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The Dragon of Milos
“The waves crush on my boat’s bow as I sail against the sea currents. A layer of salt has encrusted my eyelashes and I can taste it over my cracked lips. For years I’ve traversed these seas, hoping to one day see what I yearn for in the distance. And today I’ve finally found it. The infamous landmark, the Dragon of Milos, guide of those lost at sea. People called me mad for believing such a fairy tale and I don’t blame them. What sane mind would accept that such a thing even exists? I know it’s not a ploy of my own mind this time, for I could never imagine something so majestic. The wind that filled my sails to the brim is now calm, as if nature itself wants me to admire its creation. I can only hold my breath as my tiny boat nears the island under the Dragon’s watchful eye.”
The Crown of Milos
“I can feel my hands tremble as I reach for the map. Truly, its poorly made sketch can’t live up to the true Crown of Milos towering over me. My boat drifts past and the winds howl with a voice of promise when they meet it. I just hope not to stumble across whatever natural disaster granted it these holes and rugged shape. Perhaps many aeons of wind and rain are what gave it form. It’s funny, how the culmination of my entire life is but a fleeting moment compared to the Crown’s tale. Yet, few will ever know of its beauty and live to tell the tale. Still, I feel grateful for this parting boon, so I bow my head to the forgotten king and turn my gaze to the horizon.”
The Passage of Milos
“The passage to a foreign world lies ahead of me, but it seems far too tranquil. Was I wrong to expect something exotic indicating a portal? Maybe it was just a fairy tale after all. Well, it shouldn’t take long to find out. A few quick rows and that’s it: I managed to come through. Did I though? I find myself facing the same blue ocean and tasting the same salty air as before. I’m sure I went through the arch, so this must be the other side. Where am I? My mistake lies on not having faith or was I wrong all along? How could I know?”

—Tristian de Salamanca – naval diary, washed ashore.
The Oath of Oblivion
The Oath of Oblivion

Cover art commission for 'The Oath of Oblivion', the upcοming high fantasy novel by Alkinoos Kechagias.

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Rane had been cursed by fate. Whisked away to the far end of the world, with the magic that wiped his mind clean still lingering inside of it. Locked in a dungeon to be tortured and toyed with. Yet, the need to know still burned in his heart. To know what happened to his mother, the only person he can recall and uncover the veil of mysteries surrounding his own past. But it won't be easy. The closing act of a war that has lasted for millennia, the wrath of nature and the schemes of those that vie for power plunge the world into chaos. Will Rane ever break free from the Oath that binds his destiny? He'll have to survive first.



Petros-Stefanidis's Profile Picture
Petros Stefanidis
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I am a creative designer, passionate about creating amazing fantasy worlds and characters.

I am always looking for design challenges, innovative concepts and opportunities to communicate through my art with fantasy lovers. Creating illustrations and concept art for games, animation and movies is my field of interest. Expressing myself through my art, and introduce people to surreal worlds is what I gladly intent to do throughout and after my professional career.

Find me on


For more information feel free to contact me via email:


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If I could use one word to describe your work, it would be "wondrous." Keep up the good work!
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Είναι χαρά μου να βλέπω ότι υπάρχει ελληνικό κοινό που απολαμβάνει το Fantasy genre!
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