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Win8 Consumer preview charmsbar for XP Vista Win7



File contains two Rocketdock skins. A transparent and a black one.
You can get Rocketdock for free

How to use:

Best way to understand how this works: Read this easy to understand article on…

Short version:
Download and install Rocketdock.
Unzip this deviation and place the Folder "Transparent charmbar" in the skins folder of RD
Replace the folder "Icons" with the one of this deviation
Place the settings. ini and the Startmenu.exe in the main folder of RD as shown in the picture above.
"Settings" is the black bar. If you wanna use the transparent bar, rename the settings. ini from settingstransparent to settings.
Bar appears when you mouseover the right border of your screen.

Caution:If you are using 64-bit Windows Rocketdock is stored inC:\Program Files (x86)\RocketDock\ So you have to manually edit the path to the startmenu.exe. Simply rightclick on the start icon to open it's options menu. Navigate to the startmenu.exe and you are done.

If you like it, give it a try.:)


:iconvishal-gupta: for his invaluable support

Screenshots Windows XP SP3

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:new: March 3 updated to build 8250:new:

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where is startmenu.exe in the archieve i don't found it