

so... yeah

Welcome to Shop!!!
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NOT SHOWING YOU THE TITLE by Jeremiah17Penussell
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White Rabbit's House YCH #16: ph0220 by 50percentgrey White Rabbit's House YCH #16: ph0220 :icon50percentgrey:50percentgrey 71 3 Minka by GingerFoxy Minka :icongingerfoxy:GingerFoxy 17 5 Ryu's Pokeball Trick (by Cedar-Bastion) (Dev.#100) by Ryuseitheferret Ryu's Pokeball Trick (by Cedar-Bastion) (Dev.#100) :iconryuseitheferret:Ryuseitheferret 3 4 Minka Mark Human verison (first day of school) by RussellFergusonFan1 Minka Mark Human verison (first day of school) :iconrussellfergusonfan1:RussellFergusonFan1 1 2 so get up get down (minka mark) by RussellFergusonFan1 so get up get down (minka mark) :iconrussellfergusonfan1:RussellFergusonFan1 2 0 Minka Mark Human verison by RussellFergusonFan1 Minka Mark Human verison :iconrussellfergusonfan1:RussellFergusonFan1 5 15 shocked human minka mark by RussellFergusonFan1 shocked human minka mark :iconrussellfergusonfan1:RussellFergusonFan1 4 0 Pepper Clark Human Verison by RussellFergusonFan1 Pepper Clark Human Verison :iconrussellfergusonfan1:RussellFergusonFan1 4 11 Zoe Trent Human Version by RussellFergusonFan1 Zoe Trent Human Version :iconrussellfergusonfan1:RussellFergusonFan1 6 3 Give LPS (2012) A Chance! Stamp by Sepperlover Give LPS (2012) A Chance! Stamp :iconsepperlover:Sepperlover 8 6 Zoe Trent Opening Dress by starfox365 Zoe Trent Opening Dress :iconstarfox365:starfox365 60 13 LPS - Zoe Trent -Toy Sketch- by rmsaun98722 LPS - Zoe Trent -Toy Sketch- :iconrmsaun98722:rmsaun98722 59 5 LPS - Zoe Trent and Tootsie by rmsaun98722 LPS - Zoe Trent and Tootsie :iconrmsaun98722:rmsaun98722 178 88 Littlest Royals and Rebels of Ever After High by Cmanuel1 Littlest Royals and Rebels of Ever After High :iconcmanuel1:Cmanuel1 43 23
So after a long road that took 4 years we are at final day of day camp, it lasted over 100 years that is nothing sneeze at, so Julie, Tim, and the rest of the crew, thank for this wonderful series.

So how do we end this, Part 1 Blythe is able to get viral video star Feline Meow to appear at Littlest Pet Street's Grand Opening, but she and the pets have to fly to her island home to pick her up for her appearance.

Part 2 While Mrs. Twombly is desperate to get everything ready for the grand opening of Littlest Pet Street, Blythe, Roger and the pets try desperately to get off the island.

So part 1 has everyone getting ready for the opening of Littlest Pet Street, and Mrs. T lost her dam mind, she is so nervous and paranoid that something is going to go wrong, she is convinced Fisher Biskit is out to get her, she thinks Fisher Biskit is her worst enemy, but in reality her worst enemy is herself, what a twist, as she self sabatage everything.

Meanwhile Blythe and the pets decide to drum some publicity and get internet star Feline Meow or reminds me of Nom Nom with the split personality when the camera is on and off, except does have a character arc in these episode, Nom Nom is a jerk and always will be a jerk. But that is more in part 2.

Blythe and half the pets go Bermuda to pick up Feline Meow, there we see the Biskits for the very last time, they fly back to Downtown City all the while the pets are trying to get Feline to be in their movie, while Russell wishes for disaster to happen for their movie, when a storms hits and they are stranded on an island, so Russell gets his wish and we end part 1.

Part 2, the Baxters and the pets are stranded on an island, meanwhile Youngmee and Nutmeg show up to help out at the pet shop, which is great to see, Youngmee deserves to be in the last episode, too bad the Biskits just get a cameo, and while Blythe and the others are missing, they devise a plan to disguise the remaining pets as Feline Meow, what could possibly go wrong. It goes as well as you expect.

