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I've gotten 2257 SEK ($250) but I'm still missing 2979 SEK ($331). I had to revise how much my money I have on my bank account right now due to more costs popping, so I now have 2954* SEK ($327).

Please, if you can, help!

One of the things I really hate to do is beg but I have come to a point where if I don't get help I will end up in debt, so I'm here asking you for help.

In a couple of days I'm moving to a new city but it's been one hassle after another during this move, the latest being that I don't seem to find someone to sublet my apartment to. And today my landlord told me that the earliest I can offer someone to move in, if I'm lucky, is 15th of March, because they need 2-4 weeks to approve my request to sublet my apartment. That means I have to pay the rent on this apartment for March within days.

Now, I'm on social welfare because I have studied at uni and not worked enough to get unemployment money (min 6 months full time) but social welfare refuse to help me. They want to pay for the other apartment, which is cheaper, which I could be able to pay for (though noodles for a month) instead of the expensive one.

The problem:
I need to pay rent on this apartment which cost more than I get to live on from social welfare. I have, right now, approx 2954* SEK ($327) to live on until April** and my rent is 5236 SEK ($587) for this apartment. That is why I'm asking for your help. If you have money to spare please help me. I need to collect the money before the 25th of Feb because then I move (and will be out of internet for a week and cannot pay my rent).

I really need a break. I've been working up hill for two months now, one shitty thing after another keep popping up. I'm at a breaking point. Just this Friday I cried on the bus because my dad refused to help me with the move as promised. I'm struggling and I'm really trying to keep my head over water but it's hard. I'm at a loss. I just need something good right now :(

Please help me. If there's something I can do for you in return do tell, maybe give you jewellery I've made? A notebook? I don't know. I just really need the money, so if you have any to spare please send them to my paypal (or if you're Swedish you can ask for my bank account). If you don't have any to spare please, if you can, share this post.

My paypal:

carin.jacobsson(AT) (change (AT) to @)

Lots of love,

*At least right now but new costs pop up all the time for this move, just to get my mail sent to my new address cost 450 SEK ($50,5)!!
**If all goes well, if shit really hits the fan I have to live on that until 24th of April when I get my first pay from my new job (the reason I'm moving).

I have so far: 2257 SEK ($250)
What is still needed: 2979 SEK ($331)

Thank you so much to each and everyone who has so far donated, I'm beyond words :tighthug:

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4 min read
There is so much hate and sadness in our world today, last year was a very sad year for many reasons so I hope you will join me in my endeavour to spread a little love in this world.

This is "100 Love letters" 4th year and I hope that we can brighten the day for people all around the world. Let's show that love always wins!


Write a love letter (not a post-it) in your own language and leave it somewhere in a public space, it can be on a bus, in a changing room, school or at the grocery store. You decide where!


One (1), but you are free to write as many more as you'd like.

To brighten someone's day

The letter should be left somewhere on February 14th (Valentine's day).


Comment below or click 'going' on the fb event!

Feel free to share this event with your friends, the more we are the merrier it will be!

If you want, share a photo of your letter/envelope!
Hashtag with #100loveletters on twitter, fb and instagram :)


> Use a quote as starting point (maybe one from this list:
> Use a song as inspiration
> What would you want to read in a letter from a stranger? (write that)
> Write from your heart
> It doesn't need to be longer than one page but you can write more if you want to
> Keep it happy and positive
> Do not assume any struggles or who the person is

Note! you do not need to write your name in the letter, you can write an alias or nothing at all.


I started the project "100 love letters" in 2014 where I hoped 100 people would write a letter and leave in a public space on Valentine's day. BUT! Over 500 people wrote a letter. Afterwards several asked to make this an annual thing.

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I have 50 notebooks left! I need to at least get that down to half to be able to transport them. I'd like to remind everyone that these are limited edition and will not be made again so if you want one (or more) it's time to get your hands on it (them) now before they're gone!

The money will be used for moving help, moving boxes and transportation from this city to the other so not only do you get a pretty notebook/sketchbook you will also help me move :heart:

What is left:
"My heart" - 8 lined, 5 blank
"Orchard" - 6 lined, 1 blank
"Tender" - 7 lined, 6 blank
"Life mystery" - 8 lined, 3 blank
"Winter's shiver" - 5 lined, 4 blank



Please share this with people who might be interested, I need all the money I can get for the move and I really need the space when moving cities since right now these books take up 4 big boxes(!).

NOTE! There is only 1 left of the "Orchard" with blank pages! For current amount of each design look above photos.

Sold so far!
2 blank "My heart"
2 lined "Life's mystery"
1 lined "Winter's shiver"
2 lined "Tender"
1 lined "Orchard"
1 blank "Winter's shiver"
2 blank "Life mystery"
1 blank "Orchard"

I need to sell off my entire stock of notebooks. I am moving and cannot take them with me, unfortunately for me, but lucky for you.

I will not make new notebooks so these are LIMITED EDITION. All in all there have been 20 made of each design. I'm now selling them off at cost price just to get my money back, you can only buy them directly through me for this price. Note me or e-mail me at info[at] if interested!

Original price for one: 160 kr / $18

For one: 120 kr + 39 kr frakt = 159 kr
For two: 240 kr + 52 kr frakt = 292 kr
For three: 360 kr + 52 kr frakt = 412 kr

For one: $15 + $9 = $24
For two: $29 + $15 = $42
For three: $43 + $15 = $58

You can get the item(s) wrapped for 15 kr / $1.8 per item.

