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First of all, I'm not using deviantArt anymore. I deleted most of my gallery safe for one image (that's gone now too) and I'm not going to post anything new - just to clear things up. I did so quietly, a while ago, because I didn't do so to prove a point, but because I genuinely just wanted my art gone from this place.

I believed there was no reason for me to talk about it but right now I do want to leave a final message. There are various reasons why I don't want to use dA anymore, but the most important one is the reposting of art on Tumblr.

Like many artists I have my own Tumblr blog, where I post my art. When people take art from deviantArt (or any other source, really) and post it on their Tumblr blogs, they're decreasing an artist's exposure by drawing people to their own blogs. Exposure however is very important for artists and they sometimes even depend on it financially. Many of them are trying to build a career by sharing their art online and the art has to be tracked back to them as directly as possible. Also, there are many people who like to keep an eye on their art and it's whereabouts. They want control of where people can find their art and I believe they deserve that as its creators.

When I ask people to take down my art from their blogs, I often get the reply that it's easy for people to look at my signature and google me as the original artist. However, the biggest flaw of that argument is that the reposters don't care enough themselves. They either don't care to google said signature themselves or they don't care to read descriptions or they just don't have any respect for an artist's wishes. So why should anyone, who's looking at reposted art, make an effort to look for it's artist?

Anyway, that's why I put a note on my dA profile asking for people not to repost my art on Tumblr and to go look at my blog instead. I know this isn't much, for many people don't look at an artist's profile. Therefore I decided to edit each and every picture's description and add a direct link to the respective Tumblr post of mine. Most of the time I also added a nice big Tumblr icon to catch people's attention and asked them not to repost. Reblogging my posts on Tumblr should have been beyond easy now. It took me a while to do so and I hoped people would actually respect my effort. I believe it did help to some extent and it's something I would advise other artists to do too. But my art still got posted on Tumblr, so apparently people just don't care. 

Another argument you often get as an artist is: If you don't want your art taken - don't post it.

Well, I'm not going to argue with that. This is why my art is gone from deviantArt now. I didn't want to talk about it, so I just quietly removed everything. Imagine every artist who at least once got that argument deleting their stuff. At some point there won't be much art to look at anymore. Even though artist's like to share their art, most of them still draw for their own enjoyment and they can just as well enjoy themselves without letting others in on the fun.

With this I'm saying good bye to everyone - thank you for your support throughout the years!

So much stuff has happend this year and so many things have changed. Changed for the better!
I'll be moving to a new city in about a month, finally leaving my parents' house. Now, I'd really like to save up some money for school supplies and general living expenses. (Moving itself is always a costly affair too >_<)

I'm currently offering commissions on my Tumblr, so I thought I'd let you know! If you considered commissioning me, you'd really help me out! <3

