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Bellwethers Species Guide

Sun Nov 6, 2016, 9:04 AM

Bellwethers Trait Reference Sheet by PetPalaceAdopts

Shamrock Divider by Gasara
Evolution Stages
Stage 1: Bell
Stage 2: Kid
Stage 3: Fully Grown

Shamrock Divider by Gasara
OPEN | MYO Bellwether by PetPalaceAdopts

Shamrock Divider by Gasara

Master List
CLOSED |Kirin Twins Bellwether! by PetPalaceAdopts (Clos) MeltedChocolate Goatling Adoptable Auction! by SetSaiI (Closed) Goatling (Closed Species) Auction Adopt! by SetSaiI

(Closed) Goatling Adoptables Auction! by SetSaiI
Shamrock Divider by Gasara

Other Important Information

Species History
They were originally created by SetSaiI sold to lovethewolfgirl then sold to me. They were originally called Goatlings but since there is already an adoptable species called Goatlings (that I own actually) and it was causing some confusion and concerns so I renamed them Bellwethers. I updated the species a little by simplifying a couple things and adding more emphasis on the bells which I feel is the main trait of this species and what I wanted to focus on.

Old Trait Sheet
CLOSED SPECIES: Goatlings Reference (Official) by SetSaiI

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