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Simone was a volunteer, art by DX
Simone volunteers to searve a cruel mistress knowing her future would be filled with strict slavery.  Her body would be drastically altered through bizarre and extreme surgery.  Can Simone find happiness?  This is an over the top story of mad science and wild body-mods as only DX can!

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The Starfish Affair
Copyrighted Feb 2000, all rights reserved.  Story may not be duplicated without written consent from the author.

Karen shivered in the cold damp air. She could see the waves of goose pimples ripple across her mellonous breasts, her nipples swelling to the size of thumbs.

It wasn't the cold that made her shiver.

She didn't try to protest. It would have done her no good even if they had not ripped the tongue from her mouth a week or so ago. They had strapped her to a post, securing her head and body with thick, leather restraints, then rammed a heavy gauge steel ring through her tongue, which was then hooked to a come-a-long.

It surprised her, as it always had, that she was not beyond feeling. The never-ending cycle of pain would always renew, refresh in its delivery of unimaginable trauma. How could her charred, shredded throat still scream with such volume, spiraling upwards as the torment turned up a notch was beyond her.

Her tongue was stretched slowly as they took their time, clicking the handle of the ratchet with intended affect. Her tendons straining, stretching, pulling her tongue out beyond imagination. She was choking, her neck pulled too far and her tongue still going further.

It exploded with a fine shower of blood as her tongue finally gave way, ripping from her mouth and leaving a stringy trail of tendons and veins.
The last time they removed her tongue, they had nailed it to a table and let hungry rats nibble it off. The time before that, they nailed it high on a wall, then let her hang from it until her own, pain wrought thrashing caused it to finally tear.

Now, in the cold, cold cellar, she waited her fate. Ahmed busied himself, testing the mechanism that would release the guillotine.

She felt the Professor's hand on her shoulder, pushing her forward. Karen didn't resist. She couldn't.

Karen gazed distantly, unresponsively at the monstrous machine before her. Polished wood and gleaming brass brackets and screws handsomely made up its base like a collector's piece of fine furniture and not a butcher's toy of death. Its blade locked in its casement above, glimmered like a mirror, its edge wickedly sharp. A heavy spring coiled against it so when the trigger was thrown, it fired down with tremendous force ensuring a crisp, clean cut.

Karen had laid her breasts before its blade before, felt the steel slicing through her flesh. Her pride and joy. Her mammoth, attention grabbing breasts were worshiped, even adored, but they were only quivering mounds of flesh, locked in the guillotine's unyielding embrace, unable to move away she could only watch the gruesome fate. With a snap, it was over, faster than an instant. Suddenly ripping her open to a quickly flooding torrent of pain. A white-hot iron seared her flesh, keeping her from bleeding to death, throwing her into a seeming never-ending, nightmare of pain.

They force fed her for months, fattening her up and when they had put enough weight on her, brutally harvested her arms with a chain saw. Her new grown breasts were put into the breast guillotine and with a snap of the flashing blade, her massive breasts popped of and dropped into the basket.

That had been months ago and her breasts had re-grown to a lovely size and shape, but she knew it wouldn't last because they would continue to grow, becoming monstrous and unbearable before they finally cut them off for their Breast Beacon breakfasts. Her arms were already re-grown.

The re-growth was happening faster.

As Karen stared painfully at the guillotine, its single hole where her neck would rest before her. She was unable to decide if she should be happy or distraught. This was it, the torment would be over. She wondered why they didn't harvest her breasts before the final act? Although they were not their usual over ripe size, they were plenty large enough.

Pushed closer to her fate, her mind reeled back to the day it all began.

"And it’s over!" Karen had exalted three long years ago as she burst into the lab. "Finnito, Kaput, finni, the end!" She pirouetted. "The Starfish Program is Dead, Dead, Dead!" She paused her dancing as she looked around the room. The lab had been taken down, the machines turned off, the test tubes, scanners, burners all stored in boxes. "You've heard." She mumbled with draining enthusiasm.

Professor Alice Allyn continued filling away the rest of her paperwork into a file box. "Dr Weiss saved me the humiliation of facing the board and informed me."

"Well, it shouldn't come as a surprise." Karen grabbed an empty box. "It was a half baked idea in the first place." She found her coffee mug and tossed it in. "And I for one am not sorry to see its funding cut."

Alice's large, expressive eyes peered up, filling with hurt. "It wasn't the idea.  It was our inability to explain where all of the money has gone."