Commission Information
Once again, I'm going through a phase of being too busy to check my deviantArt account regularly. Thing is, a month ago, I had to leave home and even though I expected to come back soon, things have turned out very differently and I've got no idea when I'll be able to come back home. I hardly have any time or opportunity to use the internet at the place where I'm currently staying and I'm very busy with working on some personal stuff.
I'm very sorry that I haven't been able to reply to your comments on my last journal entry, though I'm incredibly thankful you took your time to share your experiences with me!
My life has been a terrible mess for some time now and I'm trying to make some important decisions. In the end, I'm the only person to decide what I want to do with my future. I have to take care of my studies, maybe change my subject… I'm not even sure what the future might bring, but I'm determined to fight to make the best out of it.
Sometimes, we reach a crossroad of life and it's scary not to know where to go next. It's especially difficult to choose our future profession when we have various interests or talents. Do we choose to turn our hobbies into jobs or do we choose a boring but secure occupation? Do we choose to follow in our parents' footsteps or do we choose to break free?
I've heard many stories from various people about how they chose their professions and how some of them decided to choose again later in life. However, I hardly know any artists who might want to share their experiences.
I've always believed art to be a somewhat risky option and there are lots of families that don't approve of their children to follow an artistic path. Some people decide to comply with their families' wishes, some have talents beside art. They chose a different profession and keep art as their hobby. Others decide to pursue their dream, no matter whether they receive any support from their families.
Personally, when I graduated from school as one of our top students, I chose to study economics, which my parents approved of. Art had never been an option, even though it had always been my most important hobby. I had decided to secure a well paid job and to keep drawing in my free time. However, life doesn't always turn out the way we plan and after having received my bachelor's degree, at the age of 25 I find myself unable to continue my studies. It's always difficult to excel at something when your heart has never been into it and at some point it even starts affecting your health. During the past years I haven't taken art seriously at all and even tried to quit but in the end, I realised that I can't do without it.
Currently, I'm facing the tough decision, whether I want to pursue a master's degree in economics or make a fresh start and apply to some art school. I know that no one can ever make this decision for me but you'd really help me out by sharing your experiences.
Do you like to draw? Did you ever think about becoming a professional artist? What did you choose?
I didn't think I'd ever write something on this topic, but here I am:
Guys, please don't post my art on Tumblr without permission!
I like to believe that it's common courtesy not to do so and that for decent people this goes without saying. At the same time I know that people who mindlessly repost art won't be stopped by any written request anyway. Also, many artist have already stated their opinion on this topic, so again, I though I didn't need to add anything to it.
Recently, I've seen my art being reposted every now and then and it honestly makes me very disappointed, because some of those pieces could have been easily reblogged from my personal Tumblr. I used to be ok with artwork being reposted with credit that I haven't put on Tumblr myself, but to be honest, this kind of bugs me too, since it's mostly old art I don't want to be floating around.
I know, people who repost art often think that it's an honour to the artist for their images to spread and reach a wide audience but this doesn't make much sense to me when the artist isn't even credited. Some people don't even think about the artist, which is even worse.

Personally, as stated above, I'm not happy with my own art surprisingly popping up on my dashboard, either credited or uncredited. Since I never said anything on this topic, I can't expect people to know my opinion, so I'm stating it mostly for the record.
I shall also add links to the pictures' descriptions so it'll be easier to find them on tumblr. Art that I didn't post on tumblr myself does not belong there and I'll also add this to the descriptions.

Maybe, I'm being rather strict here, but that's just my personal wishes as an artist and I'd like people to respect them.
I've become very reluctant about posting my art on deviantArt, and I actually don't want to feel forced to stop uploading it altogether. I love Tumblr. It's a great place and I'm on there very often. I'm not only an artist but also a fan of the series I draw fanart to. Chances are, I follow fan blogs of those series and chances are I shall see the reposted pictures myself which really isn't a nice feeling. So, please, be nice not only to artist, but to your fellow fans!

Also, I have to thank those people who actually made an effort to respect my wishes. Who told me about stuff being reposted and who actually stood up for me and looked for original sources.

For people who find art on the internet and want to know the original source, there are tools like Google image search click where you can upload a picture to find where it is located on the internet. There are also many other tools, but I actually don't even know which are best.

Thank you for your attention :heart:
LadyCallisto :pointr: :pointr: :pointr: PetitPotato

Wow, I've finally been able to change my user name! I'm really excited about this option because I've been unhappy with my user name for quite some time now and it did cost me a great deal of willpower and patience not to give up on this account. Sometimes, names that seem really cool at the age of fourteen turn out to be really lame when you hit twenty and by the age of twenty-four you can hardly stand them anymore. This reminds me of the fact that I've been a member of deviantArt for over 9 years now. Wow. That's quite some time!

