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I suppose it's time for another update :3

Surprisingly cosplay kept me really busy during the last few months. I would have never expected a time would come when I'd sew so many new costumes, meet so many fellow cosplayers outside of conventions and take such a great amount of photos in such a short time!  Mostly those things were not even planned, but they made everything even more enjoyable :heart: I feel surrounded by so many great people!
I've been practicing taking photos together with Chiisana-Ichigo, who is my most important companion when it comes to photography and I hope that we were able to improve our skills at least a little >_<
There's a number of cosplay photographs I'd like to share! I hope you don't mind ´__`

Even though cosplay made me very happy, it hardly left any time for other things D: I really miss drawing, especially because right now I do have enough motivation, as well as ideas. It's always difficult to choose between drawing and cosplay, but being a university student, I don't have enough time for both X_x In fact, right now I have enough time for neither one… There's one last cosplay left for me to finish until next week and I hope that I'll be able to take a break from cosplay until august, because of university.

My 8th semester is coming to it's end and there are only three exams left. I've been working on my bachelor thesis for some months already and it's time to finish things. I'm not sure whether I'll be really able to get my bachelor's degree this year, because things never turn out as planned and I'm already in a pinch, because of some exam's dates, but I'll do my best!
Until then I'll have to be patient and cut down on my hobbies.

Even though I enjoyed being busy with cosplay stuff, right now I really wish for some quiet days. I need to straighten my thoughts and to get back some strength, since I'll be studying non-stop for the next few months.

Maybe I'm just turning old, but the internet is getting a little bit too fast for me to follow regularly and I'd like to pay more attention to my real life. Still, I hope people won't forget me, just because I can't be online all the time ´__`

I'm really looking forward to whatever life will bring and I hope that by the end of summer there will be more time for me and my hobbies : D

(Excuse my bad English, for right now I'm too tired for proper grammar X_x)
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Submitted on
June 14, 2011