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This is a possible pairing between Ash and Penelope from "Kindergarten Chaos." Just before their battle at the beginning of the episode, Penelope makes an offer that if her Sylveon beat Ash's Froakie, he'd be going with her, much to Serena's chagrin. It turned out that she wanted the Pokemon to join her at her kindergarten class where she's the teacher, one Ash would've obliged without a need to battle but what if this teacher saw something more with Ash?
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do you have this already writn out.
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No but it may be in an upcoming 12 Elements.
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ah I see. also added you on fanfiction. if you saw the message for your account.
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So far in Kalos now is Penelope and Miette who are other girls longing for Ash.
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not to mention serena going for the guy.
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An interesting pairing for sure. Not one dealt with too often. What would Ash X Shauna be called? Any ideas?
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I'll try and take a stab when she debuts next month.
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No one, but I think a lot of people will ship Shauna with Calem. As for me, I do!
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