Karen rolled her eyes. "I can't imagine." She said sardonically. "Com'on Little Girl, admit it, you failed."

Alice's lips tightened. "What is it that makes you hate me so?"

Karen snorted as she pulled her make up kit from her desk draw and hurled it into her box with contempt. "Karen, run these figures through the computer," She imitated Alice. "Karen, log these data samples. Karen do this, Karen do that." She snorted. "Fuck that!"

Alice was indigent. "But that's your job! Routine assignments."

Karen held up her hands flashing her long, lacquered nails. "These hands don't do routine. You don't get it, do you, Little Girl." Karen smiled as Alice's cheeks flushed as anger crept over her gentle face. "I got into this business so pencil necked virgin geeks with government grant money could shower me with gifts." Karen arched her back letting Alice get a full view of her helium filled larger than life breasts. "With a wiggle, BAM! New Shoes. Sachet my hips when I walk, BAM! My rent is paid." Karen swayed her callipygous hip. "When I saw A. Allyn with a grant the size of Canada I figured I'd be driving a Jaguar by now. Little did I know A. Allyn was a straight laced nun." Karen smiled seductively, evilly. "Cute, but straight." Karen threw her hands up in frustration. "But a contract's a contract." Karen resumed her packing. "Till the grant got pulled." She dropped a set of pumps in the box. "So I'm packing up my dresses and I'm outta here." She scooped a pile of silk lingerie out of her desk and dumped that in her box. She looked over to the worktable. "Where's my laptop?"

Alice peered over her glasses accusingly. "Your laptop?"

"Well, the one I was using. I had on it."

Alice closed her file box. "I already took those down to the van. You'll have to come retrieve it." Alice picked up her crutches and slipped her arms in. She hobbled forward, pushing the door open with her crutch.

Karen signed heavily and picked up her box, following the Professor out of the lab.

In the echoing underground crypt of the garage, Alice opened the back of the van. "In there. That box back there." Alice watched her crawl into the van, balance the laptop on the corner of the box and power it up.

Alice limped to the side of the van and pulled a black rod out of her pocket. Keeping it hidden under her arm, she nonchalantly pointed it at the camera that monitored the parking garage. Alice knew it would take a week for the crack security department to figure out their camera was burned out. Alice looked around. The garage was empty this time of day.

She slipped the laser back into her lab coat pocket and pulled out her stun gun, hiding it behind her back. "Something wrong?" She said stepping back to the open van door.

Karen was staring intently at the screen. "Uh... did you delete anything from here?"

Alice's wide eyes glared hard and sharp. "You mean like a Breast Enhancement formula? Don't look so surprised. You grow 2 inches and a cup size and go out of your way to shove it in my face and I'm not supposed to know? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that you found my Breast Enhancement formula and had the lab boys mix up a batch and injected yourself with it. Now that you know it works, you’re going to sell it to the highest bidder. Is that your plan?"

Karen slammed the laptop screen down, her face deepening with controlled anger. "All ready sold."

"I don't think so, or you would not be rooting around for it. Its not ready."

"Little Girl," Karen pouted. "They can extract it from my blood and I'm sure they can figure out whatever little quirks it has in short order. The formula would be nice, but I'll just have to make do." Karen started crawling towards the door. "Too bad you didn't cash in when you had the chance."

"I'll just have to cash in now." Alice said calmly reaching out with her stun-gun.

Karen felt her breast implode as the electric blast swept through her chest, robbing her of breath. Alice struck again, driving the electric heads into Karen's neck, throwing the blond's body into spasms and knocking her to the floor of the van. Karen tossed her crutches into the van and crawled feebly in, shocking the girl again and again, only pausing to close the van door.

Karen could only writhe helplessly on the floor reeling from pain and blinded with tears, her body trembling as her nervous system went haywire. Unable to draw enough breath to scream she only mewed piteously as Alice pulled handcuffs from her pocket.

"The truth is, Karen..." Alice cuffed the girl with little resistance. "When I realized you were stealing the grant money, I set a trap for you and you fell for it hook, line, and sinker." Alice pulled a ball gag from one of the boxes and forced it into Karen's mouth buckling it tightly in place. "All I had to do was make a name like Breast Enhancement formula and I knew your vanity would be unable to resist." Alice slipped cuffs around Karen's ankles, then another pair to connect her wrists to ankles, hogtying her. "The Starfish Formula and the Breast Enhancement Formula are one and the same and I am proud to say a complete success, for me at least."

