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Hi everyone, now I've thinking about this for a while. I would like to eventually do PayPal commissions, but I have no idea what my art is worth. So if any one can help me appraise my art I would be very grateful. I'm still going to do point commissions, but I would like to know my art's worth for the future.

Invader Zim - Gir with waffles by Petrus-C-VisagiePeridot - Back to the kindergarden by Petrus-C-VisagieThe Great Papyrus serves justice by Petrus-C-Visagie

Dino-Mafia 2 by Petrus-C-VisagieDino-Mafia 1 by Petrus-C-VisagieInvader Zim - Gir waiting for the mail by Petrus-C-Visagie

Ashley the Bunny by Petrus-C-Visagie    New Year 2018 - Starting with a knock out by Petrus-C-Visagie        Ed, Edd n Eddy Crossover 4 by Petrus-C-Visagie

LOUDERTALE - Turn around, and shake my hand by Petrus-C-Visagie    LOUDERTALE - Lucy and Napstablook by Petrus-C-Visagie   Loud 10 Cover by Petrus-C-Visagie

Reverse Falls - Will Cipher by Petrus-C-Visagie    Undertale - W.D Gaster by Petrus-C-Visagie
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