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Monstercat Album Cover 023: Voyage

By petirep
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Album cover for Monstercat's 23rd album - commissioned by Monstercat.

Monstercat facebook:

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Eve-aCatty's avatar
Very nice! The lighting adds a good mood!
Zapdiamond's avatar
Awesome and Awesome it's Pegboard Nerds
Lonecl0ud's avatar
Why do Micheals feet look like they got stung by bees and Alex"s dont? And what is that bag behind Monstercat is it just more drinks? Also I absolutely love how Fij is on a giant paper boat and no one cares! Its like hes always random like this and is normal! Also im jealous of your talent in drawing pine trees and doing water. Also Nitro! He needs to pay attention to scenery also i will just laugh if he drops the Gameboy into water because of rapids
IslandJump1's avatar
Conrad707's avatar
Lol'd at Mr. Fiji. Giggle 
Apermax's avatar
This is definitely my favorite cover so far!
rastui's avatar
Michael looks soo fat.
Alexander with banjo =Swamp thing.
Nitro fun dont stop playing gbc.
Fij with a papper boat?
Hyper potions with a red floater =Adventures.
Kinda cute. :3
Eb234's avatar
Michael with binoculars = Pink Cloud

Everyone is near a concert stage = Don't Stop
LunarMuffinShot's avatar
Fij and his paper boat XD
CutterKirby's avatar
Nice! I can't wait
DrumstepForPresident's avatar
Man I miss going on lazy river rides
DeadVoltagexX's avatar
makes me wana go swiming now amazing cover dude^^.
Popping32Pens's avatar
Is that hyper potions standing at the back? Curious  cuz the floater kinda resembles the "adventures" art cover
Jazzure's avatar
Yep, that's them.
Popping32Pens's avatar
cool ty! cant wait for the release :nuu: 
DovahTheDragonborn's avatar
Who's at the front? Is it Tristam's new avatar?
paragonaffinity's avatar
From the game boy in his hand I think it might be nitro fun. Since he does retro game style stuff.
DovahTheDragonborn's avatar
But Nitro Fun has brown hair...
CrownedFlower's avatar
It's hard to tell from the fact that most of the hair is dark, but if you look closely at the lighter areas, you can see that his hair is brown. So it is Nitro Fun. :) 
paragonaffinity's avatar
Oh yeah, not sure then.
AtomMaster77's avatar
It's nitro fun. His logo is on the raft, he has his shirt on, he has a gameboy, the avatar matches the boy on the Flicker cover...
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