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Can't Touch This

By Petite-Emi
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I had to smash that artist block SOMEHOW! Hammer Time!

Just had to draw something very quickly. Sketchy sketchy!

Been aaaages since I last drew Alexi. Here we can see her fighting back zombies with a much improvised street fighting style.

She had just busted Hanna free from her zombie-infested home and is on her way to deliver her to a shelter. But y'know... Zombies everywhere. :thumbsup:

I suggest watching the "download" version. Clicky clicky!
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That's really cool
Altruisoftheblacksun's avatar
just was browsing randomly and look what i found!!! shes beatifull who is she? whats her name,race?
Kingofsouls's avatar
Stop, Critic time.

I like the dymanic way the cloud contribute to hte motion of the piece. The colors seem dull but you mentioned zombies so it's cool.

Stop. Fav it Time.
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Alexi is a simply gorgeous specimen. I sincerely hope you'll make more art featuring her in the future, perhaps solo.
AnimeMischief's avatar
oooooh Your stopsignfu is strong young one but my cardoorfu is stronger!
HigekiHigure's avatar
*has a new desktop background*
KeybladeRoxas's avatar
This... needs to be a comic. Like, reeeeally needs to be.
UltimateMarine's avatar
Have her in Left 4 Die and you can win. ^^
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Pretty good pic.
Good to see a muscle demon female for a change. Luckily she isnt too big.
vayne1aurelius's avatar
hammer time! da-na-na-na-na na-na na-na can't touch this!
i had too go there XD
RadicalEdward84's avatar
MC Hammer always strikes true.
FionaASiren's avatar
OAO *stunned by the awsomeness of this awsome picture*
luigisjuy's avatar
more muscle women, cool
Thesquarewave's avatar
Whoa! this has more kick than a squirrel-cage fan on 400 volts! Nice! :)
luigisjuy's avatar
She took too mutch "asteroids,is cool-you look my gallery?
ziginz's avatar
Oh so she took that improvised weapon feat huh?
deadpoolthesecond's avatar
my oc kane grabs a shot gun and numerous blades yep zombie killing time
LordCJ's avatar
Just. Fucking. Epic.
The colors and shading are spot on too. Love the blood.
zJoriz's avatar
MC Hammer, right ^_^
Sweet scene. I always liked chicks who bash in ppl's skulls with "stop" road signs.
EonSeig's avatar
Holy shit. :0
cat-gray-and-me78's avatar
Badass beyond all belief.
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If that's a sketch, I wanna see a full-blown version of this. Very evocative piece of art.
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