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Dalai Lama

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 17, 2011, 3:29 AM
Yesterday I was at an event where a Swedish singer called Lars Winnerbäck performed and Dalai Lama talked. So far in my life it hasn't gotten better than this.

Winnerbäck is like Bob Dylan but with better lyrics and better voice and I've taken comfort and understanding in his words more than once. He's usually called a rock poet. Dalai Lama is someone I look up to, who really has a great message to give people.

Roughly translated from a song by LW:
"Queen of Hearts, here you get your powers back
soon can I get out on the ice, but not yet

And Queen of Hearts, if debris catches up with you
the dream escapes and everyday life germinates
and if you're looking for the thread
or just missing a brother

if you're full of months of hardship
take your luggage across the border and come here"

or this by LW:
"You see the other half of the sun when it falls in the West
I sit here alone and wondering where we end up next
With you on the other side of the world I get time for nothing
While the night shed blue, cold shadows around here

We could do anything, we would never say no
And what you entrust to me, I will entrust to you"

And he performed 3 songs and then His Holiness came on stage. That was a very intense moment for me, since I already cried (I have so many memories both good and bad with Winnerbäck and seen him on stage so many times that it just comes with out me stopping it) it couldn't really become worse when I saw Dalai Lama and Winnerbäck bow to each other and then take each other's hands. Few things in life can top that.

I can't really say that they guy interviewing Dalai Lama but Dalai Lama was, he laughed, told us anecdotes and good words for the life travel. He said we should treat each other like brothers and sisters and be compassionate instead of cold and distant. We should be compassionate toward children and it also must be in the education of them - in school.

Dalai Lama also told us how he have been to inter-religious meetings and how he always pay respect to the specific deity which the peolple he's staying with are worshipping, for example Jesus if it's a Christian monastery. He's always surprised though when people in a community which are for example Christians but different orientations who have never talked before they had this meeting with him - he thought it was strange since they believe in the same god. I'm all for inter-religiosity since the base in most are the same and instead of fighting over the differences we should come together in the similarities.

Dalai Lama said that people aren't black and white, there is no distinct line between good and bad, we're grey and people who we consider evil wasn't that to begin with, they got love from their mothers too but because of events in life they became what they did.

During the whole like 1h, 30 min discussion with Dalai Lama I just sat there and nodded my head at everything he said. It's like having someone finally put into words everything I've thought and tried to live by - very fantastic feeling. And no, I'm not a Buddhist but I have huge respect for those who are (I have that for all religions really) and I take to heart some of their principles.

Dalai Lama also said that prayers can't change anything, you must act. You must be kind and compassionate to first your family, then friends and then more and they will do the same and that is how it spreads. Start with the people closest around you.

And did you know, he goes up every morning at 3:30 (no matter where in the world he is), meditate, eat breakfast at 5:30 and then meditate some more and then he "starts the day" and then he goes to bed at 7 in the evening. He's also not interested in TV (he suggest reading is way better even though both are bad for the eyes but TV makes you dumb (can't remember the word he used but it had the same sentiment)) or sports. He meditates more about the world and himself and his enlightenment, these past couple of years (he's 76).

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Evil-e33 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
"Dalai Lama also said that prayers can't change anything, you must act." I couldn't possibly agree with that more :#1:

I lol'd at the Bob Dylan dig, I can not stand Dylan :no: His voice, drives me crazy! :giggle:

Agreed! TV does make you dumb...especially all the bs reality shows :faint:
petrova Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2011  Hobbyist
Oh god, Dylan makes me cringe, his voice is the same as taking a pair of nails at a blackboard >.< but Winnerbäck is nothing like that but some usually say they're alike in a way since they're singer/songwriters with a guitar and quite poetic but that's how far it goes really.

Reality shows sucks. They have revived Big Brother (put a lot of people in house with a lot of video cameras) and people... watch this. It's so bad that I want to scratch my eyes out. At the same time as Dalai Lama was in town it was an Idol audition in the same town :fear:
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