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Windows8 Blue boot

Requirements: Windows XP

As well as XP is almost dead, i make some stuff which is normally for private uses. But why not share it?:)

This gives you the look of the Win8.1 Blue boot screen.
The upper picture is a image of a TuneUp bootscreen.
The bottom picture is a image which is displayed between bootscreen and login screen. Instructions how to use included.

Tune Up Utilities can be found here[link]
Use the free trial version to apply the bootscreen.:)

:new:Featured on AskVG[link]

No redistribution in Transformationpacks/Skinpacks allowed!

© 2013 - 2021 PeterRollar
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dots are not rolling or moving in windows xp ...........WHY????
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XP cannot display moving pictures while startup.
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PeterRollar  What is themeui.dll in the deviation folder ? please tell me what it is for & how it works ?
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Themeui.dll is…
Please ask your questions on the correct place.
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You should release the win8.1 RTM bootscreen.
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Haven't really finished it. Why not use Omnimo?
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as in the deviation above...
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XP was good OS but now it must go like everything do,and i say it again is the best os ever in performance i know it horrible at security but still better than the stupid windows 8
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I still like it, and with a good antivirus there should be no security prob. The biggest security prob is mostly the user.:D
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maybe you will be protecting against malwares but i prefer use internet security because it include a firewall , but it all about time ,you see right now Windows 2000 isn't supported with most of anti-virus softwares , so maybe the coming versions will not support xp, this is the biggest problem . the funny part when i compare xp and 8 system requirements i think windows 10 will ask for 4 GB ram minimum and core I3 and hdd 120 GB ,day after day the programs getting more hungry for the sources. i feel like they stole our money to upgrade and loose more money 
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Nowadays the programmers don't care anymore for HD space or RAM. Instead of proper programming they force you to buy a new computer.
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you are right bro we need to bring back the days when 2 GB Ram was a lot, Good Old days
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I still think 2 GB Ram is a lot. They should be more careful while programming.
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you are right for windows is enough , but when you start add some 3rd party programs then it will not be enough

the programs today are like windows vista ultimate SP1.


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Can you change bootscreen windows 8? I want to change bootscreen windows 8 but I don't know :D And can you change bootscreen windows 8 to bootscreen windows 8.1?
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I had some good times with XP. But as technology moves forward, so do OSs. I departed from XP with Windows 7 when I wanted to experience DX11 gaming, went to Windows 8 with it being a lot faster. I haven't been able to try 8.1, keep having BSOD issues with are driver related - just can't pinpoint what driver is causing the issue.
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I mean BSOD issues while installing, after the "installing devices" (or whatever it says) screen.
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I cannot say anything to this prob. My Windows 8.1 is in VM Ware player. It needed about 15 minutes for a complete installation. You can install directly from the ISO file. No need to burn a CD or make a bootable USB stick. It is easy and safe. Why don't you try it that way?
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I eventually did that, and think I found the culprit. I tried installing UXStyle Beta in 8.1 for curiosity's sake - it caused an instant "PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES" BSOD (the BSOD I mentioned in an earlier comment).

Also, Aero Glass for Win8 (AKA DWMHook) seems to be incompatible with 8.1. I'll just stick to using 8.1 in a virtual machine for now. ^.^
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Hello Peter. Great work my friend! XP might dies for some people but always remains on our heart and minds. We all loved that OS. Thank you for making it better with your ideas and personal works.

Enjoy your week and thank you so much for your support to my works!
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Thank you Andreas.:)I will keep XP in multiboot, but i will switch to Windows BLue as main OS.Best spyware ever.:D
Have a nice week too.
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Just a note, there is a supposedly a way to download Win XP for free from the Microsoft website. I think it was intended to be used by Windows 7 users but I heard people also getting it to work with Windows 8.
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