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Battle of Bzura

By PeterSzmer
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Battle of Bzura 1939.
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Well said, they managed to beat Turks and stop Ottoman Army from advancing on rest of Europe. It is worth mentioning that it was actually combined forces of Polish king Jan III Sobieski and Austrian Emperor as they could not manage it on their own.
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I like the angle- pretty intense. My favorite era in the Polish military was when they fought the Turks, and the Hussars had magnificent winged armor.
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Yes Hussars are very interesting part of Polish military history and something to be proud of. It dates back to 1500 and for nearly three  centuries it has been very successful on the battlefield. They fought against Turks, Swedes and Russians but probably most famous was battle for Vienna in 1683. I am not much of history buff but this is something really interesting and full of past but not forgotten glory.
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Poland saved Europe then, and they were quite sophisticated.  Their armor of that period was a really cool mixture of east and west.