Well, anyway. I'm going by the user name of PetitPotato now, as I already do on other websites. Changed my icon too, so it's almost like a fresh start : D Hopefully these changes can motivate me to take better care of this account and to update it more often. (Something that I've tried for several months but failed miserably.)
It's time for another journal entry! Some days ago I've noticed how long it's already been since I've been active on here. During the last few months I didn't do much but log in and delete messages. I'm sorry for not answering any comments but I didn't feel able to do so and I won't be able to change this in any near future.
I've been sick for several months now and haven't been able to do much in general. Managing life as it is has been rather difficult for me, so I decided to stop following most of the internet communities I used to take part in. Internet can be really exhausting with its great amount of people and competition. There are too many things to keep up with so I kind of stopped trying.
Recently I've started to feel a little better and I hope that everything will be back to normal eventually but I still have to get a little bit healthier till I can go back to my usual internet routine.
Even though I'm afraid of making any plans regarding drawing, cosplay or any other hobbies of mine, I'm still really looking forward to next year. Whatever might come, I'm really excited about it and I'll do my best to take as many chances as possible!

I wish everyone a nice and cosy December :3
So Connichi is over now. For me Connichi marks the end of summer and the beginning of the last few months of a year's cosplay season. Even though there are still some conventions to come, my mood is getting very calm now :3 There are only two more cosplays I'd like to sew and wear this year, so I hope things won't get too stressful.

Connichi itself was pretty nice and I'm happy about having met all those lovely people! I also had a great time as a photographer :3 I'm grateful that I was able to take so many pictures of such beautiful people!

AnE: Shiemi Moriyama by Aigue-Marine :thumb259170035: Vocaloid: I will always... by Yuugi-Mutou :thumb260635083: Inazuma 11 - Thinking of You by kimvito
OP III by Moi-rin

I'll be attending the book fair in Frankfurt next. Can't tell yet what I'm going to wear but it won't be anything special anyway~  In any case I'm really looking forward to spending time with Chiisana-Ichigo and Herzblatt
I made another poll! This time it's about whether people tend to prefer female or male characters :3… I think it's an interesting topic and I've been thinking about it a lot lately.

I myself have always preferred male characters, because for me they seem more interesting, not to say "cool" and I prefer their way of thinking. Sometimes I'm wondering if I prefer male characters, because I mainly read shonen series or whether it's that I like to read shonen series because I prefer male characters. I suppose it's a mix of both~

In any case this didn't bother me at all for a very long time. What finally made me think was Cosplay. Even though I like cute things and fancy dresses, I hardly ever cosplay as any female characters. (I do have some female cosplays, but it's not much) It's very exciting to cosplay as your favourite male characters, since it's something completely new compared to what you're used to in real life. But when I sometimes get the urge to sew/wear a dress or something a male character just wouldn't wear, I notice that I can't really think of any female characters I'd like to cosplay as. There are many beautiful character designs out there, but it's the character's personality that makes me really want to spend time and money on a cosplay.
It's not that I passionately hate every female character from the start, nor do I think that they're badly written. I do see their good points and I do understand why other people like them a lot. But at the same time they never get me really interested.
I wonder if the reason might be that every fictional character does represent some kind of stereotype and that most female stereotypes simply do not appeal to me. I mean, we're all different after all. Not everyone likes the same qualities of one character.
I noticed that I tend to like less girly female characters. I prefer those who are rather quiet and intelligent and don't wear their hearts on their sleeves. Those that make you wonder about their motives, those who can offer you a surprise and those who are strong or powerful, without really showing it. (If you know any nice series that feature such characters I'd be grateful if you recommended them to me :3)

Since cosplay is just a hobby, one should simply do what one likes best. So of course I'll keep cosplaying as all those male characters that I love so much! But at the same time I do wonder if there might be some female characters for me as well.

Also I'd love to know your opinion on female and male characters in general, as well as on cosplay regarding this topic.

