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Afghan Girl - Gula

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15-20 hours 8)
many pencils~

edit: over 100 favs!!! thanks everyone!

wip: [link]
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это твоя картина ,правда ?? я в шоке ,очень круто
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you should put the story in its so sad, her eyes are piercingly beautiful poor girl... if you dont know it, she got trapped under dirty water for days and noone could get her out, everyone watched her die from septicaemia, having cameras and news in your face whilst you die, she had these very desperate eyes that lost all hope. she was only 15
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:) this is amazing M3
ArtWithCause's avatar
This is stunning x
ComeTogetherAndJam's avatar
Wow I can't stop myself looking at this. I drew Afghan girl but it isn't anything like this. O_O
xalium's avatar
LOVE it so much !! so amazing !!!!
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Woowww! This is wonderful! The eyes are so intense! You captured this portrait without color.

This is my portrait of Afghan Girl: [link]
Yours is much better, though!
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How were you able to get the intensity of her stare so accurate?
Blancaaa's avatar
It's completely perfect... I admire you a lot. In this moment, I'm trying to finish a drawing of this picture too... I hope that it stays half as good as yours
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This is absolutely stunning! It's so accurately drawn. Wow.
I was trying to do an eye study with this photo today but I couldn't get the eye right. Since the eyes are really the stars of this photo, I was wondering, do you have any tips? (since you captured their beauty so well here).

Again, fantastic work :o
darkromance91's avatar
just amazing :o !!! :+fav:
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amazing that somebody can draw this, in this way.. so talented! What jetain said.. you can't stop staring at her, and into those eyes.. I saw the follow up documentary when they were trying to find the girl now adult.. very strange that eyes, in a way so saying, belong to a woman so shy, so private.. Well maybe it's just that, that she doesn't realize how speaking her eyes, her face, are.. Thank you so much for posting this, I love looking at this painting. woa
rajlaxmi's avatar
really amazing...gud details!!!
philippeL's avatar
A very famous shot from National Geographic...
Sayed-N's avatar
Amazing,indeed best one so far ;D it's going to my favs
purityofthesoul's avatar
Oh my Lord, I checked this out purely because I saw "Gula" that's my name. This is so weird lol
wow thats great! can u have a look at mine cause Im about 4 hours into it and all I have/using is a HB and 6B and the paper is gettin torn now :S
so far the closest version I've seen in terms of the eyes and the pain(more emotion would have made this drawing absolutely perfect).Excellent drawing though,well done
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Wow amazing work
i saw the documentry abot this women on National Geography
Selladorra's avatar
Wow, this is amazing!!! Yours is so much better than mine ;_____; *cries*
Great job!!!
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Ah! OMG I wanted to draw thi sbut now you drawed it and you did it so well that I won't do it anymore! Oh well...:hug: You're amaaazing!

BTW: Instant fave!
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