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Connichi is over and I'm glad I actually managed to go there : D I've been able to meet lots of friends and conventions are starting to have a homey feeling for me because of all those familiar faces <3
At times it was very stressful because I'm not used to such a great number of people but in the end everything turned out fine and I was able to take lots of photographs! It was also very nice wearing Spain's historical version >w< I've been waiting for so long and I was stunned by the amount of nice reactions from people towards my cosplay ;_;

Next I'll be going to the Book Fair in Frankfurt in October, though I'm not sure what to wear. I suppose I'll take historical Spain along but I'm not sure yet what to wear on the second day. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately I won't be able to make anything new since my last exam is set four days after the book fair ._.

Exam preparations are giving me a pretty hard time right now, so once again I'm not very active these days…
Vogelbeere Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010
Yep, Examens are way more important than cosplay! And you won't feel very happy at the bookfair anyway if you don#t feel well prepared for the examen that is near.

Good luck with your preparations :heart:
PetitPotato Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010  Hobbyist
That's right, exams should always have the highest priority >o<

I'd be sad not being able to go to the book fair at all, because it's a chance to meet some friends. Thats why I simply want to concentrate on studying so I'll be able to go, no matter the cosplay :3
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September 15, 2010