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Lucifer (Hunie Pop OC)
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So my sister has charged me to keep drawing so people can see how good I am at art. Also, there's a contest being held here, and it's something I'm very interested in.

"But Peter," I can hear you remark, "what does Lucifer have to do with Hunie Pop?" I'm glad you asked! After the phenomenon of Hunie Pop worked its way into gamers' hearts, my imagination whirled wondering how HuniePot could top his amazing creation. My idea was a JRPG style game where Sky Garden was taken over by Lucifer, and Kyu has to bring the player into her world to find the Mystic Tokens of Love (based on the tokens from the puzzle portion of the first game) to overpower Lucifer and bring joy and happiness back to Sky Garden. The girls from Hunie Pop would make appearances as party members but as different personalities (imagine Nikki as a mighty warrior instead of an introverted gamer girl for example).

So what is Lucifer's deal, anyway? Get ready, kids. It's backstory time!

Long, long, LONG ago, before the Universe as we knew it came into existence from the Big Bang, there existed a fantastic land known as the Realm of Two Races. One of the races was called The Magani. These were powerful beings who could manipulate the very molecules around them into different arrangements, thus giving the appearance of magic use. The other race were known as Monsters. They were, well, simple beasts who lived more practical lives than the Magani. One day in the forest near the Monster encampment, a young Magani maiden was skipping along gathering wildflowers for her family, when suddenly she came across a hunting party of Monsters. Seeing as how the Monster race has their own idea of prey, the hunting party waste no time lunging themselves at the frightened girl. When the hunting party dispersed, the unconscious maiden was rescued by a Magani nobleman and taken to the palace for treatment. It was discovered that the Monsters that attacked her left an "unpleasant gift" inside her. According to Magani Law, all life has value and meaning. That means the lady must give birth to whatever foul creature is growing within. When the hatchling was born, the King of the Magani and his followers were horrified by its very appearance, so they took action and all marched to the Monster encampment to confront them. The King tried his best to explain to the Monster Tribal Elder the situation, but not only did the Elder fail to understand, mostly due to language issues, the hatchling used his innate magic skill to cause trouble among the Monsters present. The Monster Elder took this as a threat that the Magani stole a Monster egg and taught the hatchling magic, which was preposterous since young Magani children have to learn how to do magic for a great number of years before perfecting their talents. As a result, a great war took place which ultimately created two new worlds: The Mortal Realm (AKA the "Big Bang" Universe as we know it) and The Under Lands. Having had enough of war and fighting, the Magani King decided "Enough is enough," and used all his power to banish the Monsters to the Under Lands where they can do no harm to anyone, especially the beings of the newly-formed Mortal Realm. In a position to spread love and happiness throughout this new universe, the newly elected Queen, Theiatena Venus, renamed the land Sky Garden to distinguish itself from its former name. Meanwhile, in the Under Lands, the half-Magani/half-Monster took the name Lucifer, meaning "morning star" which was associated with the planet bearing his mother's namesake (yep, Venus gave birth to the devil; my mythology, I make up the rules), learned how to hone his ingrained magic powers and establish rule as the King of the Under Lands. There he sits on a spiked throne plotting revenge against those who banished him by using the mortals of Earth for his own intents and purposes.

This description took at least two and a half hours to write, so I hope I get something for the Hunie Pop contest I'm entering. Daddy needs some recognition... and commissions.
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Wow, that's quite the backstory.  Do you plan on having Lucifer show up in your stories about Nikki and her roommates?
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PeterSFay|Hobbyist General Artist
As I mentioned before, this was an idea based on a JRPG spinoff from Hunie Pop where Lucifer had taken over Sky Garden, and The Player, Kyu and other party members based on the Girls have to collect the Tokens of Love to defeat him.

Then again, I suppose I could slip him in a "bet your soul against the Devil" kind of story.Hmmm...
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