Alice drew a blanket from one of the boxes and covered the girl with it. "You see, the premise is wrong. The military wants a formula to re-grow limbs of injured soldiers." Alice said, crawling to the driver's seat. "And a starfish will regrow a limb. But not because it has some special power, but because the starfish is continually growing." Alice started the van, checking around to insure no one noticed the commotion. "Its growth is regulated by being eaten by other fish, or it gets too big to support itself." Alice wheeled the van out of the garage and onto the road. "Our formula will cause you to continue growing." Alice adjusted the rear view mirror so she could watch the wriggling form under the blanket. "Because your breasts are mostly fatty tissue they grow fastest and you noticed their growth first. But there is nothing to stop their growth. The formula alters the DNA so there is no antidote, no inhibitor to stop your one thing." Alice's eyes were as serious as they could be. "You see Karen, during one of my jaunts into the South American jungle, I picked up not only the parasite that crippled my legs, but also a kin for human flesh. Many tribes believe eating human flesh will give power." Alice shrugged. "I just like the taste, and you are going to give me a renewing source of my favorite dish."

Karen shuddered at the thought. She shook her head trying to wake from the dream turned nightmare. Soon the van stopped and Karen could hear doors slamming and an electric motor whirring and Alice's crutches clicking upon a concrete floor. The van door opened, startling her.  Light blinded her as the blanket was ripped away. Alice climbed beside her dragging a cable with her and hooked it to Karen's cuffs. Alice activated a remote control and the winch began to reel in.

Karen could feel the cable tugging at her cuffs, dragging her out of the van. Alice only smiled, her adorable dimples deepening. "I will be continuing the experiments with you as my main test subject. First will be a demonstration of the effects of the formula on your nervous system. The test will be Pain. Lots of pain."

Alice smiled brightly as the girl was pulled from the van and was now freely swinging in the air. Karen's face was a mask of agony as the cuffs dug into her soft flesh and trickles of blood dribbled down her arms and legs. Karen writhed, trying to alleviate the weight on her wrists and buy her some respite from the wicked pain but to no avail.

Alice used the end of her crutch to give the girl a little push to keep her swinging. "We'll keep this up until your arms go numb, then we'll try something else. My ultimate theory is if we cut off something..." Alice poked one of Karen's hanging breasts. "then your body will try to regenerate that part first and slow the growth to everywhere else." Alice grabbed the girl's breast, steadying her. "If that is true, then I will have to prune your breasts each time they regrow to prevent you from becoming some sort of giant. Alice leaned over, lifting the teat to her lips and suckling the warm nipple. Alice rolled the nipple in her teeth, tightening the grip until Karen squeaked in pain. "And when cooked right, breast is the tastiest part of the female body." Alice stood up, and gave the girl a push, setting her swinging again. "Imagine that, an ever re-growing source of succulent dining. I can't wait!"

Karen couldn't tell how long she hung there. Each time she fainted from the pain, Alice was on hand to revive her until her prediction came true and her arms simply refused to sense pain any more.

Alice wheeled over a cart. Through blurry, tear drained eyes, Karen watched as the mousey professor ignited a burner and uncovered a tray of two dozen, shining, stainless steel skewers.

Karen shook her head no, trying to beg for mercy as Alice laid the first one over the transparent blue flame. Alice fetched herself a tall stool.  Once she made her self comfortable, she began to massage Karen’s left boob. "You see," She explained. "With the Starfish serum, you can heal any wound." Alice donned a heavy glove then picked up the now cherry glowing skewer. Alice gripped Karen's breast firmly with one hand. With a grunt, Alice thrust the skewer through and through, leaving the near molten steel embedded deep in Karen's flesh.

Karen could not imagine the pain. It exploded white and brilliant in her mind, then flooded all of her senses in crescendo. It pounded her, like surf pounding a rocky shore, the waves climbing higher and higher.

She had not realized she had blacked out until Alice revived her. The pain flashed new again like a wild fire. Karen could only watch through pain clenched eyes as Alice lifted another skewer, already heated to a fiery red. The Professor gripped Karen's other breast.

"We're going to do this..." She said, raising the poker to strike. "Until you beg me to cut your boobs off!" She thrust the spike into her tender breast but failed to punch it all the way through. Karen bucked violently from the pain, her left shoulder popping right out of its socket, but Alice held on, forcing the skewer through and through.

