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Windows8 logon for 7

This only works with Windows7 SP1 32bit and Windows7 SP1 64 bit
DON'T try it on another version

Make a backup of your files before.
Learn how to remove the original language button in the left upper corner here[link] Thanks to :iconlee-whittington: for the hint.:)

There are two backgrounds in the pack. One with and one without Firefox text. The reason is that you can create a local account or an account for your browser in real Windows8.

Be careful what you are doing. I'm not responsible for any damage of your system. Don't try it if you are not an experienced user and if you have no installation disc to repair your system if somethings going wrong.

This also changes the look of your CAD (Ctrl+Alt+Del) screen as shown in the bottom picture.

:new: Featured on AskVG[link]
with detailed informations how to use it.:)

:new: 64 bit files added. Thanks to :iconparassidhu: :)

Black version here[link]
Blue version here[link]

Screenshot taken with Logonscreen capture[link]
by :iconyvidhiatama:

Want to learn how to remove unwanted buttons from the logon?
Follow these links[link] [link]
Not sure how to take ownership of a file or to lazy to walk through all the dumb steps to do it?Get a registry edit on AskVg which adds this option to the context menu[link]

No redistribution in Transformationpacks/Skinpacks allowed!
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There is a green arrow in the right upper corner of this page
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Is there a way to change the background, while keeping everything else?
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Sorry not possible. I will try to make one for all backgrounds but i'm low on time atm.
Can you make a Application that may make my Windows 7 Logon Screen look like real Windows 8 that have been located the picture to the left, the name to the top and the bar and button on the bottom? Like real windows 8. But good job and thanks!
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Maybe you can try this one[link]
Thanx for your nice comment.:)
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Awesome man! Thx!
PeterRollar's avatar
Glad you like it:)
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Awesome Work.....
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Thanx for your kind comment.:)
waww... but can you remove the "FireFox" text?
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You can easily do this yourself. The text is part of the background and can be removed with every image editing program.:D
thank you very much.. its look like win 8 logon
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Excellent work my friend! ;)
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Thanx for your kind words Raymon.:)Glad you like it.
Btw. What do you think about this?[link]
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Nice work man! I featured it here [link]
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Very nice feature. Thank you so much.:D

Can you give me the authui.dll of the developer preview if there is one?
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You are welcome

Mmm.. You should've told me more earlier. I have uninstall the Developer Preview last week and re-install my laptop with Windows 7. Sorry..
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No worries:D I will try to install Win8 this week on another computer
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Any chance for x64 w/out SP1?
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Simply open the authui.dll with reshacker and import all bitmaps into your dll. Also copy the three UI files into your dll.That's all.
Than open the basebrd.dll and import the bitmaps into your dll.
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I'm quite confused, is this x64 compatible? I'm getting mixed opinions, and I'd love to use this... =\
PeterRollar's avatar
Yes it is x64 compatible. Download the file and unzip it. You get two folders. One with x86 files and one with x64 files. Simply use the ones you need.:)Read the description and follow it carefully. Otherwise you will damage your computer.
Mystery100cp's avatar
Okay, thank you for the quick and detailed reply. :D I greatly appreciate it. I love the logon screen! Have a great day!
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