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My Bio

Hi ! I’m Stella Colorado , alias Petit Kitsune, French freelance digital Illustrator and concept artist!

Since I can hold a pen, art has always been a real passion for me. Self-taught, to me, it's like having some kind of super power, bring my imagination to life and create an image from scratch, give it a meaning, a story, or just the aesthetic I want, that's what what I aspire to ; and my own way of communicating!

My greatest source of inspiration since my childhood has undoubtedly been the whole Japanese culture! I am a great fan of manga and video games !

When I was younger, I integrated an artistic course in a school in Paris, before converting myself as a graduate professional makeup artist.

The covid having prevented me from carrying out my job as a makeup artist, I gradually regained the taste and passion that I have always had for drawing, and I got into digital drawing for good!

And I would never regret this decision!

That's why I'm here !

Art by ©petitkitsune

please follow me on Instagram : @petit_kitsune

my website : < For any information about my commission

All the materials contained in my DeviantART gallery may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written permission. If found in other places they are likely Stolen.

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Cat returns
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God of war
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Guys I need your help I am completely shocked by so much nerve. I'm used to having my art stolen and resold without my permission (I've already suffer with these NFTs, Etsy, Instagram and others) But this time it's going too far; and I take it as a provocation. that directly impacts my activity. So, story time: This person is impersonating me and has become well known enough that even deviantart refuses to delete their acc (not being personally active on this platform they think that it is me who is trying to impersonate them &#128553;). And to push their vice to the extreme : they share all my posts to the minute, respond to hundreds of comments on my behalf, wrote a complete biography on my life (very precise) but the WORST: they shared the warning I wrote on the art theft by complaining about it. Today it even impacts my own professional activity bc they opened a patreon account, with my name and recently posted that they couldn't take orders at the moment because a close friend of mine is supposed to have die, so I'm getting condolence messages on Insta but NO thank you, everything is fine for me, and yes my commercial orders are still open &#129327;!! In short, this is absolutely outrageous. I'm used to being robbed, but to embody and usurp my identity at this point revolts me. If you could report in MASS their deviantart account and even their Patreon it would help me more than anything (since event deviantart think im the fake one it's complicated without you). I will obviously file a complaint, and since I know that this person is French and will certainly read this story, at least you have been warned. I don't know what you're looking for by stealing my identity and content like this, but you're Ridiculous. thank you for reading and a HUGE thank you to those who will report and help me to remove these accounts. Good evening and sorry for the negativity &#129327;&#129397;
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We got your back girl!!

You re the best omg !!!! <3

Whenever I see an artist so fine and with so few watchers, my gut reaction is to assume they are thieving their artwork. However, I see no evidence of this on your Art Station. You seem genuine.

Fantastic artwork. I cannot believe your watch count is so low. In time, it will rise. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much for this amazing feedback ! Sometimes I can’t believe that my art could be appreciated that much ! I’m truly grateful !!

And yes I m new here , I had to make an account on DeviantArt since someone is stealing my name and my work here. My only networks were on Instagram and twitter , also ArtStation. But now I’m new on DeviantArt! I m starting to really appreciate this community !

I would even more appreciate it if DeviantArt could delete this impostor acc ahah ! I’ll do my best to. Thank you so much again wish you the best

It's most likely because someone is impersonating them (the impersonator goes by the name the-petit-kitsune, have been a deviant for 1 week)