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First of all, I'm not using deviantArt anymore. I deleted most of my gallery safe for one image (that's gone now too) and I'm not going to post anything new - just to clear things up. I did so quietly, a while ago, because I didn't do so to prove a point, but because I genuinely just wanted my art gone from this place.

I believed there was no reason for me to talk about it but right now I do want to leave a final message. There are various reasons why I don't want to use dA anymore, but the most important one is the reposting of art on Tumblr.

Like many artists I have my own Tumblr blog, where I post my art. When people take art from deviantArt (or any other source, really) and post it on their Tumblr blogs, they're decreasing an artist's exposure by drawing people to their own blogs. Exposure however is very important for artists and they sometimes even depend on it financially. Many of them are trying to build a career by sharing their art online and the art has to be tracked back to them as directly as possible. Also, there are many people who like to keep an eye on their art and it's whereabouts. They want control of where people can find their art and I believe they deserve that as its creators.

When I ask people to take down my art from their blogs, I often get the reply that it's easy for people to look at my signature and google me as the original artist. However, the biggest flaw of that argument is that the reposters don't care enough themselves. They either don't care to google said signature themselves or they don't care to read descriptions or they just don't have any respect for an artist's wishes. So why should anyone, who's looking at reposted art, make an effort to look for it's artist?

Anyway, that's why I put a note on my dA profile asking for people not to repost my art on Tumblr and to go look at my blog instead. I know this isn't much, for many people don't look at an artist's profile. Therefore I decided to edit each and every picture's description and add a direct link to the respective Tumblr post of mine. Most of the time I also added a nice big Tumblr icon to catch people's attention and asked them not to repost. Reblogging my posts on Tumblr should have been beyond easy now. It took me a while to do so and I hoped people would actually respect my effort. I believe it did help to some extent and it's something I would advise other artists to do too. But my art still got posted on Tumblr, so apparently people just don't care. 

Another argument you often get as an artist is: If you don't want your art taken - don't post it.

Well, I'm not going to argue with that. This is why my art is gone from deviantArt now. I didn't want to talk about it, so I just quietly removed everything. Imagine every artist who at least once got that argument deleting their stuff. At some point there won't be much art to look at anymore. Even though artist's like to share their art, most of them still draw for their own enjoyment and they can just as well enjoy themselves without letting others in on the fun.

With this I'm saying good bye to everyone - thank you for your support throughout the years!