:bulletyellow: :bulletyellow: :bulletyellow:

Another thing I'd like to mention is: Tomorrow morning I'll be leaving for Connichi in Kassel, Germany. I hope I'll be able to see lots of familiar faces there :3
My cosplays will be:
Friday: Emma from Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma
Saturday: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi from Tiger & Bunny
Sunday: Motomiya Daisuke from Digimon 02

Don't hesitate to talk to me if you see me! I'm always looking forward to meeting new people :3
As some of you might have noticed, I've started drawing again~ (Haven't drawn anything for weeks before that.) Even though I still don't have any time at all, I couldn't hold back much longer. It seems like I just have to keep doing some creative stuff and when I decide not to work on any cosplays, I end up wanting to draw really badly. In fact, I should be concentrating on other things, like my exams, but right now I feel so very motivated!

What I wanted to ask about is: Do you guys know any useful tutorials on anatomy?
There have to be loads of cool tutorials out there, but I don't even know where to look, since I lost track of almost everything related to drawing.
Or do you have any other tips on how to improve one's drawing skills? Except for practicing a lot, since that's the most important thing anyway.
What do you do to improve your skills?
I suppose it's time for another update :3

Surprisingly cosplay kept me really busy during the last few months. I would have never expected a time would come when I'd sew so many new costumes, meet so many fellow cosplayers outside of conventions and take such a great amount of photos in such a short time!  Mostly those things were not even planned, but they made everything even more enjoyable :heart: I feel surrounded by so many great people!
I've been practicing taking photos together with Chiisana-Ichigo, who is my most important companion when it comes to photography and I hope that we were able to improve our skills at least a little >_<
There's a number of cosplay photographs I'd like to share! I hope you don't mind ´__`

Even though cosplay made me very happy, it hardly left any time for other things D: I really miss drawing, especially because right now I do have enough motivation, as well as ideas. It's always difficult to choose between drawing and cosplay, but being a university student, I don't have enough time for both X_x In fact, right now I have enough time for neither one… There's one last cosplay left for me to finish until next week and I hope that I'll be able to take a break from cosplay until august, because of university.

My 8th semester is coming to it's end and there are only three exams left. I've been working on my bachelor thesis for some months already and it's time to finish things. I'm not sure whether I'll be really able to get my bachelor's degree this year, because things never turn out as planned and I'm already in a pinch, because of some exam's dates, but I'll do my best!
Until then I'll have to be patient and cut down on my hobbies.

Even though I enjoyed being busy with cosplay stuff, right now I really wish for some quiet days. I need to straighten my thoughts and to get back some strength, since I'll be studying non-stop for the next few months.

Maybe I'm just turning old, but the internet is getting a little bit too fast for me to follow regularly and I'd like to pay more attention to my real life. Still, I hope people won't forget me, just because I can't be online all the time ´__`

I'm really looking forward to whatever life will bring and I hope that by the end of summer there will be more time for me and my hobbies : D

(Excuse my bad English, for right now I'm too tired for proper grammar X_x)
A small update regarding the book fair in Leipzig, Germany :3

So the convention season is finally starting for me! I’ve been really looking forward to it while studying and I’ll be going to Leipzig right on the day of my last oral exam… It was kind of a shock when university told me they changed the date of the exam to the day of my departure, but I didn’t want to postpone it any further >_<
This will be awfully stressful and depending on the result I might be really down at the book fair ´__` So don’t expect too much of me…

I’ll be going there with Achema and we’ll cosplay as Ukraine and Belarus from Hetalia (the military versions). This will be the only cosplays we’ll be taking along, because everything else would be too stressful for us right now…
Also we'll be attending the book fair on three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday~

In any case I’d be glad to meet some new or familiar faces :3

After the book fair, I will hopefully have some time to sew some new cosplays for AnimuC and Hanami~

Regarding AnimuC, I already have my train tickets and a place to sleep, though my plans regarding the convention itself changed slightly. Is there anyone who would like to meet up?
Yesterday I received one month of premium membership from Aigue-Marine, because she wanted to show me its benefits! Thank you very much :hug:

So I'm going to start right away and feature some special people! I always wanted to do something like this >w<

She's a great cosplayer who mainly does Hungary from Hetalia, but her other Cosplays are amazing as well, so they should get at least as much attention :3

