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PPA - Elemental Magic and Personality

Sun Apr 2, 2017, 12:03 PM

Elemental Magic and Personality

A PPA's personality and magical powers go hand in hand.
Your PPA's lvl determines what magic it can have.
Common - lvl 1-50 | Uncommon - lvl 60 to 80 | Rare - 90 to 100
Your adopt can only have one elemental magic so choose carefully.
Candygrams do not have Elemental magic.

This is an optional feature for PPA adopts and mainly used for PPA Diarys if you are keeping one.


Common - lvl 1-50

Wind by PetPalaceAdoptsWind - They can create winds, cause tornadoes, and influence local weather patterns. This is also the element that manipulates ice and snow.
Personality - Flighty, these characters are wanderers, never staying in one place for long.

Earth by PetPalaceAdoptsEarth - They can move rocks, change the form of minerals and physical objects, and build things.
Personality - Solid and unyielding, these characters are rooted in history, and resistant to change.

Fire by PetPalaceAdoptsFire - They can create fire balls, control fire, and cook meals.
Personality - Quick-tempered, are constantly moving, and very emotional.

River by PetPalaceAdoptsRiver - This is a life-giving power. They can create water, or control the creatures that live in water. They can heal others with this element, and bring life to things around them.
Personality - Natural healers, these characters are quiet and peaceful.


Uncommon - lvl 60 to 80

Thunder by PetPalaceAdoptsThunder - Can throw lightning, cause storms, and create shields of energy.
Personality - These characters are loud and arrogant, filled with pride.

Mountain by PetPalaceAdoptsMountain - Cousin to Earth but on a larger scale, this element allows for the control of the mountains, and those that live in it. With this, a character can cause earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and landslides.
Personality - Distant, withdrawn, silent, and prefer to observe before acting.

Forest by PetPalaceAdoptsForest - This allows for the control and manipulation of wood, trees, and creatures of the forest. Gives them the ability to survive and blend in with the woods, and can find herbs and roots to work potions with.
Personality - Quiet and serene, these characters watch those around them. Once satisfied with what they see, they become playful and mischievous.

Ocean by PetPalaceAdoptsOcean - This is a cousin to River, but on a larger scale. These characters cause very strong storms, flooding, tsunamis, and conjure deep sea creatures.
Personality -  Furious, strong, and have turbulent or conflicting emotion. These characters are natural warriors.


Rare - 90 to 100

Celestial by PetPalaceAdoptsCelestial - This is the power of magic, and the heavens. With this, a character can teleport, call upon creatures of magic, and throw meteors at targets. This allows a character to do most other magics at a very reduced effect.
Personality - Protective and noble, these characters believe they must guard all under their domain.

Dark by PetPalaceAdoptsDark - This is the magic of the void. With this magic, a character can cause blights (kill off plants), drain life, summon creatures of darkness, slip into shadows to vanish, and drain the light from areas.
Personality - Dark and brooding, these characters are more malicious and very protective of their domain.

Time by PetPalaceAdoptsTime - This is the perception and manipulation of time. This allows a character to speed up and slow down time, and to predict future events.
Personality - Contemplative and quiet. These characters are seers.

Music by PetPalaceAdoptsMusic - This is the control of sound and music. With this, a character can sing effects that are very similar to spells. This can control others through entrancement, ward off creatures of a supernatural nature, and control the moral of others.
Personality - Pleasant and polite, these characters enjoy company and experiences.

Spirit by PetPalaceAdoptsSpirit - This is the manipulation of the spirit world, demons, and other creatures. Magic of this nature does not work on mortals well, since mortals have souls, not spirits. With this, a character can bind, summon, banish, ward, or trap a spirit.
Personality - Coldhearted. These characters feed on other spirits, hunting them and devouring them. These are also the ones most likely to harm and kill mortals.

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