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I’m back from the Bookfair in Leipzig and it was great! : D
Also I’m done with exams for now, so I’ll be having free time to draw, sew and do other fun stuff *_* (I have been so busy lately X___x)
Still, right now I'm very tired and have to sort some things out, so I might be inactive for a little longer XD"

The Bookfair was awesome, we met lots of Hetalia cosplayers who were really nice people and two of my friends (:iconchiisana-ichigo: and :iconachema:) were cosplaying with me, which was a great experience :3 Both of their costumes were made by me (even thought they helped every now and then), so I’m very proud that both of them looked good and we fit well together *_*
So, if you don’t mind, I’ll be uploading some of the photos we took there °_°”
I’m still not sure how to deal with uploading cosplay photos while most people watch me for my drawings, but I’d really like to use just one account, since I don’t want to separate it >_<
I’m not a very good cosplayer, since I only started sewing my own costumes in 2009 and do not own many different cosplays… neither am I very good looking, nor a good photographer, but I still want to try and do my best, since it’s so much fun :D

Now I’m really looking forward to the next convention I’m going to attend :D
It will be the Animuc in Munich and I’m a little scared since I’ll be going alone, but I hope it will be another useful experience~
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Submitted on
March 22, 2010