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Pet Palace Adopts FAQ

Mon Mar 21, 2016, 10:15 AM

How do I get a Pet Palace Adopts account?
PPA is closed registration, so after you have purchased (or are gifted) your first adopt, an account will be created for you by an admin. Your Guardian name and email will be needed to do that. New members will receive a confirmation email with instructions to complete their registration by choosing a password and longing in.
Gmail, Yahoo, Me, or icloud recommended. Hotmail and AOL won't work.

Do I have to have an account?
Yes, an account is necessary for your pet to be interactive. It's also how you will keep track of your pet stats and pet codes.

Can I sell or trade my pet?
Yes. We have a designated PPA Trade, Sale, Seek Center here.

 Can I use my adopts commercially?
Most likely yes. For example, If your selling an art book you made with drawings of your PPA adopt in it that's fine. 

Can we share accounts?
Yes. Two Guardians can share one account. This is how Guardians can co-own adopts too. Your Guardian name can reflect this by having two names like - Guardian: Jane and John Doe - but that isn't necessary.

Can I have more than one account?
Yes. However, each account will need a unique Guardian name and email. Also be considerate - don't use up a bunch of good Guardian names just so other people can't use them.

Can I use my pet codes anywhere?
You can post your pet anywhere you can post a clickable image html code. Your DA profile, blog,, forums, website, profiles, sigs, etc. Share your pet in multiple places!  Your friends can hug your pets too!

Do I have to use the pet code to interact with my pet?
No. You can visit and hug your pets by going to your profile on the PPA website.

What is the maximum pet level?

Are PPA species closed? Can I make one for myself?
Yes! All Pet Palace species are closed but you can design your own if you have a MYO slot which are available via flatsales.

I can't pay a lot for adopts. Can I get them cheaper?
Yes. My Patrons receive exclusive Seasonal Candygrams for pledging at least $3 a month. So that's $9 max per adopt. Every now and then I'll do a bonus monthly gram for Patrons too!

I can't pay for adopts at all. Can I get them for free?
Every now and them I will raffle off free adotps! Other than that free PPA pets will be rare. A good alternative would be to play my other virtual pet site! It's free to play, open registration, lots of features, and has a large friendly community.

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