Alice leaned back and admired her handy work. Karen was spinning uncontrollably, thrashing in the air, hanging from biting cuffs. Alice smiled setting another skewer on the fire. "2 down, 22 more to go!"

Another skewer thrust through, then another, Karen lost count. She piteously begged for mercy, for Alice to just cut off her breasts, to kill her, but all that came though the gag was crying mews and Karen would pause, cupping a hand behind her ear to listen. "What's that? You want another skewer? You dare me to do it? Alright, If that's what you want.." And the pain began again.

Karen hung limply, beyond feeling. Her breasts bristled with steel. Both her shoulders were dislocated and their pain pounded into her.

Alice admired her work. "I may not know art." She said. "But I do know what I like." She grabbed the girl’s hair, getting her attention. "The Woqutock tribe uses pain to elevate their conscious of being, to make it into beauty, allow them to leave their body and run free with their spirit animal." Alice peered at her. "Oh, but you don't know how to do that, do you? I guess then this just hurts, right?" Alice grabbed one of the spikes, twisting it, refreshing the pain. "I guess so. I'm going to get some tabasco sauce and rub that on you. Would you like that? No? You want me to cut them off? Yes? Okay, if that's what you want."

Karen felt exaltation flood her pain racked body. She was so grateful to hear the news she tried to thank Alice for her mercy.

Alice lowered her to the ground and unhooked her cuffs. She then took a bar with chains hanging off each end and after sliding it behind Karen's shoulders, connected it to the winch.

Pain flared anew as the bar lifted Karen into the air, her shoulders, hanging by muscle and sinew, threatened to rip free from her body.  Karen's tears had run dry and could only watch as Alice set up her table. She had bolted what looked like a paper cutter on the cutting board surface. Alice maneuvered Karen's breasts beneath the blade. She took string and looped it around one of the spikes, pulling Karen's poor breasts across the table, holding them taunt.

Alice stood holding the blade's handle. "Is this what you want?"

Feebly, Karen nodded.

Alice slammed down the handle and Karen’s breasts suddenly rolled away. Karen screamed into her gag as the firestorm of pain swept through her chest. It slammed into her brain, filling it with white noise, then darkness.

She had no concept of time passing when she awoke. Pain pushed her into consciousness. He marveled at how light her chest felt even though there were bandages of some sort wrapped around her. She found herself sitting, her hands still cuffed behind her. Her neck was held in place by a stock. As she slowly, opened her eyes, light pounding into them, she could see was she locked in a box made from acrylic plastic, only her head sticking out of the top. She looked down at herself. Her chest was wrapped tightly in white bandages. She twisted her shoulders, testing her bonds but she was held fast. Her feet were secured in stocks and they too were lost to her. She could only sit and watch.

She could see Alice sitting at a table eating, a man standing at the end of the table slicing meat in a deli slicer. Karen could smell the warm, fried food. She hadn't eaten all day and her exhausting ordeal demanded sustenance. Unexpectedly, her stomach grumbled audibly.

Alice looked up. "You're awake?". She smiled and motioned to the man who was now dipping a wire net into a deep fat fryer. "This is Dr. Quintis. He was one of the leading Marine biologists in his home country of Argentina until drug lords killed his family and he fled to the U.S.. He now works as a janitor. Isn't that justice? Anyway, I met Quin in the Andes and he was the one who introduced me to the Amazon's tribes and their more delicate cuisines." She held up a batter fried ring about the size of her head. "This is your breast after it’s been thinly sliced, lightly battered and deep fried. Since its mostly fatty tissue, it shrivels up into this ring. It takes a master's timing to make this right." She held it up and bit into it. "Oh, this is good! Want some?" Karen only stared back in horror. Alice shrugged. "Oh well, you don't know what you’re missing. Just because I'm going to torture you for my own sadistic pleasures doesn't mean you can't take an indulgence or two. Next time." She nibbled on the breast ring. "Mmmmm." She scarfed the whole thing, licking her fingers clean. Quin had set the pan filled with hissing, popping, golden breast rings to drain and wrapped up the rest of the uncooked breast in plastic.

