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Monstercat Album Cover 027: Cataclysm

By petirep
Album cover for Monstercat's 27th album - commissioned by Monstercat.

Monstercat facebook:

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© 2016 - 2021 petirep
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pumpkinking49's avatar
I love monster cat!!! and i love your artwork!!!
ClaudyZ's avatar
Nooooo!!! Mostercat!! :o
anthonynjr88's avatar
Maybe I can make that movie. When I send to 20th Century Studio or Fox, Which movie should I call?
TealParadox's avatar
omg this is amazing! 
Jaasp's avatar
wait... You're the artist that painted all of those covers?? 
Jaasp's avatar
Awesome work. I'm a Monstercat fan, and have always wondered who did their art. c:
KushMastaFresh's avatar
I'm right with ya Jaasp! I was F'ing pumped when I found Petirep's account. I've always loved the music Monstercat released and the album artwork complements it sooooo well. Candy for the ears [B]AND[/B] eyes :D

petirep Did you do the original album artwork as well before they started updating/changing it?
Jaasp's avatar
Yo! Who is your fav artist within Monstercat? Mine is Tristam for sure; I LOVE "Devotion." 
KushMastaFresh's avatar
It's hard to say, I really do love them all, haha. It really depends on my mood but I really like San Holo's songs. I've never heard anything before like the stuff he puts out. But I also really like Stephen Walking, Insan3lik3, Varien, Hellberg, well as I said really all of them, lol.

Tristam is super good and I've always liked his stuff and is definitely one of my top 3 favorite artists for sure. It was Razor Sharp, the song he did with Pegboard Nerds, that got me into Monstercat and pretty much into DnB in general. Till It's Over, Follow Me, Once Again, Too Simple, Flight...I freaking love all these songs

Jaasp's avatar
Nice. XD I think Flight really made Monstercat's reputation skyrocket 
Allampanato's avatar
Is that Loki's pointy stick?
upgradeninja's avatar
jake jr cat version??
Gretsch1962's avatar
Petirep, Y U SO AWESOME?!y u no 
TheBluestar600's avatar
That is awesome. 
FrostfirePhoenixNaru's avatar
Bayporwave's avatar
Nooooo!!! He got captured!!
2ndKeeper's avatar
Oh man, this is awesome, thank you!
rolyjulioli's avatar
i swear, these story images just get better and better (not to mention more powerful cliffhangers!)
im really excited about this album, it's definitely one of their best <3
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