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Hey loyal followers! Just wanted to let you know that Monstercat is going to start selling 12x12 glossy prints of my album art I've made for them.

Currently they have 001-004 available, and there will be more on the way soon. 

They are only $10 and are available at there store here:

Alright, so I've had quite a few people ask if I'd be open to commissions and what my prices are. So I'd like to officially announce I am open to commissions!

My new prices are now locked at $25/hr for the first 4 hours, then down to $20/hr after those first 4. (I charge hourly per project)

I am a fast worker and only charge for the hours I am working. For example a typical pony OC would take about 2 hours while a more complicated piece for Funky Panda would be closer to 5-7 hours (and a Monstercat piece would be over 24 hours). 

If you are interested in commissioning my services (either for art or for video), contact me at my email:
Hey guys! So as many of you may know, I do the art for an awesome YouTube channel called Funky Panda that features some really great music. 

At the end of the month Funky Panda will be doing ti's first community mix of older songs featured on the channel along with fan-art of Funky Panda. We decided to feature fan art cause we want to more closely involve our fan base as well as look for potential artists to commission for future month's art. 

So if that sounds like something you're up for, send fan art to:

Hey guys! PVL posted my panel from the con a few weeks ago.

You can watch it here! 

Hey guys, just popping in to say I'll be at Fiesta Equestria this weekend in Houston TX as a featured guest.

If you're going to that con, I look forward to meeting you! I'll have some prints I'll be selling for as cheap as I can sell them and I'll play a clip from Equestria Primates. So be excited if you're in the Houston area! 
A while back I did the art for Archie's Pony Discography,

well it's finally out:…

In this episode I correct a mistake I made last time:

In this episode I correct a mistake I made last time:

just when you thought it was gone forever...

Hey guys! I made another instructional art video for y'all.

This time I go over pony anatomy - specificly legs, joins and hooves. 


Also, in case you missed it, here's the first one: 

As you prolly noticed from me posting a hundred pics at once, the new RDP is now online!

Go watch now, if you have not yet:…
'Rainbow Dash Presents: Bittersweet' is all complete except for the song portion now.

The song sequence is 4-ish minutes long, so I'm not sure how quickly I'll be able to finish it. I'm hoping it'll only be 2 weeks, but with Monstercat work I have to also work on, it could take a bit longer. 

Rest assured tho, it's coming soon. 

Last night I posted some concept art from our next project after 'RDP: Bittersweet' - a parody of Hasbro's 'Equestria Girls' - 'Equestria Primates'. Some of you noticed that I referred to it as our finale. Allow me to clarify. 

'Equestria Primates' is going to be our planned last pony related animation (which means, yes, 'RDP: Bittersweet' is the last RDP). Both Greg and I are transitioning into new stages in our lives. Greg is going to be married soon and plans on starting a family, and I'm moving to Vancouver to start working full-time for Monstercat. We're both entering phases in which releasing massive animated videos is no longer feasible. So instead of simply burning out over the course of the next few years, we're putting our all into one big last hurrah! A grand finale!

And this finale will certainly be grand. In fact, it'll pro'lly take so long to finish it'll pro'lly be a year and half before all the parts are done. 

Allow me to explain. 'Equestria Primates' is going to be a 3 part finale (I'm going to refer to each part as books tho, you'll see why). The first "book" will be length of a regular RDP - it'll set-up the plot et al. The second "book" will be divided up into 6 shorts (chapters) each focusing on one of the main 6 in the alternate world. The final "book" will conclude everything, wrap everything up in a little bow, and give each character a (hopefully) satisfying conclusion. All-together, the finale should end up being about the length of a full-length movie. Each part will be released when they are done so that you all aren't waiting forever for the finished thing in it's entirety - also so we can torture you with cliffhangers.

I'm really excited for this finale. Greg and I were discussing plot details yesterday, and I'm anxious to get started! In the meantime, be excited about the new RDP coming soon!


Edit: Also, in case you forgot, I created the alternate monkey character designs for the main 6 a long time ago:…
In case you're not following me on tumblr or twitter, you may not know.

I'm 21 today! Huzzah!
Hey guys.

In case you haven't noticed from my recent images posted, I have finished the BronyCon Tumblr Finale. 

This was my first time doing fiction writing, so this project has been a really fun learning experience. I put a lot of myself into these characters. 

At fist I didn't have as much control over the story because originally I think the blog was just supposed to be a simple question-and-answer ask blog. Eventually tho I was allowed to let my story take over.

The tumblr now has a nice backlog of of all the comics without all those pesky announcements to get in the way of your reading. You can check that out here:…

I hope y'all have enjoyed the comic over these past few months!

I'm going to miss drawing these guys:


The con is virtually canceled but they have not yet had the decency to admit it. Their hotel dropped them as their venue today (the second hotel to have done this in the last month) - and there's no feasible way they can get a new venue in only a day. 

At the recommendation of our con insider, Greg, Allen, and I have canceled our airline tickets as to avoid the inevitability of having no place to stay when we arrive in Nashville. 

If you bought tickets to come visit us, I'm sorry. I am not happy about this either. 
In case y'all missed it, I had a Tracy draw battle on 4chan last night.

It was archived, so y'all can go back and read it if you want:…

It was a really fun thread, and it's fairly safe for virgin eyes... but not really, cause it's 4chan...

I just finished 'Investment Losses' last night.

Expect it to be up withing the next 24 hours (pr however long it takes for Greg to add music and other finishing touches.)
Enjoy 26 minutes of 'My Little Dashie' commentary and 10 additional minutes of us talking over blurry logo! link here:…

'Alicorn Day' commentary coming soon.
Hey thanks for all the OC cameo requests! I've gotten over 100 requests, which is already way more than I'll be able to use, so I'll just cut it off here.

Thanks guys! ;)