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Candygram Guide

Thu Jun 2, 2016, 8:39 AM

There are two types of Pet Palace adopts; Regular and Candygram. Regular adopts will come in a official PPA species like Furmori, Sugarpuffs, Mewie, Ursamode, Kingdom Plantae, and Bellwethers. These are always one-of-a-kind and are typically available during auctions.

Candygrams are a free gift for my Patrons (For Patrons who pledge $3 and up) and are not a designated species. They can be almost any animal or humanoid. For Patrons, multiples of the same adopt can be owned by people but they are only available for a limited time, typically for one season (3 months). Once a particular Gram's time limit it up, it will retire! The only way to get retired grams is through my Patreon monthly giveaway.
I will also open custom one-of-a-kind slots for these every now and then!

Grams typically come in the form of a cute chibi animal and make great companions for regular PPA adopts!

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June 2, 2016


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