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Point Commission: Caliber's Lament by PetroBeherha Point Commission: Caliber's Lament :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 3 2 Art Trade - Crimson x Yumi by PetroBeherha Art Trade - Crimson x Yumi :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 5 12 Flirty Laelia by PetroBeherha Flirty Laelia :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 6 18
Ode to Beauty
Beauty is deceptively simple,
Yet many debate its meaning.
Ask one person and he’ll say one thing,
Ask another person and he’ll say another.
Is it so elusive that people had to pull their hair
in pursuit of its secrets?
Nonetheless, many have answers.
Some say it is deep,
A natural virtue inherent in all things,
Or a gift endowed by divine creators.
Some say it is shallow,
A malicious mask to hide a person’s evil,
Or to attract potential mates.
Some say it is on the inside,
That a person’s goodness is what counts.
Not the smoothness of skin,
Length of hair or roundness of bosom.
Better a kind hag than a lovely harridan.
Some say it is only on the outside,
A measure of a person’s desirability.
Looking at a person’s insides
Will show only unsightly entrails.
Some say it is abstract,
For there are patterns that exist everywhere,
For Fibonacci and the phi ratio are its secrets.
Perfect angles and mathematical rules;
All proof there is order in the univer
:iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 1 4
Media Misinformation
    Hardly a day goes by without hearing news of the next terrorist attack, or a random shooting by cruel psychopaths. Both government and citizens are bitterly divided between the blue and red teams, with the blue team obsessed with social security and the red team obsessed with “national defense.” Meanwhile the rest of the world despises us as it accuses America of rampant fearmongering, oil interests and neo-imperialism; even our closest allies now must keep at arm’s length of our country as they are weary of its horrible foreign policy. Is this the America we want? George Washington, who was famous for his warning against political parties during his farewell address, didn’t think so. What has become of America? Why is there so much fear among the general populace? The privately-owned media has been blamed for spreading propaganda and sensationalized stories, as a Harvard Kennedy School study has shown, with an approval rate of 11% as of April
:iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 1 5
Won't Back Down
You say you want to change the world,
And you’ll do anything to achieve it,
No matter the consequences.
Sacrifices must be made,
To create a perfect world.
If you want to kill people
Who oppose your encroaching conquest
So you can fulfil your dream,
Then I’ll have to stop you
Because you know not what you do.
And I won’t back down.
I won’t back down.
You say the world is in ruins,
Because of humanity’s natural selfishness.
You want to guide the masses,
To the one true way,
So no more evil will be done.
If you want to tell people that your way is right,
And punish those who think different,
Then you are truly misguided,
For you preach your god’s name in vain,
And I’ll stop you from making a mistake.
And I won’t back down.
I won’t back down.
I see you standing high in your throne,
Overlooking the oppressed masses,
Preaching your hatred and beliefs.
The friend I know is no more,
For a tyrant has taken his place.
You wanted to change th
:iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 0 0
Cang Yu, the Azure Phoenix by PetroBeherha Cang Yu, the Azure Phoenix :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 6 8 Gleawdraca in the Woods by PetroBeherha Gleawdraca in the Woods :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 5 2
What is Love, Really?
What is it, really?
I know about the song,
“What is Love?”
But seriously,
what is it?
There is so much confusion
about that one word.
So many people
fall in so many holes,
I say some safety tips
are in order.
I may not know
what love is,
but I’ll tell you
what it’s not.
I do know it has a doppelganger
who does much evil
and frames the real thing.
Let me tell you right now
of its many guises.
Love is not a clingy vice
That sees you as an anchor
to curb its fear of loneliness,
only to lash out and bite
over the slightest slight,
like a monstrous, hungry squid
that chokes and drags its prey.
Its agonized, anguished cries are as follows,
“I can’t live without you,”
“Don’t you dare leave me!”
“You are mine.”
Love and let go.
Love is not a longing
That sees you as a doll
with which to stare at its T&A
and sleep with in bed.
The church calls it Lust,
while science says it exists
to spread DNA.
Its starved, shaky sig
:iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 3 11
Gleawdraca, Spirit of Fortune (Font Monster) by PetroBeherha Gleawdraca, Spirit of Fortune (Font Monster) :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 5 0 Takaan, Back View by PetroBeherha Takaan, Back View :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 1 0 Takaan, Front View by PetroBeherha Takaan, Front View :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 2 0 Takaan Action Scene by PetroBeherha Takaan Action Scene :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 4 0 Takaan, Talon of the Desert by PetroBeherha Takaan, Talon of the Desert :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 6 5
Planet List
Earth (for comparison):
Stellar characteristics
Parent star: Sol (AKA. "The Sun")
Constellation: N/A
Star class: G2V (Yellow dwarf)
Position: 3rd
Distance from Sol: 0.0000158 ly
Distance from parent star: 1.0 AU (~150,000,000km; 93,000,000 mi.)
Orbital period: 365.26 days
Eccentricity: 0.0281
Age: 4.6 billion
Classification: Terrestrial
Mass: 1.0 Earth mass
Radius: 1.0 Earth radius
Surface Gravity: 1.0g (9.8 m/s^2)
Density: 1.0x (5.514 g/cm^3; 0.1992 lb/in^3)
Rotational period: 23.93 Earth hours (sidereal)
Axial tilt: 23.4 degrees
Designation: Mild/Temperate; multi-biome
Mean temperature: 289 K (16 C; 61 F)
Atmospheric pressure (sea level): 1.0 atm
Atmospheric composition: 78.1% nitrogen; 21.0% oxygen; 0.93% argon; 0.04% carbon dioxide.
Land/Water ratio: 29% land; 71% water
Life present: Yes
Life complexity: Multicellular
Sapience: Yes
Inhabitants: Human (bipedal mammals), dolphins (aquatic mammals; true sapience disputed), ink spirits (semi-serpentine rept
:iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 1 4
Point Commission: The Good King of Galactitee by PetroBeherha Point Commission: The Good King of Galactitee :iconpetrobeherha:PetroBeherha 11 15