Meanwhile back on the island, everyone trying to devise to a plan to get home, they decide to turn a plane into a raft, but Blythe gets attack by a rhino, and a big moment when she forced to reveal to Roger her secret abilities, and to everyone shock Roger reveals he knew all along, heck he knew Betty had that ability all along. They get off the island when Blythe now feeling free to use her abilities gets some help from whales and get back to Downtown City, all the while Feline learns about friendship and all that crap. Everything is going to work out.

So in Littlest Pet Street is open successfully, we get a tease of Blythe one day revealing her abilities to more people, now that she has her dad has a support system she is in a much better place, and the day is saved thanks to the Powerpuff..., I mean Blythe's animal communicating abilities.

Okay okay well like I thought it would be, this is a good season finale, but not much a series finale. If we can't get another season, can we just get a TV movie to wrap things up?

I would say Mrs. T was being paranoid about Fisher dressing up as Roger, except we know he is capable of that. And really Mrs. T, the pet war is over, after Blythe befriend Fisher's mother, helped out his wife, and the relationship with the twins has soften a bit, heck they even worked for you for an episode, I think the war with the Biskits is over, you are the only one fighting this war.

And the more Mrs. T acted crazy, the less of a villain Fisher is, I want to root for him.

Okay the guest pet, being a diva and learning about friendship that was predictable, though we never got to see her demanding owner.  And the song was okay.

Blythe finally revealing her secret to Roger, and Roger knew all along, that was a nice twist, though like the existence of Elisa Biskit, is just a an obvious ret con. But nice to know that Betty didn't have to live the rest of her life keeping this from her husband, I guess Betty does follow the Samantha Stevens rule of marriage. Compared to that, talking to animals pales in comparison.

Nice the Youngmee got to be in the last episode, too bad Nutmeg didn't have any lines. We get appearances from Peaches, Dr. Handsome, and we meet some weird new cat.

Anyway that was a fun episode, interesting where this could have gone with Blythe no longer having to live a secret from her dad, and having him as a support system, Roger is one of the cartoon dads now a days that like a real dad, and not just a buffoon, Roger along with Greg Universe and Chief Burns, they are few and far between.

Anyway a great season finale, not as good as season 3, and that is a problem this being a series finale, we need a TV movie to really wrap this up properly.


1) Blythe revealing her secret to Roger - I never liked this trope, kids have a big secret from their parents, sent a terrible message to kids, I mean kids can have little secrets, but stuff super powers, you should tell your folks, Peter Parker is a terrible role model. LOL, you see how much more free Blythe feels now, now that she has her dad in her corner, maybe now she will be more comfortable to reveal this to more people.

2) Setting Littlest Pet Shop - I just thought all the crazyness setting up was great and hilarious.

3) Some pet cameos - we had Peaches, Dr. Handsome, coming back, I just wish we had more.


1) We never see Betty's face - that is the biggest disappointment in the series.

2) More of a season finale feel than a series finale - I know they didn't know it would be the last season, but be prepared, I mean I thought the season 2 and 3 finales would have worked as series finales more so than this episode, but that is just me.

3) The Biskits reduced to cameos , this is the last episode, they are major characters, so give them something to do, I wish they would have made Mrs. T look like a fool and help save the day, I mean Blythe has done for that family especially in season 4, so it would make sense for them to help out in some way.

So that wraps it up, my final score for this episode is 9.5 / 10. So that is it, I don't know what I am going to do now with journals, if I find some LPS related news or just think or something I will do that. But in the mean time, we will continue to accept fan art submission and have no plans of ending this group in the near future. So we will see. So tell than have a nice LPS day.

Wait a minute I just realized all this season we barely seen Jasper, heck we haven't seen him for a while, perhaps but 5 idiot aliens. Oh no they are not dumb to do that, oh yes they are, though I wonder how his big head is going to fit on that ship.

Okay have a nice LPS day. One again you Julie and Tim and everyone else involved with the show, and thank you members of Petters United for your feedback and support. Bye.
Well here we are the final pit shop before the final destination that is the finale. Anyway in this week's episode titled "Seeing Red", in this episode Blythe writes a story about her parents as teenagers while Penny Ling becomes curious about a red panda who visits the pet shop.

Well the pet plot, deals with Penny tired as being look at as being sensitive and cute, and wanting to be tough, so she befriends this episode guest camper Scarletto. Penny learns to be more tough much to the other pets chagrin.

