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I've recently logged into my accound and have posted some new deviations. Some of you may have notice that I bought a camera - it's a cheap one Canon EOS 1000D, but I love it. What's nice about photography is that it takes just a while to take the image. You just need a great idea and a good light. But It doesn't mean that I thing it's easy. It's not and you can see it from my pictures.

I've been just flicking through my past journal entries and I had to delete them all. The register was awful and I realised what a noob I had been back then when I joined the DA. Well, I guess I still am. I know that I'm no match for the real artists here on DA but I'll still make an effort to create something interesting and this community here on DA is really inspiring.
  • Listening to: Level 42, Electric Light Orchestra
  • Reading: Douglas Coupland "The Gum Thief"
  • Watching: the computer screen
  • Eating: yeah ... eating
  • Drinking: Tea
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Submitted on
June 24, 2009