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Over the past few days I've been experiencing with double exposure in Photoshop and I can recommend it if you have a few hours to kill as a beginner... :)

To start practicing double exposure I used this and this tutorial and it looks really easy if you just scroll through the directions. In reality I faced certain obstacles. Like having to choose another background image in the middle of the process. Simply because the then-current one just didn't fit the project. It usually took me 2-3 pictures to get the right one.

It was either too much grass or too much white or too many houses in the face...
Autumnwind-design-double-exposure-b1 by petra-gergely

I made the first pic roughly a week ago and the last one was finished yesterday (technically today, at 1:15am). Clearly getting better :)
<da:thumb id="587020602"/>

Double Exposure - Eluveitie by petra-gergely
Double Exposure - Eluveitie II. by petra-gergely

...only took me two days and I've never really tried again. It's called Determination and the buff in World of Warcraft's LFR inspired me. The painting is based on a screenshot of the game.

Determination screenshot by petra-gergely

Some WIP progress pic:

And two days later:Det-ksz by petra-gergely

And I also tried adding some filters, like posterization or dark strokes:

Determination-poster by petra-gergely

Determination-darkstrokes-egsz by petra-gergely

Determination-cutout by petra-gergely

And here's the tutorial of how I made the sunrays: I decided to draw my very first male character. It's my auction house-char, a dwarf male, because dwarf males are cool and so is Ironforge. I enjoy doing business there.
He seems a little upset about lazy huntards refusing to buy his gems.  You need purple gems in 6.0 you know...

Angry Auctioneer screenshot by petra-gergely

So 'The Angry Auctioneer' was based on a screenshot again. It helps me a lot ^^'

The Angry Auctioneer by petra-gergely
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Sooo, I started experimenting the basic filters available in Photoshop and I pretty much like the results. It probably counts as cheating but I'm way too silly to paint like this myself.
'Determination' is my first finished painting EVER, I worked days to finish it because I didn'T have the feintest idea how to paint. At all.
Well, I'm not much more cleverer, but the picture is ready.
It is based on a screenshot from World of Warcraft, most people who play the game recognize the place and the reason of the name, others should not bother but enjoy, believe, it's way too much to explain :p
So, here's the original screenshot:
Determination screenshot by petra-gergely
The original painting...:
Determination original by petra-gergely

...and the ones with the filters:
Determination with darkstrokes filter by petra-gergely

Determination with poster filter by petra-gergely

Determination with cutout filter by petra-gergely

I think you can check them out in greater size by clicking on them. Enjoy!

After two weeks of illness I decided to start drawing again. I have dozens of ideas so it's time to start manifesting them, wooo. She didn't agree. She wanted to watch me doing it while she sat on my hands. Seems legit.
my little stalker by petra-gergely

Some play Diablo...
Diablo-gamer-couple-600 by petra-gergely
... others play World of Warcraft.
wow couple by petra-gergely

... when you can focus on your family, beloveds. Do so, appreciate what you have now and don't take it all granted :)

Christmas greeting by petra-gergely

Merry Christmas and a happy new year, rich in loot and epics!
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