Colored Reference Sheet
A colored reference sheet of your original character with detailed info about his/her traits and abilities. May take weeks depending on detail!
Lineart Reference Sheet (No color!)
Lineart reference sheet with information about your original character, dealing his/her appearance and actions. No color.
Traditional Colored Fullbody
Traditional full body color drawing of your original character w/o background.
Traditional Colored Headshot
Headshot of your original character using pencil lineart and colored pencil.
Traditional Lineart Full Body
Full body pencil lineart of your original character with shading. No background (unlike in sample picture).
Traditional Lineart Headshot
Simple pencil lineart and headshot of your original character with shading. No background.


Rattleref 2017 by TheSeaLemon Rattleref 2017 :iconthesealemon:TheSeaLemon 92 11 (WIP) TMNT OC: Aphrodite Navalle by MajesticReaper (WIP) TMNT OC: Aphrodite Navalle :iconmajesticreaper:MajesticReaper 287 38 It's Complicated by humon It's Complicated :iconhumon:humon 6,561 2,589 Ktak avians by darth-biomech Ktak avians :icondarth-biomech:darth-biomech 25 12 Siderotherium extraneum by Concavenator Siderotherium extraneum :iconconcavenator:Concavenator 20 2 Scerpian threat by altehra Scerpian threat :iconaltehra:altehra 117 6 Commision: Dropa concept 01 by Nikolaspascal Commision: Dropa concept 01 :iconnikolaspascal:Nikolaspascal 695 25 Jellyfish Alien (Luminous Transparent Jellynoid) by Unialien Jellyfish Alien (Luminous Transparent Jellynoid) :iconunialien:Unialien 162 31 Dawnaria Stats by RenDragonClaw Dawnaria Stats :iconrendragonclaw:RenDragonClaw 42 18 [Commission] The Teutonic Empire by mdc01957 [Commission] The Teutonic Empire :iconmdc01957:mdc01957 62 22
BI-Ultrapet Models
All the Bi-ultrapet models are completed , presenting the following 
DR.B00 : Caliber
Dr.B01 : Leviathan
Dr.B02: Sphinx
Dr.B04: Chimera
Dr.B05:Griffon(griffons frame is not considered second generation , rather , its a experimental frame )

