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Update! Please read!

Sun Mar 17, 2019, 5:44 PM


I'm working on getting out of my PPA Hiatus - and organizing my life in general!
As part of that, this account and the PPA group are going to be MOVED
And by moved I mean they will be deleted and remade! 
Having all these extra accounts is making me really scatterbrained and I'm just getting things condensed and simplified! 

The new PPA group will be here:…

And we will have a proper master list here:…

Adopts will be posted on my main account Kris-Goat 

No changes will be made to the website:

This move will take a while! Probably a few weeks to a month?? But I wanted to give the heads up asap so everyone can move if they choose to! 

Thank you everyone! I'm exited to have a nice clear plan now!