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Windows 8.1 Transformationpack

This deviation gives your Windows XP the look of Windows 8.1 Pro. The most similar Win 8 imitation you can find on the web.

File contains:
Visual Style
BorderSkin skin Get BorderSkin here… and simply copy the exe to the BorderSkin folder of this deviation.
Styler Toolbar skins Get Styler…
Rocketdock skin for Rocketdock. Get Rocketdock
Sbar skin Version 1.041 only.Get SBar here…

Segoe WP fonts have to be installed on your system for proper appearance.

Give it a try.:)

All screenshots Windows XP SP3

Additional stuff to make it complete:

Logonscreen… Download the file logonui from my skydrive.
Drive icons…
Windows8 explorer…
Hovericons as shown in the bottom picture… Download from my skydrive. Download the folder Avedesk, not Avedesk Final.

No redistribution in Transformationpacks/Skinpacks allowed!

Watch it in motion on…


:new:Featured on…

:new: Featured on AskVG…
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How do I install this, I usually downloaded transformation packs .exe
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I REALLY find the taskbar here more attractive than the one found on Windows 10 IMO.
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Good themes and windows 10 will be a new promise July. Oh yeah. Yay. Good for you. 
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btw do you still use windows xp?
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It is still in my multi boot. But i don't use it very often. 2 or 3 times a month.
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Can I Install it on windows XP SP2?
I'm From Indonesia
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You can use almost all of this stuff. Not sure for the systemfiles.It may damage your system.Better don't try it.
hi peter i love yr work but i cant get exact icons as yours and the worst part is tht windows blind dosent support xp so we cant make our destop like yours m unable to install it and it says xp not supported plz tell wht version u using
 plz make a brief tutorial on windows blind to get yr pc's interface and lastly drive icons windows 8 doesn't work either vista drive icon uses default ones no matter what version u try plz update i would be very thankful to you..... :-)
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Sorry but i am a little bit confused. How did you get the idea that this has something to do with Windows Blinds? I never made something for it, and i never will.
The windows borders are drawn with BorderSkin by:iconkomalo:
The taskbar is made with SBar.. You can read it in the description above.
A detailed tutorial how to use this by:iconvishal-gupta:is…
The drive icons cannot be changed while the prog is running. Look for it in taskmanager, kill the process.
Replace the icons and reboot. That's all.
Hope this helps.
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Ist das nur für XP oder auch für 7? 
Wäre dir echt dankbar für eine Antwort. 
Ich finde deine Arbeiten echt super. :) 
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Zunächst mal herzlichen Dank für das Lob.:handshake:
Das ist für XP. Ein paar Sachen funktionieren auch mit Windows7.
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Von mir auch zunächst ein danke für die Antwort :) 
Noch eine Frage: kann man mit so einem Pack auch für windows 7 rechnen? 
Oder kann ich auch das hernehmen? 
Mich würden nur die Funktionen interessieren die unter windows 7 funktionieren.

Vielen Dank

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 Schau mal in Deine Notes:)
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PeterRollar How you are converting those photos to 32 bit-BMP with Alpha Channel in GIMP please tell me step step 
Ryann8's avatar
PeterRollar  But how ? how can I convert it into 71-dpi & 32-bit BMP.... 

but while converting to BMP it is converting to 72-dpi instead of 71-dpi BMP. ever after selecting 71-DPI.
PeterRollar's avatar
I don't have this choice with GIMP. So i#M afraid i cannot tell you.
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PeterRollar  Here is my picture. please convert it into Requisite BMP & Add in the Blue W8 Logon Screen also Send me back that converted image So that I can use it in another Logon Screen.

Here is the Link -…
PeterRollar's avatar…

Here is your logon and userpicture. You must download it from my skydrive because DA doesn't allow exe uploads.
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