Meanwhile Blythe writes an essay about her parents dating, Roger finds it, and thinks it is about Blythe and some boy, and is worried Blythe is going to end up with a guy that is younger version of himself. That is so funny. We also gets hints that Blythe is tired of hiding her abilities to Roger, hmm interesting, let's see where that goes.

My thoughts on the episode

Well giving my high expectations for this episode, and my expectation being dashed, I am surprised but I loved this episode. What I wanted was

1) We see Betty

2) Be as deep and emotional as the Steven Universe episode "Story For Steven"

None of those things happened, and I really liked this episode, because they give me what I wanted, but gave me something I wasn't expecting.

First the Penny Ling, you could say it was a rehash of "Shanghai Hi-Jinks, but I don't see it. I liked really liked Scarleto or however you spell her name, it is like Erza Scarlet turned into a animal. Is just me or does she look more like a racoon than a panda. I do like that they didn't villainish her, other shows would do that, the other pets was never complaining that Scarleto is terrible, she is a bad influence on Penny Ling, and I like how she has her own in securities, and the message of this plot of you can be more than one thing, you can be tough, but also sensitive, ironically that is a lesson Rainbow Dash could have used in this week's My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  I love the give and take in Penny Ling and Scarleto's relationship, it started out with Scartleto teaching Penny you can be more just cute, and in the end Penny you can more than just tough, and fair and fair, when I say other shows should take notes from Steven Universe, I say I hope SU does something similar here with Amethyst and Jasper when it is time for Jasper's redemption arc. But that is another story for another day in another series.

Now for the Blythe plot, I find it funny how Roger got confused and worried about Blythe being with a boy that is actually him. So ironic, though I still wish we saw Betty, maybe in the finale. Speaking of the finale, I told you how the episode surprised me, but the hints that Blythe's secret might be revealed to more people.

I don't want to spoil the finale by mentioning the synopsis, but there is a chance Roger might find out Blythe secret, and he would join characters like Jack and Maddie Fentom from Danny Phantom, Johnathan Long from American Dragon: Jake Long as parents that learn their child's big secret in the last episode.

You know I am not the biggest fan of super hero secret identities, granted Blythe is not a super hero, but I especially don't like the kids keep a big secret from their parent trope, I wish they would do away with that trope, and sent children a terrible message. I am not saying parents have to know everything, but stuff like super powers, that is something they should know.One reason I love Star vs the Forces of Evil, everything is up front.

Anyone only the finale to go, and a 4 year ride ends.


1) Penny - I like Penny wants to be more than just cute, I also like she wants to add tough to her personality, she doesn't want to abandon her other traits, so I appriciate that, and how she ends up teaching Scarletto that you can be more than just tough.

2) Scarletto - I liked her, she is kind of jerkish, but still likable, I can't explain it, she is tough not a complete meanie.

3) For shadowing - the hints that Roger might learn Blythe's secrets, that excites me, I never understood the trope of kids big secrets like super powers or something like that from their parents, shouldn't we teach to trust their parents. This show might finally start to get that.


1) No Betty - this is such a tease, I know she is probably dead, can we at least a picture of her or something, I mean come on give me a break.

2) The other pets didn't do much - I don't know I don't see any real flaws with this episode.

All and all, I loved this episode, it pumps for the finale, though we still don't see Betty, that just really disappoints me. So all and all I am giving this one a 9 / 10. So till next week in which we have our big finale have a nice LPS day.
Hi sorry I am a little late with this one, I just had tough coming up with material, this might be one of my worst reviews, I will do the best I can, but just because the way I feel about this episode, makes it hard to come up with engaging thoughts, and it is not that hated the episode, if that was the case, that would be easy, I could just rant on what I didn't like, but not much memorable stuff to talk about either. Also doesn't help that this week's episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Transformers: Rescue Bots were awesome. So this got lost in the shuffle, just glad Steven Universe airs on Thursdays so I get some time to get it off my mind, Lapidot might happen.

So now that I have lower your expectation, let's begin. Episode 101 of LPS, can you believe it is almost over. In this week's episode It’s a musical disaster when Blythe and the Pets try to calm a nervous Moose whose incessant bellowing threaten to spoil Mrs. Twombly’s big singing quartet reunion

So this week's two plots are connected directly, so that makes it more enjoyable to me. The Blythe plot is Mrs. T being overworked and not having time to go to her singing group reunion.  I am not sure what time period Mrs. T group prime was, was it a 60's groups like the Supremes they were trying to emulate, or some group form the 70's. Just me or does Mrs. T group look like the Golden Girls. Blythe devise a clever solution of having a video chat and reuniting there, which is cool, but don't years from now when this looks so out dated. And I could so do without the make fun of old people not understanding computer jokes.

