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Windows 8 Explorer

for Windows XP. This can be used to replace your explorer.exe to fit with your other XP to Win 8 transformation. Only a little detail.
If you like the look, simply try it.:)
Please use the enclosed replacer for safe change of the file.
Two files included in this pack: German+English

:new:I've updated this deviation for private uses, to match the look of Windows8.1
If you like the look you can download it from my skydrive
because :devart: doesn't allow the upload of exes anymore.:toilet:

Old version still here on DA

No redistribution inTransformationpacks/Skinpacks allowed.

© 2012 - 2021 PeterRollar
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it's service pack 2, not sp3.
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Hey, you are saying that this only works with Windows XP but the screen shot looks just like Windows 8 (look at the system tray). Is it actually windows 8 or you modified the system tray to make it look like windows 8 on XP? If it's XP, please tell how did you get that windows 8 system tray on it. I wanna do it too!
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These are original screenshots from my XP system. It looks like Windows8 but it isn't. The systray is displayed by an SBarskin made by me.
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Please can you give me that SBar skin?
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A outdated version is…
Never released a newer one. But i can upload it for you on my skydrive.
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No please, I dont want your new SB theme leaked, I will be okay with the old one :)
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if this works in windows 8? (not 8.1)
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No this only works with Windows XP.
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Luckily (or unlucky; as you think 'cause the support ended) I still use Windows XP
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Thanks Peter for making Windows XP alive. :D (Big Grin)  Good job my friend!  #1
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Thanx for your kind words.:handshake:
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I like the Windows 8.1 Update.
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Glad you like it.:)
Have a nice weekend.
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Wait... so most of your work is a transformation of WinXP to Win8 (Design) :D
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Yes. You got the point.:D
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