Alice was donning rubber gloves as she came over to Karen's box. "The secret to proper breast preparation is to keep the breast chilled until it hits the pan." She took a white linen bundle and set it on the box beside's Karen's head. Alice unwrapped it, exposing polished steel surgical tools. She held one up. "They don't make 'em like this anymore." She looked at the helpless girl who began to shiver with fear. "We are going to be conducting actual research on you so all of your suffering won't go to waste. It'll save some poor monkey and countless of little white mice.” Alice set out her tools, arranging them. "You destroyed my project and my reputation. The board of directors think I’m a thief because you pilfered my grant money.  I will never get another grant because you stole it all. So, I will destroy you." Alice slipped a headband with a flashlight over her head. " There's harmony in the universe." She turned the light on. “I had hoped this research would have cured my condition.  The parasite in my body is slowly devouring me, eating from the inside.  I live in abject agony with only powerful pain killers to keep me up right.”  Alice leaned close, peering into Karen’s eyes.  “You took that all away with your greed and selfishness.  You condemned me to a very short life of increasing agony.  Well, it’s time I repaid the favor.”

She looked up as Quin pulled up a stool and sat down next to them. As he started to undue the buckle on Karen's gag, Alice took up a jaw spreader. As the gag pulled free with a pop, Quin quickly seized Karen's jaw, forcing it wide open for Alice to wedge in the jaw spreader. Alice quickly cranked it open, spreading Karen's face apart to the point her jaw began to make straining noises. Karen screamed.

Alice took up a long nosed tool as Quin forced Karen's head back. She probed around the girl's throat for a second and then squeezed the handles of her tool together.

For and instant, Karen thought it had shoved through her neck. The pain was violently blinding and sudden. Karen could only gag as the tool was withdrawn. Alice loaded another staple in the tool’s head and went down again. The pain struck white-hot lightning in her throat. Karen mustered the breath to scream, but only a throaty hiss came out.

"Those staples with hold your vocal cords still." Alice set down her tool and picked up a clamp. "I could just cut them out, but you would regenerate them too quickly and I'd have to do it again. This will last much longer before you grow the staples out." Alice took the clamp and quickly snagged Karen's tongue in its painful grip. She threaded the clamp and the tongue through a vice. Then tightened the vice down on the girl's tongue, locking it here. A brace was attached to that and the jaw spreader. As Alice twisted a screw, Karen's tongue was slowly, painfully stretched out of her mouth. Alice took up a scalpel, turning it so that its reflected sharpness shined in Karen's eyes. "If you’re good; when your tongue grows back, I may let you keep it." Alice quickly and skillfully cut the girl's tongue out.

Karen's mouth was a crucible of agony as Alice swabbed it and put in a couple stitches with self-dissolving thread to stem the bleeding.

Finally the jaw spreader was removed and another gag was brought out. It was heavy black rubber connected to a long tube. When buckled onto Karen's face, it covered the whole lower half of her head in shiny latex. The other end of the hose was then connected to a water cooler bottle filled with white goo. It was up ended and hooked to a post above her head. Alice adjusted the valve control letting the fluid slowly flow in. Without a tongue, Karen had no choice but to swallow.

Alice smiled at her handiwork. "This high carbohydrate porridge will fatten you right up. This box will hold you still and let your muscles atrophy so you'll have a nice veal taste." She stepped behind the box and opened a small door. From here, Alice had access to Karen's arm and set up a saline I.V. drip. This made drug administration a snap.

And Karen sat. There was a hole in her seat so she could use the toilet without having to move which was good because her legs had gone numb from sitting. In two days, Alice removed the bandages exposing Karen's scarred chest. In days those scars where gone. A few more and her breasts were budding. A few days after that, tiny nipples, like mosquito bites were forming. Karen was amazed. In her mouth, she could feel a bit of a stump forming. Although she couldn't control it, she knew it was only a matter of time before she had a tongue again.

Alice and Quin drew her blood on a daily basis, testing and monitoring her progress. They shocked her, stabbed her, burned her, measuring the scars each day, marveling at the data. One morning, Alice discovered that she was out of breasts to eat and started poking at Karen's arm. Quin nodded in agreement.

As Karen struggled fruitlessly, Alice opened a door in the box and reached in with her scalpel. She made a small incision in the girl's shoulder and pushed forceps in, clamping off the artery. With a bone saw, Alice amputated Karen’s arm at the shoulder. Karen cried for what felt like hours as the two mad doctors roasted the limb.

Days later they took off the other.

Each time, Karen thought she was beyond feeling pain. Each time she was proven wrong.