The pet plot is this week's day camper, a French Canadian Moose named Fleur La Moose, when she gets very nervous she screams, or seemingly screams to everyone except for Mooses and Blythe it sounds like singing, and for some reason Blythe hears things differently, I thought it would be because of powers, but not it is because she is part Canadian. Normally I would hate jokes like that, but I like it, mainly because of the true nature of LPS production.

The Moose interferes with Mrs. T reunion because they can't sing with that noise and the other would think that is Mrs. T

In the end, the Moose works for this group and everything works out, the day is saved thanks to Blythe, Vinnie, Sunil, and Fleur La Moose.

My thoughts

This one didn't really do it for me. It is not bad, but still of the Discovery Family premieres, this was by far 3rd place.

The Blythe part Canadian joke, I liked it mainly because the show is made in Canada. That was a nice little in joke.  As usual Vinnie stole the episode with his antics, today Sunil and Vinnie were not in sync, I guess all friends have one of those days.

The guest pet, didn't really care for, and not really interesting in Mrs. T center plots, but this one was all right.

One more episode until the finale, so stay tuned.


1) Blythe - she is very clever coming up a plan for Mrs. T to have her reunion and her positive upbeat attitude though out this episode was great, and her Canadian heritage joke, Blythe was just adorable in this episode.

2) Vinnie - he again almost steals the episode, Vinnie has been on fire of late, and like Blythe he is just adorable with his antics.


1) The plot - it just didn't grab me, and it is not them, it's me, it just not my cup of tea.

So my overal score for this episode is a 7 / 10, it is okay, I am more excited about next week's episode, we better see Betty or else we riot.  So till than, and for a couple more times have a nice LPS day.
Hello everyone can you believe 100 episodes, what a ride. Before I get to this episode, if I can indulge you for a bit, am I a bad person for wanting to see someone make a fan art of this scene… that replaces that blond woman in orange that falls with Jasper Jones. And I have soften on Jasper, I don't hate him anymore, but seeing him in that scene put on a smile on my face. I don't know, if anyone has time and the ability to do it, fan art request right there.

Anyway the 100th episode of LPS. In this week's episode Blythe enlists her famous cousin to help around Sweet Delights while Sunil's parents visit and he pretends to be a doctor for their happiness.

So we are back to the two plots per episode again dam. Anyway the Blythe has Sweet Delight not doing well with some new competition right near by. Blythe and Youngmee do some research and the place is awesome, and to the episode's credit, it is not the Biskits, if this episode was done earlier in the series it would have been the Biskits because back than the show was obsessed with making the Biskits the root of all the evil in the LPS world, I am glad they moved past that.

Anyway Blythe enlist the help of her famous distant cousin to put Sweet Delights on his makeover show and make over the shop to be more "with it". Since when does Blythe have a famous cousin, well the plot calls for it I guess. Things don't go as planned, but things do work out in the end, due to just old fashion sweet shopness And we had Blythe rap on the street.

Meanwhile we do follow up on earlier one note joke, Sunil's parents want him to be a doctor, which I thought is great they remember that. The pets make a fake video showing Sunil as a doctor, it is a hilarious of medical dramas. And Vinnie nails it as the director.

The plan almost works, but in the end Sunil's parents find out the truth due to Sunil's big mouth, which just as well because Sunil should have honest to begin with, and parents love him non the less, how sweet.

And now on my thoughts on the episode

So the 100th episode, a milestone episode, too bad it was kind of mediocre. It wasn't bad, but nothing special.

There were some bright spots, like Vinnie more often than not he delivers with the comedy. And they remembered that Sunil's parents wanted him to be a doctor from an earlier episode.

The pets do a medical drama parody which had some good moments.

So Blythe has a celebrity cousin all of a sudden, a distant cousin, it is like how the Biskits mother suddenly appeared. That is one thing Blythe has over the Biskits, she has a celebrity relative, if the twins knew they would be so jealous. Though he is kind of a jerk.