APH: Reflection by Aigue-Marine Baccano: Chane Laforet by Aigue-Marine RGU: Utena Tenjou by Aigue-Marine SM: And the Rain Left off... by Aigue-Marine

We spend lots of time on msn together, kind of breaking each other's brain : D She's kind and super cute :heart: She's also the one who cosplays as my Romano when I do Spain~

YGO: Hold You by Yuugi-Mutou Vocaloid: Ryuuno naku... by Yuugi-Mutou APH: Hrm... by Yuugi-Mutou Vocaloid: Twins by Yuugi-Mutou

A young and ambitious cosplayer whom I've also grown very attached to <3 She often cosplays as France from Hetalia but also does various other costumes :3

Cold war by Herzblatt:thumb158690954: He's like a son to me by Herzblatt Est-ce que tu es pret? - FrUk1 by Herzblatt

Most of the time she acts as my photographer (and does a very good job!) but she also does nice Cosplays herself which certainly derserve some attention : D


Please take a look at their awesome cosplays : D
The book fair in Frankfurt is over, and it's already been almost a week… Though I still feel kind of dizzy. The time before and after conventions is always very busy and it takes some time for me to get back to my usual routine ´__` Right now everything seems to have calmed down a little and I hope I'll be able to reply more frequently.  

The last few weeks that have passed after my last exam have been really weird. My top priority was to calm myself down and to gather some strength to be able to continue my studies later this month. I do feel a little better, though not to the extent that I've aimed for and I feel like I've wasted a lot of the precious time. Right now it feels very difficult for me to settle down on something and to enjoy it D:
Also I'm really disappointed that I was not able to draw almost at all. This makes me sad, since I've been really looking forward to drawing ._.
Even though everything feels a little depressing right now, there's not much to be done about it and I simply try to look at the bright side of things :3 Like being able to meet friends and spend some really calm days.

On Monday I'll start my 7th semester at university and I'm almost looking forward to it~ I hope it'll bring me some useful experiences and I'm pretty excited about continuing my French lessons :D

Actually, life is being pretty nice to me right now so all I have to do is to find the strength to grasp the opportunities that I'm offered and make the best out of it~

My plans kind of changed from what I wrote in the last entry, so I thought I'd update them~

The Book Fair in Frankfurt is still planned and I'll be going for sure. Though I decided to leave Spain at home for several reasons. I hope my plans won't change again, but as there's only one week left until the book fair, I hope we'll be able to manage without further changes.
Right now Chiisana-Ichigo, Herzblatt,Yuugi-Mutou and I are planning to cosplay together as America, France, Italy and England on saturday.
Sunday shall be Chiisana-Ichigo and me as Chibi America and historical England... which is not really important as it seems to be a pretty random day. Yuugi-Mutou will be joining us again, this time as Japan and we'll probably just hang around |D

As for my upcomming exam, I decided not to take it because of some personal matters, mostly health issues, so I'm finally having some free time for myself right now :D It's hard to get used to being able to decide on my own how I want to spend my days, but I'm trying to do as many enjoyable things as possible. Like sewing and drawing and going outside °o°
Connichi is over and I'm glad I actually managed to go there : D I've been able to meet lots of friends and conventions are starting to have a homey feeling for me because of all those familiar faces <3
At times it was very stressful because I'm not used to such a great number of people but in the end everything turned out fine and I was able to take lots of photographs! It was also very nice wearing Spain's historical version >w< I've been waiting for so long and I was stunned by the amount of nice reactions from people towards my cosplay ;_;

Next I'll be going to the Book Fair in Frankfurt in October, though I'm not sure what to wear. I suppose I'll take historical Spain along but I'm not sure yet what to wear on the second day. Any suggestions?
Unfortunately I won't be able to make anything new since my last exam is set four days after the book fair ._.

