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Love Is Love -oneshot-
DISCLAIMER: I don't own the ninja turtles
A/N: Just a quick note: They're turtles, their blush wouldn't be red..
Ps. The 'parts' are all on this chapter.
Part One
Splinter couldn't quite figure out how such information had eluded him for so long. He couldn't help the stab of pain that he, their father, hadn't been able to figure this out sooner, when the others obviously had. All the small remarks and teasing glances had somehow eluded him.
Had his two sons worked hard to hide this from him, or was it just that he had never thought, ever, that his sons felt, well, like more than just brothers?
Now that he knew – had seen – what relationship his two sons had, it seemed fairly obvious. The teasing, the nicknames – no, pet names – and the competitiveness; this was all a result of their… Their love. Not just brotherly love but love. Real, deep, intimate love.
Splinter looked into his room where his two sons currently
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The Only Exception -Oneshot-
Disclaimer: I do not own the ninja turtles.
Warning: contains bad language, yaoi, etc. Read at your own risk.
This is a human AU, although you could just as easily imagine the guys to be turtles.
“My house. Tonight. ‘Soon as the sun sets.” Raphael had whispered into his ear, a few split seconds before the home bell went and everyone scrambled out of the classroom. Leo hadn’t had a chance to ask what, or why, but hadn’t needed to; not really. Their relationship had never seemed – or been – very complicated. They were both stubborn and both natural born leaders. Leo was cool headed, Raph was hot headed. So, naturally, they had never really gotten along.
Until lately, of course. Ever since that night – no, Leo wouldn’t think of it. The mere thought brought a dark shade of redness to his cheeks. If his father, Yoshi (or ‘Splinter’ as some people called him) ever found out what
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Kisses of Disapproval
Contains turtlecest and Don X Leo love.
Kisses of Disapproval
Mikey had fallen asleep watching cartoons, Raph had slunk off to bed, Splinter had retreated to his room for the night… but a certain olive green family member was still awake; Leonardo could tell by the faint humming of a computer and the faint typing of a keyboard. Slowly, he allowed a crimson smile to spread onto his lips. It was not all that often they were allowed moments like these and so Leonardo did his best not to waste them.
He sneaked towards the lab, absorbing himself into its shadows. There was a short-lived creak as he opened the door. He left it only a fraction open. His prey did not notice, only continued muttering words under his breath as he typed codes into his computer. Leonardo stared at the way the screen illuminated his olive green skin, the way his focussed dark brown eyes absorbed the information in front of him. He watched the small meaningful
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A Fanatic's Explanation
Growing up was hard.
With both parent always working, I had to mature quickly so I could set a good example for my little brother and sister.
I was constantly pushed to do my best, to be the best.
I took advanced classes.
I played sports.
I attended youth groups.
But I was constantly reminded that I can’t be perfect.
My ADHD make school frustrating.
I was always lacking in sports and never really felt like part of the team.
I didn’t get anything from the youth groups.
I was becoming distant from my family.
Being a military kid, I guess my social skills were never the best.
What was the point of making friends if I just had to leave again?
I was alone.
There was only one thing that truly made me happy.
When I watched those characters on the screen, I felt like they were really, truly happy to be there.
In a way, they were the perfect friends.
I’d always have things in common with them; they made me feel better about myself, like I could do anything.
if I didn
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Talking Things Out
WARNING: Mentions of turtlecest, turtlehet and turtleslash, mostly in a discussion. No flirting involved.
Rating: PG-13
"Does it ever bug you?"
Don paused as he set the headset down and glanced over at his brother. Mikey had wandered into Don's room almost a half hour before, while Don had been on the phone with a customer. It had been a surprise when Mike just laid down on the bed and waited for Don to finish his shift instead of instantly pestering for attention. The silence had dragged on behind Don during the last few calls, unsettling despite the many times he'd wished Mike would just wait for him to have time before talking. This opening question wasn't what Don had been expecting though.  Of course, with Mike, expecting anything was usually a mistake.
"Lots of things bug me. What particular action are you wondering about?" It wasn't quite answering a question with a question and Don wasn't up for beating around the bush right now. Given the intelligence of some of the
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