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Open species: Mimo

:bulletblack: Like my other species, the name comes from the Italian word Mimo (meemo) which means "mime", because this pet has got a white expressive face. It's a pet type.
:bulletblack: Mimos are a free species, you can draw one for yourself! If someone had drawn it, give me the picture, I'm curious to see it! La la la la 


:bulletpurple: The species is open, you can draw it by yourself, but since there are people who like to ask me to do such a job, here's the price:
10:points: per sketch
20:points: per lineart
300:points: per colored picture

:bulletpurple:To tell me the exact features of your Mimo, here's a chart where each characteristic has a number. Tell me those numbers. Of course, if you don't have any idea, you can leave a blank section. Don't forget to write me the hexadecimal code for the fur/feather color.

:bulletpurple: Mimos samples:

:bulletpurple: Send me notes, they are easier to manage.

:star: Check out my other kind of commissions (by the way, COMMISSION ARE CLOSED NOW).


I've been asked if Mimos can be sold as adoptables. My answer is yes, you can, but I want a small percentage of the proceeds. Here's the list:
50+ points per mimo---> 5 :points:
40-49 points per mimo--->4 :points:
30-39 points per mimo--->3 :points:
20-29 points per mimo--->2 :points:
10-19 points per mimo--->1 :points:
1-9 points per mimo---> 1:points: every couple of mimos sold

If you have any problem tell me, we can discuss.
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are this species still open? i wanna make them ,have reason is cutie species🥺

Really Unique!

AGlacierOnMars's avatar

uhhh I love these! I’m going to make 10000000000000 (jk) Im going to make some adopts I think so expect some points if anyone buys them I’ve been seeing so many species that are less cool (in my mind) then this and you have to pay like $100 for one seeing a open species that’s this awesome and well open is so awsome!

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Is there a group for these cuties? I'm in love with them. <3
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Can they live near fake cacti or no cacti at all
CasualNether's avatar
Maybe just cacti without prickles.
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BigHeckingSpork's avatar
Beautiful, beautiful birb bois.Aww 
jikazuki-art's avatar
Have ya got any f2u base for this??
SkyKristal's avatar
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry xD danke fürs taggen. Die species ist was, was ich vielleicht in Erwägung ziehen werde :D 💙
Rokkudaunn's avatar
Ich dachte mir vielleicht interessiert dich :D 
und am ich find die extrem niedlich pp
vorallem die größte haha 
NOTRandal0's avatar
ill make one!!

if u agree.
Defleurr's avatar
Omg soooo cuteee!! I can make one??
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FurryArtForever's avatar
Yeah, they are a open species so you Can :3
alpacaghost870's avatar
omg i wanna make one
Wazzam-Wolfie's avatar
I'm going to make one these are kawaii XD
Shadow-Springtrap's avatar
I'm gonna make one! They are so cute!
KarolRoseArts's avatar
Really sweet :3.
Maybe I'll try to make one ;3
KittyMery's avatar
I'm definitely going to make one, they're so adorable! qwq
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