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Happy Birthday dA!


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Wavemaster earrings


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Wavemaster earrings

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Untitled I

I sat there anxiously prepared to rip my skin off - to bare my life to a stranger, doodling on the paper in front of me, a paper with all the information to remember, I could feel the sweat in the armpits accumulating, and I tried in vain to steady my breathing, hand gripping hard around my phone not to shake. The happy on hold music played relentlessly - on repeat, every note stabbing me leaving me gasping for air to its rhythm, This was my final life line which I had fought against - for months, years, holding it off in a naive hope that life at some point needs to get better, as everyone said it would. Liars.

Confessional Poetry

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A lovely day for John and Ellinor

Ellinor walked out of the house without the scarf her mother had told hear to wear, it was chilly outside, because she wanted to be a rebel. She was 10 and a half and felt very grown up on that Saturday morning when she walked out to meet a boy. John waited nearby in a park, slightly shoving around the sand underneath his basket ball shoes as he sat on the cold park bench. He pulled his green coat tighter around him to evade the cold winds, nervously gazing after a girl with fire red hair. She walked slowly away from her street where she had always lived – where she knew every nook and cranny. Her fingers inside her mustard yellow glo

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The Fortune-teller

Still life

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ID 2010


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Fellas watching tv


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Glasgow Cathedral

In and Out

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Winter's belly


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Happy Birthday dA!

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A little creature

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Hearts on the line


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