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United Kingdom
Hello ^^ You can call me Toni, Petra, Lucky or whatever else you feel like, I don't really mind! I'm just a young adult who enjoys taking pictures and writing stories. I can't draw to save my life, but I'm learning how to do photomanipulations. I'm pretty shy and probably won't respond to comments often, but I do read them and I will favourite any art made using my photographs if I'm aware of it.

This is largely an account for roleplaying, photographs I've taken (many of which can be used as stock or reference), and for adoptables, as well as my ocs. I have a Toyhous.e that holds most of them- I'm lucky128 on it.

If you're interested to know more about any of my characters, the animals I photograph, or if you want to roleplay, just shoot me a message and I'll reply as soon as I can. I may not be able to give a lot of information out about the animals photographed though, depending on when the photo was taken.

If I have won an auction and haven't paid, and it has been more than 24 hours, please politely note me. If it has not been 24 hours please check what time it is in the UK before noting- if it's after 10pm or before 1pm I probably won't have had chance to get online and pay yet. If it has been more than 24 hours, the chances are I didn't get onto a computer that day- it happens a lot, my family runs a pub so it's always busy and I never know what each day will bring. If you note me, I'll make paying you a priority as soon as I get onto a computer, and I apologize in advance for any problems.


Courage (WFTW)
8 months
Muddy Paws 
Fearless, quick, agile 
Still young, reckless, untrained, stubborn

A rabbit of average size, Courage's dark fur is notably soft and thick, perhaps due to having hutch rabbit ancestry. He has a slightly lighter muzzle, belly and under tail, and his eyes are pale blue in colour. He's slender and soft-looking, still yet to develop any signs of physical strength, and perhaps his most notable feature is his large ears.
Brave - Reckless - Confident - Protective - Ambitious - Eager - Childish - Innocent - Pacifist - Mischievous - Adventurous - Lazy
Courage has a lot to learn when it comes to the world he was born into; he's very friendly, kind and gentle towards all the rabbits he meets, even those not of his own warren, and would readily help any rabbit who needed it. He's known for his eagerness to get involved, though his methods can be a bit foolish at times, and he often seems to forget there is even such a thing as danger. A very courageous rabbit - hence his name - Courage never hesitates to do what he feels is right; if he sees another rabbit pursued by a threat, he'll be the first to volunteer to lure that threat away, even if it puts him in danger. Sometimes, he'll just go ahead and do it without permission, despite being so young and inexperienced; his bravery borders on pure recklessness at times. His courage is also used in mischievous behaviour, as well; he's not afraid of pranking bigger, stronger rabbits and never fears the consequences of his actions.

Oddly, despite being so brave and protective of his warren and other rabbits, Courage is a firm pacifist and disbelieves in fighting his own kind. He always tries to search for a peaceful solution, and sulks when told he has to learn how to fight. It is maybe for this reason Courage has big ambitions to become a rabbit of high standing; he dreams of being a leader who manages to guide the warren without starting wars, and the belief this is even possible stems from his naivity and inexperience with the world.

Courage was born into the warren, though his mother, Joyful, was not; a former hutch-rabbit, when she escaped and found herself lost whilst pregnant she practically begged the warren to take her and her unborn kits in. When Courage and his siblings were first born, his mother waited to name them, wanting to choose names based on their personalities as her own had been chosen. So Courage received his name from being the bravest of the litter, while his siblings were each named for their own traits. As a kit, Courage was excitable and eager to learn, though his mother tried her best to shelter him from what she perceived to be the 'dangerous' outside world. When the time eventually came for him to leave her side, Courage did so with great excitement.

Muddy Paw
When first made a Muddy Paw, Courage thought only of how he would finally see the outside. What he didn't realise was that he would have to train hard, like every other muddy paw, and that as a future member of the Owsla he would have to learn how to fight. Now he spends most of his time trying to hide and avoid training, and very much prefers exploring alone or finding a nice place to nap.

Joyful (mother, NPC)
Sleepy (brother, NPC)
Playful (sister, NPC)
Happy (sister, NPC)

Roleplay Example
Tiny ventured out of the hole, her ears and nose twitching as she sniffed carefully for any scent of a threat. After a long moment, she felt satisfied all was safe and crept outside, giving a final glance around before she fully left the safety of the tunnel. She sat up, beginning to groom her forepaws whilst enjoying the breeze through her fur.

Base: Machati 
Tiny (WFTW)
1 year
Very keen sense of smell and hearing
Very small, easy to pin/knock over if you get hold of her
Prone to illnesses

A notably small doe, when Tiny hunches - which she often does - she could possibly be mistaken for a young private thanks to her size. But what she lacks in size is made up through her stocky build and strict training regime - you won't find any signs of fat on her, she's pure muscle and strength. Her soft, thick fur is dark, dull brown in colour with a few small white markings on her chest, chin, front paws and tail, while her eyes are dark brown and very expressive.
Cunning - Mischievous - Manipulative - Stubborn - Intelligent - Cautious - Could be considered cowardly - Friendly - Loyal
At first glance Tiny seems timid and cautious, and she can be quick to run when she feels she's outnumbered or outmatched in a fight - she's not one to risk injury unless it's truly personal (as in, her kin or herself has been hurt/offended in some way). But when in a one on one fight she feels she may have a chance in, she quickly turns into a ferocious and cunning combatant; one who uses her small size to try and lead others into underestimating her, so she can later trick and defeat them. The idea of fighting fairly is laughable to her; she lives for trickery.

When around others she's usually quite a friendly rabbit; at least, she's up for conversation and won't immediately turn hostile towards someone of her own warren. Even when greeting others she can sometimes be a bit more open than one would expect, if only to try and learn secrets from them or so she can later use any resemblance of 'friendship' against them - she would never betray Bogweed, that much she is certain of. 

Born into Bogweed as a notably small kit, Tiny's parents were disappointed to see how small she really was, and named her for her size as an eternal reminder of that disappointment. They cared for her, but their main focus was always her bigger, stronger siblings - something which, as it turned out, Tiny was perfectly fine with. Left to her own devices she learnt how to survive, and practiced her own set of skills apart from her siblings.

Upon becoming a private, Tiny threw herself into training, learning every skill needed. The rabbit that mentored her was less than impressed by her small size to begin with, but when she began exceeding expectations, even managing to beat larger rabbits using trickery and mischief, their opinion steadily began to improve. By the time she reached adulthood, she was one of the most skilled fighters from her litter, though she never wanted to be compared to them.

Now a new sergeant, Tiny felt satisfied. She had no ambitions to rise any higher, simply happy to do whatever she could for her warren.

Ash (NPC, father)
Mint (NPC, mother)
Oak (NPC, brother)
Sycamore (NPC, brother)
Briar (NPC, sister)

Roleplay Example
Tiny ventured out of the hole, her ears and nose twitching as she sniffed carefully for any scent of a threat. After a long moment, she felt satisfied all was safe and crept outside, giving a final glance around before she fully left the safety of the tunnel. She sat up, beginning to groom her forepaws whilst enjoying the breeze through her fur.

I have a curiouscat now!
Feel free to ask me anything about my characters, story or anything like that, just don't ask anything too personal please ^^
Gender: Male
Species: Common Shapeshifter-Master Hybrid
Rank: Rogue
Age: 19
Trial: Yes

Geno: BoBo Blbl MaMa Mt(+o)Mt(+str) Vivi
Pheno: Onyx with blanket, mask, onyx marked tail and vitiligo

Notes: N/A


LinesLaivaWolf  makangeni


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