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Windows8 RTM and 8.1 Visual Style

Got some requests to make a VS which matches with my other Windows8/XP deviations. This is my first try to make a VS, so don't be to harsh with your critics.:) XP only.
This VS is based on the very popular SevenVGRTM by :iconvishal-gupta: with permission from the author. Thank you for the allowance.:handshake:
The file contains 2 VS. One with and one without startbutton. Simply a question of taste.
Made for Windows XP only.

:new: Featured on…
Read the great article and learn how to use this stuff.:D
:new: Totally redone september 1. Old version is still included in the download. Please have a closer look at the tutorial, if you wanna use the advanced version.
All screenshots taken from my XP SP3 system.:)

This VS will be part of my upcoming transformation pack. Preview…

Give it a try.:D

:new: Totally redone september2
New borders
Modified quickstartbuttons
New taskbar
Windows8 like statusbar
Modified taskbarbuttons

Install video on…

No redistribution in Transformationpacks/Skinpacks allowed!


:new: Window 8.1 Visual Style added. Find it in the folder "Advanced" and read the tutorial.:)
© 2012 - 2021 PeterRollar
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Thx! its so beautiful your work! follow this!

The link has not downloaded the theme, what can I do? some one help post the link for theme download
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In the left right corner is a green arrow.:) (Smile)
where to download the file
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In the left right corner is a green arrow.:)
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Hey, i like your theme and my desktop look nice because your theme :) . I like to theme modding, can i mod/change this theme to windows 10? Just for XP. Thanks for the theme, good job.
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Do with it whatever you want. Good luck.:)
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Thanks for the permission. :)
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I can't find the place where I must start downloading
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There is a green arrow in the right upper corner of this page.:)
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how to activay it
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Please read the included instructions and watchn the video on…
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This is why I love windows XP, it seriously the best (Windows 7 in second place, Windows 8/ RTM and 8.1 in third place and Windows Vista in last place)! :3
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Yepp. Windows XP was and is the most customizable OS ever.:handshake:
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true, windows 7 was awesome though and windows 8 was ok. But vista was just to horrible! -_-
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but my pc sucks because I'm short in memory... used to have 1TB but reduced it to 800 mb :iconfaceplamplz: dear lord what have i done!?
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omg LOL! I still have 81 gb and I have 100 gb hdd
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Hi Peter!!! I Love  this one. Every time that i searching something for deskmoding here i always end looking and downloading some of your work. So good for you!!! Beer before Liquor; will get you sicker

And just in case: some suggestions: :idea:
  1. Normal taskbar versions.
  2. A more darkish blue version.
  3. A darksih grey version
  4. Start menus withou withe areas.
  5. Buttons states like this one has United Colors (by Blurokr)
Anyway... ...i :+fav: this one as it is, couse it deserve.
See'ya and CHAU!!! from Flag of Argentina.
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I have supported XP all the time, but meanwhile it is almost dead. I think there isn't anymore much interest for this kind of stuff. :(
I know the theme you mentioned, it is in my favourites, and i still like it. One of the best XP themes around DA.
Thank you for your nice comment.:handshake:
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mmmm yeah! you're right! The "Long live" to our lovely and esitating XP has been down. And more fast as the time go. Unfortunately i still using XP for hardware reasons and i think couse i don't know how to modify themes, plus i just downloading themes... i think that i hadn't enjoy my XP in the way that i wish. :( For that reason is that i the other day i put to some order in my themes folder and end once time again to come here to end downloading a couple of themes more.

Anyway i think that everybody of us have a security copy of XP with a few or lot deskmodding stuff. And i want ...some day... finishing my personal unnateted copy of XP with the perfect stuff.

Well, sorry for boring you. Have a nice day.
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Seems we are XP lovers:D
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