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Dean Winchester - Bad Company



Dean Winchester (actor Jensen Ackles) from the Tv show Supernatural, CW

First, let's give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. I used as a reference photo for the cat a picture by :iconludooo: from his Deviant Art Gallery (here : [link] ). He kindly gave me the permission to use it for my fan art. I am glad he did because the cat is SUCH a cutie!

For once there is no complex concept beyond that illustration. Each time that I draw a Supernatural fan art (let's forget about illustration arts for AU fics here), I try to respect the mythology of the show that is to say that the Impala, plaid shirts, monsters, and of course the brothers with a rather "erotically co dependent relationship" and are never really far.

Here, it's just for the pleasure of putting together in the same image two things I love : Dean and a cat. That's all. In fact, to be completely frank, it shouldn't even have been a fan art in the first place. I was just practicing a bit because I had just downloaded a new series of Photoshop brushes and I absolutely wanted to try them. So I started to draw Dean's face, just like that, then his body, added a background and finally, I decided to add the final touch, the cat even if there is no cat in Spn. And no, I didn't want to draw a black cat even if it had fit better with Spn and the black cat as a representation of bad luck (and God knows Dean had his fair share of bad luck this season)

"Bad company" is a reference to the band of the same name that is often heard in the Supernatural soundtrack.

More information on my Live Journal if you are interested : [link]
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I need a Dean Winchester