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Windows8 blue start

Startmenu replacement made for Windows8. Works fine on XP, Vista and Windows7 too.:)
It is a skin for the newest version of Vistart which you can get here.[link]
The file is a Vistart theme file. Simply doubleclick it and you are done with installing the new skin.
Any suggestions what should be changed or any other idea just tell me. I will try to make it.
Give it a try.:D

Vistart the free start menu for Windows 8 and older Windows versions got a "double" major update with lots of new and improved features. Vistart has of course all the features that you expect from a windows start menu and then some more. One of the best features in comparison of some paid alternatives like Start8 from Stardock, is of course that Vistart 8 is completely free while having more features and functionality.

Now ViStart comes with 3 Start Menu skins and 4 Start menu buttons pre installed and a completely renewed skin manager making Vistart the best customizable Start menu on the net.
New control panel with lots of extra features
Skip the Metro and boot directly to your windows 8 desktop
Right click on “Apps” search result to pin a app to the start menu.
Runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP
And over 20 new extra features and improvements


No redistribution in Transformationpacks/Skinpacks allowed!
© 2013 - 2021 PeterRollar
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Very nice work my friend :D I have a good feeling about the new windows blue ,I think they will learn about their mistakes with windows 8 ^^
I hope they will get raid of that ugly flat windows UI and why not ,get back aero :D (speaking about aero I don't if you already know it but the win 8 aero tool is now compatible with x32 [link] :D )
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I hope you are right with your feeling. Windows8 isn't really successful, so i think they will put some effort in Windows Blue. They need the money.
I've already tried this tool and it is not bad. It still has some bugs but i'm sure they will fix it.
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its great & nice but its color disturbs my eye & causes headache ! can't you use a better color ? THANKS
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This is the original colour used by Windows 8 (default) for menues. I used it to make it look seamless with the other menues.
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I didn't & don't install win 8 for this problem : it makes me have headache & Microsoft used ugly (worst) colors on it ! (sorry if you like it!)Thanks for answering
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No prob. Most of the colours are really horrible. Without the use of illegal drugs it is not possible to like them.
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Thank you. Glad you like it. Have a nice weekend.:)
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und wieder einmal echt der hammer grossartige arbeit :clap:
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Ich danke Dir vielmals. Leider bietet das "Metro" Design so gut wie keine Möglichkeit etwas Schönheit ins Spiel zu bringen. Selbst ein simpler Farbverlauf ist eigentlich schon zu viel.Es kostet echt Beherrschung hier nicht etwas mehr Effekt ins Spiel zu bringen.
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immert gern peter :)

und schade das es so schwer ist das design zu ändern aber genau aus diesen grund finde ich ja auch rainmeter so gut weil mir dieser windoes standart einfach nicht gefällt und ich mir mein windows einfach so anpasse wir mir es geföllt ein hoch auf rainmeter ;)

beste grüsse alex
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Das war ein Missverstäandnis. Ich kann es aussehen lassen wie ich will. Nur passt es dann nicht mehr zu dem Rest der Windows8 Optik. Und die ist ja wirklich sehr schlicht.
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ok danke für die info
und ja leider schon
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OMG WOW!!! No words Peter!!! This looks so nice.

A real presentation of how Windows themes should look like. I simply love what i see and i always enjoy how you modify themes.

As for the windows blue we are now looking forward for the next Microsoft Build conference in order to understand what this new OS will be. We heard some rumours about a refreshing windows 8.1 OS etc. etc. We are all so curious of what is next and how far this can go.

Another +1 for the blue you used on your mod! Fits perfectly with the white lines and the icons. Beautiful and pleasant to the eye.

P.S: Thank you for all the times you are positively voting for including my works to your groups. I appreciate every action and every influence from you!
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Thanx for your very nice words Andreas. Unfortunately the "Metro UI" (I still call it so) doesn't allow any eyecandy or it will not fit with the rest. A simple gradient is nearly to much. Such a simple design is harder to do than it looks finally because you have to restrict yourself from adding some effects.
P:S: No need to thank me for supporting you. You make a grat job on your work and last but not least you are one of the nicest guys here on:devart:
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very cool theme :thumbsup:
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Thanx. Glad you like it.:D
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Another nice work from you. :)
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Thank you Sagor. Glad you like it.:highfive:
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Very nice Peter, I hope Windows Blue really returns the start menu!
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