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Cyber Woman

Always good to learn something new....

Will this be the future? We want robots to make our lives easier and safer, yet we can't bring ourselves to trust them...
Hooray for the future!

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I immagine these are the lockdown effects :giggle: Fantastic sci-fi Petra! TO reach that level will be necessary wait probably 800-1000 years :D Probably DA users will use neural interfaces and the people will write comments with the only force of the mind without use hands and the photomanipulations will be obsolete because they will be in real time haha

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Indeed lockdown effects hahaha, thanks Luke.

Wet and cold weather allow me for being creative and I am grateful that I can have the patience to try new skills

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I like, summer because i love swimming and sea activities but i never stay to take the sun because these ray beams are not normal....for fun i leaved a steak at the sun and in 15 minutes was cooked perfectly :rofl: When temperatures reach 41° is not fun...and the creativitivity goes below zero! So in these situations i imagine to be in Alaska haha

To be honest, this summer till now has been strange......abnomal....indeed days agoo for example there was a bit cold expecially during the night......and today the temperatures are extremely spring....First summer like this.....and for August the forecast situation seems will be the same....

Effects of this climate change....see for example the recent disaster in Germany and not only... So you are luck to have directly a cold weather.

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Hi Petra it's me Dennis. I've been gone for some time because of my health, but I'm back. I love this piece you did, very imaginative! Hope you are well.

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He Dennis, so good to hear from you again. I have been thinking about you many times. So sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Are you ok now?

Humanity is going through some rough and uncertain times, but all we can do is staying positive and hopefully we can enjoy better times very soon.

I am in lockdown at the moment, healthy, just waiting to get out the house again...

Working in the garden and being creative keeps me going.

Thank you very much for liking my design, it is a tutorial and just fun to learn some new skills.

Thanks again Dennis and take care :hug:

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Oh your great, I have thought about you also. I almost died last year from pneumonia, a tract infection, and then another infection, pulmonary failure and something else. The doctor said that if I had gotten to the hospital a half an hour later I would be dead! I don't even remember the two weeks before and two weeks into the hospital. What a horrid time. I'm slow now but thankfully alive.

Yes, we are going through a very ruff and confusing time. But I always have hope. That's all there is at times.

Your in lockdown again? Oh No!. I know what you mean. being creative and my prayers keep me going also.

I always love your work!! I do love tutorials! Your welcome my dear friend. Take care!

:love: :hug:

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