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Published: July 21, 2012
I didn't think I'd ever write something on this topic, but here I am:
Guys, please don't post my art on Tumblr without permission!
I like to believe that it's common courtesy not to do so and that for decent people this goes without saying. At the same time I know that people who mindlessly repost art won't be stopped by any written request anyway. Also, many artist have already stated their opinion on this topic, so again, I though I didn't need to add anything to it.
Recently, I've seen my art being reposted every now and then and it honestly makes me very disappointed, because some of those pieces could have been easily reblogged from my personal Tumblr. I used to be ok with artwork being reposted with credit that I haven't put on Tumblr myself, but to be honest, this kind of bugs me too, since it's mostly old art I don't want to be floating around.
I know, people who repost art often think that it's an honour to the artist for their images to spread and reach a wide audience but this doesn't make much sense to me when the artist isn't even credited. Some people don't even think about the artist, which is even worse.

Personally, as stated above, I'm not happy with my own art surprisingly popping up on my dashboard, either credited or uncredited. Since I never said anything on this topic, I can't expect people to know my opinion, so I'm stating it mostly for the record.
I shall also add links to the pictures' descriptions so it'll be easier to find them on tumblr. Art that I didn't post on tumblr myself does not belong there and I'll also add this to the descriptions.

Maybe, I'm being rather strict here, but that's just my personal wishes as an artist and I'd like people to respect them.
I've become very reluctant about posting my art on deviantArt, and I actually don't want to feel forced to stop uploading it altogether. I love Tumblr. It's a great place and I'm on there very often. I'm not only an artist but also a fan of the series I draw fanart to. Chances are, I follow fan blogs of those series and chances are I shall see the reposted pictures myself which really isn't a nice feeling. So, please, be nice not only to artist, but to your fellow fans!

Also, I have to thank those people who actually made an effort to respect my wishes. Who told me about stuff being reposted and who actually stood up for me and looked for original sources.

For people who find art on the internet and want to know the original source, there are tools like Google image search click where you can upload a picture to find where it is located on the internet. There are also many other tools, but I actually don't even know which are best.

Thank you for your attention :heart:
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