Exam preparations are giving me a pretty hard time right now, so once again I'm not very active these days…
Connichi is coming up soon and I’m really excited! It’ll be my first time going there and I’m really nervous about taking the trip all alone, especially since I don’t have time to prepare properly because of my upcoming law exams. Once again I’m kind of stressed because of my usual lack of time but one good thing is that I started working on my cosplay early enough, so I don’t have to take care of that now.

Now, as for cosplays, I’ll be wearing Spain’s seven years of war version on Sunday, as well as on Saturday, but I’ll change into his regular uniform later that day.
I haven’t planned anything special besides spending as much time as possible with Yuugi-Mutou, who will cosplay as Romano.

I hope that I’ll be able to take lots of pictures, as once again I’ll be bringing my camera. Also I’m really looking forward to meeting some acquaintances of mine as well as getting to know new people :3
I’m back from the Bookfair in Leipzig and it was great! : D
Also I’m done with exams for now, so I’ll be having free time to draw, sew and do other fun stuff *_* (I have been so busy lately X___x)
Still, right now I'm very tired and have to sort some things out, so I might be inactive for a little longer XD"

The Bookfair was awesome, we met lots of Hetalia cosplayers who were really nice people and two of my friends (:iconchiisana-ichigo: and :iconachema:) were cosplaying with me, which was a great experience :3 Both of their costumes were made by me (even thought they helped every now and then), so I’m very proud that both of them looked good and we fit well together *_*
So, if you don’t mind, I’ll be uploading some of the photos we took there °_°”
I’m still not sure how to deal with uploading cosplay photos while most people watch me for my drawings, but I’d really like to use just one account, since I don’t want to separate it >_<
I’m not a very good cosplayer, since I only started sewing my own costumes in 2009 and do not own many different cosplays… neither am I very good looking, nor a good photographer, but I still want to try and do my best, since it’s so much fun :D

Now I’m really looking forward to the next convention I’m going to attend :D
It will be the Animuc in Munich and I’m a little scared since I’ll be going alone, but I hope it will be another useful experience~
Time for another journal entry~

There’s one thing that has been bothering me for quite some time now, so I wanted to mention it:
I’m very sorry for not really replying to comments… I’m not sure whether replies are expected or not, but I often feel bad for not writing anything in return.

My main problem is that my English has been getting more and more awkward after I graduated from school and don’t take English lessons any more ´____` I’m fine with understanding textbook-English but it’s hard for me to understand certain comments that are written using slang – then I simply don’t know if I’ve understood them right and what a proper reply might be. Maybe there’s some hidden irony I didn’t get?
And I can’t think of many different ways to say ‘thank you’ ._.
Also I’m afraid of sounding rude, when writing formal English >_<
I’m very embarrassed of making mistakes in my writing, so I always check dictionaries and stuff while writing… which takes time and I often end up not replying at all X_x  
This goes for commenting deviations and conversations as well… It’s hard for me to express my thoughts and most of the time I just give up and don’t write anything at all |’D Which also might look very rude XD" But at the same time I don’t want to bother anyone with bad grammar X_x

I’m not sure how to handle this situation. Do you mind people making mistakes in their writing? Or is it fine as long as you can understand them at all?
Or do you have any suggestions on improving one’s English skills?
I've been absent for quite a while since different things kept me very busy. First of all I've never really recovered from when I got sick at the end of January and spent the whole time with constantly returning fevers and coughs D: Plus I still had to somehow study for my exams which was not that easy as well… However I've already passed two of them which makes me really glad~ It's just that I could not take all of them and will have to catch up on the remaining two in May.
For now I'll be having some free time :D Hopefully I'll finally recover from my illness and find enough time to draw some fanarts <3 I've really missed the quiet life without any important duties~

Last weekend, right after my last exam I went to the book fair in Leipzig which was great fun <3 It was so refreshing being able to talk to people and meeting friends after such a long time :3 Once again we did Bleach Cosplay and this time I enjoyed it even more *_* Depending on whether I'll be able to find any decent photos, I'll try to upload something~