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Samsung Galaxy S2 PSD

I know there's a bunch of PSD's out there already, but I wasn't satisfied - so I created my very own.
And since a lot of you guys been requesting my PSD I thought it's time to share it!

As seen above, the PSD comes in a ridiculous resolution of 3000x3000 :la:

If you choose to use it, you're always welcome to give me credit. Enjoy :peace:

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I use at my drive for my Android Boot Animation Previews:

thanks for sharing :)
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Np! Nice work fam :peace:
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hey, awesome work, i usually use it to present my setup like here… thanks a lot :)
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y welcome man, thanks :peace:
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Thanks for making this! 
Used it here :
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Thanks for sharing :) I will use it movie for personal.
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np, glad you'll use it :peace:
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Thanks. I used it here [link]
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Used here [link]
Thanks a ton!
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I used it [here], thanks for sharing! :)
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nice :) and no prob :peace:
Nice work! I am completely new to using PSD in any form but I'll check it out. Do you have, by any chance, a template for the Galaxy Note II as well? I prepared something in Corel PhotoPaint but it's the most basic template you can imagine.
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thanks :) unfortunately not, keep polish :peace:
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Pretty cool :]
Thx :]
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Nice job mate thx for this
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