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A big Steve/Bucky artwork that required a looot of work (I stopped counting after 40 hours to be honest). I know, I know, canon wise it doesn’t make any sense. Let’s just say that it’s the big second Chitauri attack of 2014 (it totally happened…*cough*)

Bonus: Bucky’s Instagram.

(Photoshop CS6 - Painter 12) - A big thank you to Beccj for the English beta ♥

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HOLY SHIT best Stucky art ever. Seriously. I ship them so much ;-; <3
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OMFG THIS IS SO AMAZING I CAN'T BELIEVE ITChiyo Fangirling Icon .:*Emoticon*:. Fangirling Marinette Fangirling Fangirl 1 Fangirl 1 
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I'm very happy you liked it! :heart:
Thank you so much :hug:
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jesus christ. all of your art is golden perfection!
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It's a great compliment!
Thank you so much :hug:
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This is so freaking cute! And it looks exactly like them. Great job.
I love it !!!! ♡♡♡♡ This is just PERFECT ;D The look on both their faces... just priceless ♡
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I can see the scene in my head now... And if you'll pardon my story telling... (I'm a bit of a writer ^_^)

Bucky and Steve were off on the side. They'd found if even a moment in the battle to take a breather. Even if they were super soldiers, they needed a moment's reprieve since they were still recovering from the last big mission they had.

"You doing okay, babe?" the brunette asked, coughing and grunting as he checked his side. He didn't recieve an answer as he was pulled closer to his partner, a piece of his still long hair brushed from his eyes. "Steve?"

"I'm more worried about you," was uttered as a soft kiss was placed on his forehead.

<<Anyone have eyes on Barnes and Rogers?>> they heard Tony over the comms.

There was a soft chuckle from who they knew was Clint. <<Check the alleys near 53rd.>>

The two groaned. They were busted. "We can at least give them a show."

The two got closer to each other. Steve wrapped an arm around Bucky's waist as they heard the sounds of Natasha's pistols and Hulks destruction in the background. The thunder and electricity from Thor's hammer and lightning filled the air. The two gazed into each other's eyes as the sounds of repulsors were slowly drawing closer to them.

<<There's two figures in the alleyway,>> they heard the billionaire say, <<Not sure if->>

A choked sound echoed through the comm system before a muffled angry scream. It was hard for the former Winter Soldier to keep from laughing.

<<BARNES! ROGERS! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!>> Stark yelled, causing Bucky to actually burst out laughing, <<THIS IS A BATTLE! NOT A MAKEOUT SESSION!>>

A sudden sound of quick gunfure succession was heard. This was followed by the echoes of metal hitting bodies and walls. Multiple Chitari hover crafts and their pilots fell to the ground behind the Iron Man suit. This caused the wearer to faulter as he noticed the smoke from the barrel of Bucky's pistol and the captain's shield returning to his arm.

"You were saying, Stark?" Steve spoke smoothly.

<<Get back on the field, you three,>> Fury's voice came, <<We have bigger fish to fry.>>

The crimson and gold suit flew off as the two soldiers looked to each other.

"You ready, Sergeant?"

There was the cocking of a gun and cracking of knuckles. "Let's give 'em hell, Captain."

At least... that's what I'm seeing. ^_^
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XD I mean... I look at the scene and I just... That scene just popped into my head.
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Eh... Some of my ideas aren't so great. ^_^;;
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YOU HUSH. *hugs* your mind is beautiful
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Shh. *pat pat*
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Makes absolute sense to me...the spent a LOT of time apart! :happybounce:

Another gorgeous work of art, brilliantly done! Clap 
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Le Poussin Vengeur. C'est bon, on arrête tout: on tient le meilleur "user name" du site :giggle:
Merci beaucoup! Contente que mon dessin t'ait fait rigolé :giggle:
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I love all your paintings, but Bucky's expression here just slays me. Amazing!
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It's because he's enjoying himself, ha! ha! :D
And there's always a time for a little selfie.
Glad you liked my Avengers art :love:
Thank you so much :hug:
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ooooooooooooooooooh this is amazing <3 <3 <3
I love that there is a lot of motion and flow and how the word is crushing AND THEY DON'T  GIVE A DAMN AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
Petite-Madame's avatar
No, they don't give a damn AT ALL! But there's always time for a little selfie with your boyfriend, no? :D
Thank you so much! This one took time, it was crazy :faint:
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