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Introducing the PPA Diary!

Sat May 13, 2017, 6:44 PM

Keep track of your PPA adopts, participate in prompts, master achievements, and earn crystals to spend in the Crystal Shop! Discover your adopts elemental magic, personality, and companions!

Check out Princess Glimmer's Diary!

PPA Diary - Princess Glimmer

About me:  The magical princess of Pet Palace Adopts. Link:
Elemental Magic and Personality:
Celestial - This is the power of magic, and the heavens. With this, a character can teleport, call upon creatures of magic, and throw meteors at targets. This allows a character to do most other magics at a very reduced effect.
Personality - Protective and noble, these characters believe they must guard all under their domain.
Magical Strength:

Magical Power:
Friends & Family: n/a

For more details and to get your own, click below:
PPA Diary TemplatePlace your PPA code here.
Decorate your Diary to fit your adopts personality!
Example of an active Diary here: PPA Diary - Princess Glimmer
Feel free to add anything else you need.
Register your PPA Diary here:
If the adopt is rehomed the Diary will go with it as is. However the Magical strength and power will reset to 0.
Only adopts listed on the Master List can have a PPA Diary unless given specific permission.
Candygrams can not have their own Diary as they are a companion creature.

About me: Hobbies, likes and dislikes, traits. Anything you want to add about your adopt goes here.
Elemental Magic and Personality:
Choose from:  PPA - Elemental Magic and Personality

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May 13, 2017