How to pay!
If Swedish: bank transfer

Design info!
  • Hardcover notebook
  • Lined or blank pages
  • 80 g/m² paper
  • 144 pages
  • 15x20 cm (A5) / 6x8 inches

The notebooks!

"My heart" - 8 lined, 5 blank

"Orchard" - 6 lined, 1 blank

"Tender" - 7 lined, 6 blank

"Life mystery" - 8 lined, 3 blank

"Winter's shiver" - 5 lined, 4 blank
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It's just 18h left of 2016 as I sit down to write this. I don't know what to say about this year, at the same time I have something to say otherwise I wouldn't sit here writing.

2016 have been devoured by death and misery, so much of it in the news that the victories we've made over the year for wrongly imprisoned people, the climate and everything in between have been swallowed up. The last few days I've gotten newsletters from all kinds of organisations I sign petitions for or follow with news of victories, that 2016 wasn't so bad. I want to focus on that yet there are people dying, starving, being raped right now all over the world.

Syria is still at war, Sweden is still selling weapons and the US have voted for a man who doesn't believe in climate change, who is sexist, who is racist and so on. Our world is in turmoil. It feels like we cannot go a certain amount of years before we want to wreck havoc. We can apparently not live on this earth without destroying oceans, killing each other and animals.

Despite all that I hope for a better 2017. Despite all that I must believe it will be better.

2016, the year many says we will want to forget in the future. Maybe. But I think it's important to remember when we are at our low, not forget because then we remake the same mistakes. I don't know though how to fix all the shit we've done in the past year, all the shit we've done nothing to change.

All I can focus on is to do my part. I have signed more petitions than I can count and shared more than I can count. I will continue to do so because it's my way to change things, because together we're strong, together we can change the world. I believe that we can stand against hate if we want, if all of us who is against it speak up instead of standing idle by as our peers vote for hate, throws around hate and grow hate in their hearts.

Who is with me?
Who dares to say something when a friend say a sexist joke? when a friend says racist comments? when a friend spews hate on LGBTQ+ people? when a friend...

Together we make the world better, one step at a time. Together the hate will not fester, together the hate will not overrun the world, together we can stand up for what is right.

Let's stand together in 2017.


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The traditional yearly quiz (yes it's a tradition now because this is third year ok). And as always you can answer the questions in your own journal (link in comments!) or directly in the comments if you want. Oh and if you're like "Nah, I'm too adult for quizzes", no worries, I won't hold a gun to your head until you actually do the quiz. Freedom of choice! :heart:

1. What are you going to do different in 2017 compared to 2016?

I'm going to move. I cannot stay in this shit hole another year, not another cold autumn/winter in this apartment. I'm going swimming in ocean and/or lake in the summer, didn't get a chance to this year because of shitty summer weather. Have a job (can't stress this one enough)!

2. Is there anything you missed in 2016 that you want in 2017?
Hanging out with friends
A job/money
A more peaceful world

3. Biggest wish right now?
To move and to get a job - tied first place.
Buy a dog - second place.

4. What movie/TV series/album/book/game do you look forward to?
Guardians of the Galaxy II
Beauty & the Beast
Wonder Woman

TV series are too many to list! No idea about music/book/game releases for 2017

5. What will you do to get better in your craft?
Doing all of them more regularly. *cough cough*

6. What will you do to get closer to your hopes and dreams?
Continue to apply to jobs. Try to get an internship if I can't get a job so I can get some experience. I need a foot in asap!
Photograph the jewellery I have and upload it to etsy (or other site).

7. What one thing would you like to do in 2017?


8. If 2017 was your last year alive what would you do?
Travel. Visit my parents. Write a will and write letters to those I love. Do something for others.

9. What do you want more of in 2017?
Money, friends, love, yoga, fun. Oh and a better world.

10. What do you want less of in 2017?
Loneliness, death and hate.

11. At the end of 2017 where would you like to see yourself both career wise and in your personal life?
Career: Permanent job
Personal life: Being able to hang out with friends irl

12. Do you see any changes coming or will your life stay the same the coming year? Explain your reasoning.
It better be, this year and the year before was rather underwhelming with no big changes (barely any changes at all actually). I also hope to get my first tattoo in 2017, that's always something! I just need to figure out how to pay for it first... and where it should be xD

13. If you could be someone else in 2017, who would you be and why?
If 2017 end up like 2016 I'd rather be whoever else than me as long as they have a well balanced life (on another planet).

14. What will you do to make the world a better place in 2017?
Continue to sign petitions, give to charity when I can and stand up for what is right and take the arguments when someone is royally stupid/hateful/misogynist/etc. instead of standing idly by.

15. What would you like to dare to do in 2017?
Get my first tattoo
Accept a job offer

16. Sum up your goal/dream/hope for 2017 in one sentence.
That my life will change for the better.

Bonus: If you did this quiz in 2016 how did your prediction go?
I had some hopes and dreams for 2016 and much of it didn't happen, my life have been stuck this whole year with no big changes except that I now have bangs and for a short while had an extra hole in my earlobe (which is no more since the piercer made it crooked, so I let it close up, should redo it). I hope my prediction for 2017 will be better, mostly because I will go insane if things stays the same yet another year.

Want to answer? Do it!

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