One thing I like to compliment this episode with, is Sweet Delights competitors are unknown people, if this was early in the season, the competitor would have been the Biskits, they used wanted all of the evils in the world to linked to the Biskits, so I am glad that didn't happen. And Blythe's rap that was hilarious.

It is an all right episode, I just wish it was more special giving the occasion, and Sunil's parents are just adorable.


1) Vinnie - he just steals the episode for me, every line he said was just great.

2) Sunil learning to be honest, I thought the Sunil plot at a great lesson, and Suni's parents are adorable.

3) Rapping Blythe, enough said.

4) It is not the Biskits this time, I was so ready for the other Sweet shop to be owned by the Biskits, but they didn't go that route. Besides they already did that in season 2.


1) Not grand enough to be the 100th episode, if this was episode 99 or episode 101, things would be different, but for the 100th episode I wanted something big.

2) Blythe's cousin, I don't know he is just annoying and kind of a jerk.

All in all, it was an okay episode, so 7.5 / 10.

Hope you enjoyed this review, we are almost at the end. Till next week have a nice LPS Day.

PS: Seriously someone do that fan art request.
Hi everyone, first of all I am disappointed at not just you guys but also everyone at the Steven Universe-FC that not one person responded to this essay I worked really hard on. It is about how similar Blythe and Steven Universe, and no one seems to care. I am so disappointed. Here it is if you want to take a look and comment.…

Anyway now that I got that off my chest, time to review this week's episode of Littlest Pet Shop. In this week's episode, Blythe takes credit for one of Minka's paintings when the monkey is embarrassed by it.

So what we have is simple one plot, so this will be very easy to recap. What happens is Minka is trying a new art style, actually painting pictures and not abstract drawings as her usual styles. She paints a picture of Blythe and the pets, and everyone loves it. Including Blythe who asks Minka is she can have it, as Minka is the only person who hates the painting.

Minka thinks if anyone knew about this painting, it would be embarrassing to her reputation, she tells Blythe do not tell anyone that she painted it. Everyone at Blythe's school likes the painting, and Blythe not knowing what to do and keep Minka's secret says she painted it. Well things get even more crazy when the Biskits want Blythe to paint a picture of them for their grandma who as we know from the previous Blythe adores. So we have an hair brained scheme of Blythe pretending to paint the Biskits, when it is really Minka, and things work out at the end, because the Biskits are dumb.

One plot this week yes finally. Those are so much better episodes.

Minka's fantasy was hilarious. I have to question why does Blythe bring the painting to school, I guess it so they can be a plot. Dam that Josh look what he made Blythe to. Not only is he bland, but look what he caused.

The Biskit that puppy dog face, don't ever do that again. That is just wrong, I did like though that they reference the blurry picture from before, if you are fan of anime like me you will appreciate that joke. That is a common trope especially in anime, when they show a picture of a character that they don't want to reveal yet, they blur the picture of have the frame picture just where their face is, or have sunlight right at their face, so I love that joke. Thank you writers.

In the end it all worked out, Blythe said it bet herself, they are lucky the Biskits are so dumb. And that moment at the end with the Biskits giving their grandma that portrait , I have admit that is touching.

I have seen this plot done many times, anyway I love Minka in this episode, she is just so awesome. And normally she is not one of my favorites, Minka rocked.

And you know how I used to pick on Jasper, well I have a new target, Jasper is awesome compared to the blandness that is Josh Sharp, at least Jasper as a personality, not a great one, but still it is more than what Josh has. If you are going to feature him so much writers, give him more of a personality. This is Flash Sencentury bad we have here. You are making me nostalgic for the days of Rio Porchaco, yes Rio Porchaco.

Anyway great episode.


1) Minka - every scene she is in this episode was hilarious.

2) One plot structure - finally a more focus episode with just one plot.

3) Continuity - I love how they brought up the events of "Senior Day"


1) Blythe getting herself into a crazy situation which she could have easily avoided

So I liked this episode, I didn't love it, between the one plot structure, Minka, more of Blythe and the Biskits kind of bonding with their love for the Biskits grandmother, there is a lot to like, maybe not love. My score for this episode is a 9 / 10

So that is it for me, until have a nice LPS day, and Happy Mother's day.

PS: those that like my reviews, on my personnel journals, I might do reviews of Steven Universe episodes on my personnel Journals. That has nothing to do with LPS, just something for those that want to read more reviews to keep an eye out.
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