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Happy Birthday dA! by petrova Happy Birthday dA! :iconpetrova:petrova 2 0 Wavemaster earrings by petrova Wavemaster earrings :iconpetrova:petrova 11 7
Ear cuff with leaf by petrova Ear cuff with leaf :iconpetrova:petrova 13 6 Blue bead chain earrings by petrova Blue bead chain earrings :iconpetrova:petrova 13 4
Untitled I
I sat there anxiously prepared to rip my skin off
- to bare my life to a stranger,
doodling on the paper in front of me,
a paper with all the information to remember,
I could feel the sweat in the armpits accumulating,
and I tried in vain to steady my breathing,
hand gripping hard around my phone not to shake.
The happy on hold music played relentlessly
- on repeat, every note stabbing me
leaving me gasping for air to its rhythm,
This was my final life line which I had fought against
- for months, years, holding it off in a naive hope
that life at some point needs to get better,
as everyone said it would.
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A lovely day for John and Ellinor
Ellinor walked out of the house without the scarf her mother had told hear to wear, it was chilly outside, because she wanted to be a rebel. She was 10 and a half and felt very grown up on that Saturday morning when she walked out to meet a boy.
John waited nearby in a park, slightly shoving around the sand underneath his basket ball shoes as he sat on the cold park bench. He pulled his green coat tighter around him to evade the cold winds, nervously gazing after a girl with fire red hair.
She walked slowly away from her street where she had always lived – where she knew every nook and cranny. Her fingers inside her mustard yellow gloves touched the fences as she walked past them, just like every day when she walked to school. This day she didn’t take to the left but to the right. Her feet nervously took her on the path to the boy with freckles.
The bells in the nearby church struck 10 and John looked up toward the other side of the park, his heart throbbing faster and fast
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5 centimeters per second
You are like an illusion,
a hologram trying to hold my hand,
you fade away into distance,
I slip through the fingers of time,
there is nothing real,
maybe it all is just a dream,
something to wake from,
you fall into pieces and melt
into thousand puddles,
a breath and you are gone,
but I remember you inside,
you are on my cornea
until the wind takes me
like the leaves on autumn trees,
and then we will be gone,
be a memory from yesterday,
with no footprints in the snow.
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Catherine is coming to town: pre story
- I love you but we’re not working anymore.
- What are you saying? You’re leaving?
They looked at each other in that instant as she said it, helpless and in pain, they knew it was over, it really had been for months, but it wasn’t until now either of them had said the words out loud.
- I think I’ve found someone else, he said.
She looked down on her engagement ring as the tears started filling up her eyes, she didn’t know what to say. It had always been them, they were stable and strong – happy – happy...ish. She had seen her life with him, they had talked about growing old and which countries to see together and now they stood there in different ends of the hallway of their joint apartment saying it was over, it felt unreal. He sighed and she looked up on him. His blue eyes were filled with tears as he looked at her. They just stood there silent and defeated.
After what she felt was hours she took off her engagement ring and put it on the dres
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Solely by petrova Solely :iconpetrova:petrova 13 5 Nature green jewellery set by petrova Nature green jewellery set :iconpetrova:petrova 2 6 Viridapice by petrova Viridapice :iconpetrova:petrova 36 5 Summer crush earrings (OOAK) by petrova Summer crush earrings (OOAK) :iconpetrova:petrova 6 5 Winter's belly by petrova Winter's belly :iconpetrova:petrova 7 8 Winter Night earrings (OOAK) by petrova Winter Night earrings (OOAK) :iconpetrova:petrova 12 13 Olympica earrings (OOAK) by petrova Olympica earrings (OOAK) :iconpetrova:petrova 13 15 Pumpkin Patch earrings (OOAK) by petrova Pumpkin Patch earrings (OOAK) :iconpetrova:petrova 10 17
How can you
How can one person make you feel so small,
make you feel like you evaporated in that instant,
like your gasping for air doesn't matter,
how can that person you want to comfort you
not care when you bat your lashes like a madman
just to not let your tears escape,
how can you let another person make you feel
like your existence doesn't matter,
how your feelings and your plans can be set aside
for other things, for other people
when you're supposed to be important,
how can that very person you've entrusted your life with
just crush it without thought
like it was the easiest thing in the world -
when at the same moment
it crushed your heart into a million pieces,
how can you be so weak to be treated like this
and still stay and say it's ok
"because you're getting used to it",
it's not ok, it will never be ok to feel less than you are,
you're made of stardust and shouldn't feel like dirt.
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Blue Velvet earrings (OOAK) by petrova Blue Velvet earrings (OOAK) :iconpetrova:petrova 12 9
Mature content
Emotional cannibalism :iconpetrova:petrova 3 5
Home sweet home
It felt like she had driven for miles on end, for days, but now she parked her rusty car in front of the ocean. All she could hear was the seagulls, not a person in sight except for herself. The sun was up but had just an hour or so ago begun its travels on the sky.
It was early spring so the sand was splotchy with areas of not yet melted snow but the ocean had already rid itself of the restraining ice, that forced it to calm down during the winter months. The sky was a mix between light blue and grey , the sun hid shyly behind the clouds.
Far away she could hear the waves clash against the shore. Not aggresively but like a love story of a couple separated by circumstances beyond their control, so every time they could touch they lingered for a moment to take it in so they can savour it until next time.
She felt like she had come home, finally. It had taken her years to come here, the place she touched with her bare children’s feet so many years ago. She cranked down the window a
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Grow up by petrova Grow up :iconpetrova:petrova 21 23 Sleeping beauty by petrova Sleeping beauty :iconpetrova:petrova 28 31 A little creature by petrova A little creature :iconpetrova:petrova 4 13
It drips along my vertebrae,
dark, smudgy, reeking of
it find the holes, the bones
it feels itself forward like
nervous hands on a nude body,
I can sense it: tingling,
falling, cascading, ruining
along my vertebrae,
It spreads like a fire in a dry
the animals flee in panic,
the vegetation screams,
nothing is left, only barren land,
It drips, like oil down my back:
the hate, the anxiety, the thoughts
of not being enough
slithers around my vertebrae
and break them,
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