She welded a steel collar around her neck. It came with a heavy battery case that allowed them to deliver powerful shocks via remote control whenever they wanted. When they finally let her out of the box, Karen painfully learned that Quin was a behavior control specialist and very quickly she was conditioned to obey. Her legs, weak from sitting, and her ass covered with putrid sores, she crawled at his command.  Although he spoke no English, he could communicate rather well using hand gestures.

Karen learned them all quickly.

Her tongue had fully regrown and it was decided that she be put to better use. Locked in her box, a halo clamped around her head to hold it steady and jaw spreader firmly in place, Karen was helpless to resist as Alice took a dentist drill with a grinder attachment and filled all her teeth down to the gums. But strangely, Karen was glad when they were done because she was now allowed to perform oral sex on them. She earnestly dedicated herself into pleasing them hoping that if they were happy the torment would subside.

It didn't.

Alice surgically removed Karen's clit, then injected her heavy dose of a special cocktail of drugs that drove her mad with sexual passion. Karen rolled on the floor, rubbing her clitless crotch with fruitless determination.

Karen’s only relief was when she cried herself to sleep. Something she did quite often.

Quin built the guillotine and they harvested her breasts every few months. They randomly chopped off either her arms of legs, what ever they deemed ripe from plucking. They seemed to amuse themselves by conjuring up new ways to make her suffer.

Alice's legs grew weaker. The parasites that damaged them were still at it. There was no cure for her ailment save perhaps the Starfish serum and Alice was at a stand still in its research. She pounded the table in frustration. "Everywhere. We've searched everywhere, but once the serum is introduced into the body, it just stays there. But an amputated limb does not regrow itself, so its can't be in the limbs. We've pulled out her eyes, they popped back. Took out her teeth and hammered nails in the gums but the teeth still grow back. Where can the serum be hiding?  If we could only isolate that… but we've searched everywhere..." Alice grew quiet as she looked up, her face brightening. "Everywhere but..." He voice trailed off as she started writing notes.

They allowed Karen walking privileges, allowed her arms, breasts and tongue to grow back. Slowly, her clit sprang back up and they put her in a chastity belt to keep her from touching herself, keeping her madly horny, but that was the only torture they inflicted on her. She only chalked it up to her improving oral sex technique that made them happy.

That was history.

Now, she was on her knees, facing the guillotine. Deep inside her, Karen knew that the torment would continue, that they would continually torture her forever, as long as the formula continued to regenerate her. But perhaps they were now bored with her since their research was at a stand still. Death was going to be her only relief.

Karen willingly laid her neck across the yoke. It was surprisingly warm and comfortable.

She flinched as the top yoke was brought down and locked, holding her head still. She peered down at the dark basket and only waited.

And the blade fell.

Her entire body erupted into a firestorm of anguish. Her world spun as her head fell free of her body and bounced into the basket. The pain in her body became distant, fading quickly as the idea set in she was no longer attached. She could only peer up as Alice's hands lifted her head from the basket, peering at her curiously, looking for signs of recognition. She was dead. Couldn't they just leave her alone?

Alice set the head on the worktable, preparing her instruments. Karen didn't care, she was fading, her brain was dying, the torment, finally over. She closed her eyes for the last time.

Alice called to her, calling her back from the void.

Karen slowly opened her eyes.

Alice sat in a wheelchair, she was wearing a halo around her head to hold it steady and a complicated set of rods and screws to hold it attached to a shoulder harness. Karen wondered how much time had passed. Her eyes rolled about, and she could see her own reflection in the glass box they kept her in. It took several seconds to realize what all the tubes and hoses hooked up to her head were for. Karen felt herself crying.

They were keeping her disembodied head alive!

Alice peered at her carefully. "So you can hear me." She said. "We have figured out one part of the serum. Once introduced into the system, it changes the body, allowing it to regrow. But we couldn't find what organ, or gland that had been altered by the serum to cause the regrowth until we looked in the brain. Sure enough, your brain is producing the serum on its own. And while we still can't stop it, it does have one good use."

Slowly, Alice rose to her feet. Karen blinked in bewilderment. Alice was taller, much taller, and her hips were fuller, her breasts were round, firm and fully packed. Alice undid her lab coat to show off her new figure and Karen realized the horror.

It was her body, Alice had stolen it!

Alice smiled. "There is enough serum left in your body to allow me to graft my head on. I'll be out of this brace in a matter of months and with a little therapy I'll be a whole woman again. But don't you worry. Your brain will continue to produce serum allowing you to grow another body for us to play with.”

Alice smiled.  “I know you can't wait!"

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