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Ash Ketchum in the style of a retro-cartoon by PeterSFay Ash Ketchum in the style of a retro-cartoon by PeterSFay
They all laughed at the idea.
They said it couldn't be done.
Even the best of all cartoonists had his doubts. (I'm looking at you Christopher-Hart )

This has been something I've been meaning to do since following Ash's voice actor, Veronica Taylor, on most social media, and let me tell you, she is very gracious with her fans.

About the piece: I had a hard time trying to nail down a good pose with my references because I couldn't find my kneaded eraser, so I decided to ditch the pencil & paper and go all-digital. As always, the hands proved the most difficult as was the placement of Pikachu. At least I made Pikachu look much cuter than the anime, so that's not bad.

Lastly, before they send their goons after me to lop my head off, Pokémon belong to Nintendo, Game Freak, The Pokemon Co. USA, and... did I forget anyone?
Cypher-DS Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017
Looks pretty cool.  How was the all-digital experience for you?  Is it a process you feel like repeating?
PeterSFay Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I've done it before. Using a very old tablet with an even smaller drawing surface. It's one of those things you need to get used to.

Also, Photoshop Elements and its keyboard shortcuts helps.
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