Dr.B06 :Taurus Dr.B07: Unicorn
Dr.08 Phoenix

Dr.B09 :Camazotz
Dr.B10 : Nautilus 
:iconnadleehwolfdragon000:NadleehWolfDragon000 1 0
Dragon Visualization by MrLarions Dragon Visualization :iconmrlarions:MrLarions 2 0 Pose Dump #1 -Xenkara- by Tyroth-Dartvyn Pose Dump #1 -Xenkara- :icontyroth-dartvyn:Tyroth-Dartvyn 16 4 Masaka Species Reference Sheet by Selkra Masaka Species Reference Sheet :iconselkra:Selkra 28 28 SPECIES PROFILE: Khresali by ImfromMoon SPECIES PROFILE: Khresali :iconimfrommoon:ImfromMoon 9 9 23/03/2018 - Yig, Father of Snakes by hubertspala 23/03/2018 - Yig, Father of Snakes :iconhubertspala:hubertspala 114 1


PetroBeherha's Profile Picture
P. R.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States

I am a college student.

Other sites:

Point Commission Info:
Point Commission Details (3/3 Slots)Hello everyone!
Edit: As my Adobe Cloud subscription has run out, I am no longer able to do digital art. Therefore, all digital commissions will be closed until they are reactivated. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. :(
I have decided to set up point commissions for anyone who is interested in having their avatars and OC characters drawn. For now I will only do traditional because I will need to download the proper software for digital drawings. See my profile page to ask for a commission, or discuss with me about details. Please note as this is my first time doing commissions on dA, there may be some changes as I gain experience and expertise. The commissions are as follows:
Lineart headshot - 20 (30) points
Lineart fullbody - 40 (60) points 
Colored headshot - 50 (80) points
Colored fullbody - 100 (150) points
Lineart Reference Sheet - 120 (180) points (May take a long

Point Commission Progress:
  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open

Things to do:

  1. Work on new ink spirit expansion

Game accounts
Steam: Gléawdraca the Wise (…) PetroBeherha (Note me for tag)
TV Tropes: ModernDragon3060
Discord: Note me for tag
XBox: PlasmaRaptor192 (I never used this account!)

My Ink Spirits:

Lumin Float by BizhenBlood Lumin, the Light Ink Spirit

Laelia Float by BizhenBlood Laelia, the Forest Ink Spirit
Dryad, the Fairy Ink Spirit by PetroBeherha Dryad, the Fairy Ink Spirit

Verkigyo Float Commission by BizhenBlood Vérkígyó, the Undead Shadow Ink Spirit
Toxic transition float Icon by Bizhen Toxic, the Undead Toxic Blood Ink Spirit (adopted from :iconashenrisen:)
Mangō Pūmahara, the Whale Shark Water Ink Spirit (mutation)

Isaac Reference by PetroBeherha Ddasiin-Sjyan-Jehai (AKA "Icaac"), the Lightning Ink Spirit
(Species by ashenrisen)

Roleplay Stamp by Mew-Sempai

American English language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French 3 by Faeth-design Spanish language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Stamp: German Language Random Words by MafiaVamp

Don't Shake Emoticon Stamps by CPDT Stamp by Kataang-furuba STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz Going Green Stamp by Drake09 True Freedom Stamp by Tandenfee Stamp - Dragon Artist by ValkAngie Extraterrestrial life by FluffyFerret97 Natural Selection by draco-dragon84 Agnostic by capricordestin Straight Stamp by sunbirds


PetroBeherha has started a donation pool!
100 / 4,000
For point commissions, simple tips, or if you're just feeling generous. You're welcome. :)

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My house was burned by the Camp Fire in Northern California two days ago, which burned my entire hometown and surrounding one's. Everyone there had to evacuate.
Don't worry about me, I'm staying with family in a hotel in another city further north. I brought my laptop, iPhone, sketchbook and other essentials with me. I can still do art and even finish up on college, but any art I do won't be colored. My colored pencils were burned.

Again, don't worry about me. We were very lucky and prepared getting out early. We'll find another way to live. It's just life has really turned around for us. My heart goes out to the other survivors out there.
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