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Baby Dragon (pencil)
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What do you do when you rage quit on a video game, and then you're still annoyed because you can't think of anything to do in the moment?

Draw, of course!

Before I continue this description, I originally tried to upload this photo using the DeviantArt app, but I was not able to edit the description as I was writing it. It was very frustrating. I had to send the image to Google Drive to download to my computer.

Now that I got that off my chest...

This little critter was inspired by this baby dragon from Candy Crush (thankfully not the game I was playing at the time), and it would reward you with power-ups if you collected enough candies to "bake" a sweet treat for it to eat. The baby dragon was so cute, I just had to make one of my own. Actually, now that I look at it, this dragon looks a little older than a baby.

Anyway, all it needs now is a name, a gender, and a color scheme. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.
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Comments (2)
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KingOli1999|Student Traditional Artist
It reminds me of the dragon from Cuphead for some reason.
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What about a blue and orange colour scheme? I think purple is a bit overdone on dragons in popular media.

As for names, he looks like a Cedric or a Chester to me.
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